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[MMD] TDA ORAS Brendan [DL] by Nintendraw [MMD] TDA ORAS Brendan [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 213 83 [MMD] TDA ORAS May [DL] by Nintendraw [MMD] TDA ORAS May [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 359 105 Pokemon ORAS: Primal Weather - CONFIRMED by ky-nim Pokemon ORAS: Primal Weather - CONFIRMED :iconky-nim:ky-nim 5,531 484 Pokemon ORAS: Jail Break by Mgx0 Pokemon ORAS: Jail Break :iconmgx0:Mgx0 929 160 MMD Pokemon - May ORAS DL by MMDSatoshi MMD Pokemon - May ORAS DL :iconmmdsatoshi:MMDSatoshi 687 102 [MMD] TDA ORAS Steven [DL] by Nintendraw [MMD] TDA ORAS Steven [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 270 74 Mega Swampert and Wingull by bluekomadori Mega Swampert and Wingull :iconbluekomadori:bluekomadori 2,953 244 MMD Pokemon - Brendan ORAS DL by MMDSatoshi MMD Pokemon - Brendan ORAS DL :iconmmdsatoshi:MMDSatoshi 393 51 Fateful Encounter by Mgx0 Fateful Encounter :iconmgx0:Mgx0 474 44
Fragments - Steven Stone X Reader
"These ones are absolutely beautiful, _____! The way they've been eroded over the years and have obtained this form is simply amazing, don't you think?"
You sighed a little, turning to look at the owner of the voice.
"Uh-huh. They’re pretty, Steven," you murmured softly, glancing at the stone in your boyfriend’s hands quickly, before meeting his gaze.
You and Steven had been dating for almost two years. You'd met when he had been travelling around Johto, and had travelled together for a brief time while you had been out on your Pokemon journey. Those few short weeks you were together was all it took for the young man to steal your heart.
You promised you would meet each other again someday, and so, when you had managed to save up enough, you took the first boat you could over to Hoenn. After all, rumour was that the old Champion had returned.
The look on his face when you had climbed those steps to the Champion’s room in Ever Grande City was priceless - you'd decided
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Soaring through the Sky by HiroSenpaiArt Soaring through the Sky :iconhirosenpaiart:HiroSenpaiArt 1,111 38 oh Maxie by LadyCibia oh Maxie :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 640 86 Pokemon: Archie by EternaLegend Pokemon: Archie :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 595 28 Mega Hoenn Starters by arkeis-pokemon Mega Hoenn Starters :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 1,919 100 Pokemon ORAS: Mega Glalie by ky-nim Pokemon ORAS: Mega Glalie :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,876 294 HELL UNBOUND - MEGA HOUNDOOM by CHOBI-PHO HELL UNBOUND - MEGA HOUNDOOM :iconchobi-pho:CHOBI-PHO 666 277 GODBIRD - MEGA PIDGEOT!!! by CHOBI-PHO GODBIRD - MEGA PIDGEOT!!! :iconchobi-pho:CHOBI-PHO 724 174 Steven Universe: Pokemon Scene Reenactment by Mgx0 Steven Universe: Pokemon Scene Reenactment :iconmgx0:Mgx0 800 57 Pokemon: Maxie by EternaLegend Pokemon: Maxie :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 715 39 Interviewers by LadyCibia Interviewers :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 275 66 [MMD] TDA ORAS Wallace [DL] by Nintendraw [MMD] TDA ORAS Wallace [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 90 15 Multi Battle by LadyCibia Multi Battle :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 262 62