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Experimenting With Browse Modes
Today, we’ve made a change to the front page of DeviantArt, updating the default Browse mode from What’s Hot to Popular 24 Hours.  Any change to the front page is never made lightly, and we’ll be closely monitoring how the update impacts traffic to deviations.
In the future, we’ll be making additional updates to the front page — including more variety, providing representation to more unknown artists and genres, and highlighting the breadth and depth of all DeviantArt has to offer. We’ll be sharing more details about this in the coming months.
In the meantime, we’d love to hear about how you browse and what you think of the front page.
How often do you visit the front page?
How often do you browse vs. search?
What sort mode do you use most often?
What would be your ideal front page experience for DeviantArt?
:icondanlev:danlev 39 260
Snowflakes Brushes by crazykira-resources Snowflakes Brushes :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,468 167 Skyrim Rainmeter Suite v2 by Axerron Skyrim Rainmeter Suite v2 :iconaxerron:Axerron 1,036 774 iLeopard IconPackager by kampongboy92 iLeopard IconPackager :iconkampongboy92:kampongboy92 336 102 Web 2.0 Styles by crazykira-resources Web 2.0 Styles :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,652 223 Unsinkable Titanic by Eliott-Chacoco Unsinkable Titanic :iconeliott-chacoco:Eliott-Chacoco 245 14 Scratch Textures 2 _large by crazykira-resources Scratch Textures 2 _large :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,807 143 Leopard Mods On XP by kampongboy92 Leopard Mods On XP :iconkampongboy92:kampongboy92 358 510 Grunge paper texture by arghus Grunge paper texture :iconarghus:arghus 1,392 311
MUSICAL CATS -2D animated film (2007) :iconoha:Oha 8,694 1,812
Blue Valentine by TanyaShatseva Blue Valentine :icontanyashatseva:TanyaShatseva 2,729 91 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider :iconlexypuppy228:lexypuppy228 1,109 74 Large Textures .48 by crazykira-resources Large Textures .48 :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,092 95 Large Textures .41 by crazykira-resources Large Textures .41 :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 2,115 288 grunge floral paper texture by arghus grunge floral paper texture :iconarghus:arghus 1,761 469 New York by Eliott-Chacoco New York :iconeliott-chacoco:Eliott-Chacoco 743 88 Complementary Colour Swatches by DigitalPhenom Complementary Colour Swatches :icondigitalphenom:DigitalPhenom 3,271 382 I'll dissolve when the rain pours in by heyydaydreamer I'll dissolve when the rain pours in :iconheyydaydreamer:heyydaydreamer 7,888 835 Large Textures .38 by crazykira-resources Large Textures .38 :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,096 104
Death Note Seven Minutes in Heaven L
      “I think it's about time we start. Wouldn't you all agree?” Ryuk took a large bite of his apple. “Hmm, now who should I make play first? How about you then, you look less terrified of me than the others.” He let out a loud cackle.
“No, I'm sure I'm just as scared of you as they are.” Slightly hesitant to approach a death god, you walked up slowly. You shrunk back a bit as Ryuk held out the wicker basket of items. Just wanting to get away from his large, boring eyes, you grabbed whatever you could and almost ran towards the closet. “I got some suckers that are all tapped together.”
Ryuk flopped onto the couch and started working on another apple. “That sounds like it belongs to you, am I right L?”
“I suppose it does. I should probably go join her in the closet now.” Standing to his feet, L placed his hands in his pockets and slowly walked into the closet. He shut the door behind him and sat down
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 515 40
Large Textures .34 by crazykira-resources Large Textures .34 :iconcrazykira-resources:crazykira-resources 1,256 129
Wake up! Gray X Reader
       Just enough light to keep you from sleeping filled your bedroom. You probably could have thrown a pillow over your head and willed yourself back to sleep if someone wasn't sitting on your bed, causing it to move and creak slightly. “Whoever's in here, leave. It's too early and I am not getting up until noon today.”
“Noon? Man, you're lazy aren't you?” Your bed shook even more as Gray flopped onto your bed. “It sucks, but I guess I'll just lay here until you get up.”
You moaned at his persistence. “What the heck is so important? Do you even know what time I got back from my mission last night? It was late, really late. I could barely even stay awake in the shower.” Still hoping he would leave you alone, you pulled your covers up over your head and rolled over, wrapping yourself up in a blanket cocoon.
Gray snorted as he crawled closer to you. “You're going to have to get used to not sleeping. I can't rememb
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 724 152