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About a Snivy
     Fire type Pokemon are – as anybody who has trained one will surely attest – among the most challenging and expensive Pokemon to raise and care for. This reputation is not solely due to their ornery temperaments, nor to their unique and often dangerous physical forms. Rather, it is more a result of these and other less obvious factors. One such factor, which remains, surprisingly, unknown to many is the immense appetites of these Pokemon. Fire types, by nature, generate and therefore consume a great deal of energy in the creation and upkeep of flame and body heat. They often feel drained as a result, and constantly crave food in times of increased activity. This need for fuel is less pronounced in some fire-types, such as slugma or magby, but can become taxing in other species, such as vulpix, if left unmediated. Nowhere is this more evident than in the rarest of fire types, which are often reserved as 'starter Pokemon'. This story details a grass
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Pokemon GO!- Spark X Reader-Score one for the Dork
Spark X reader- Score one for the dork
(A/N: UPDATE: This was originally called Stereo heart based after the song I was listening to at the time of writing... But after reading this over a few times and thinking...I thought Score One For The Dork was a better title. I hope you enjoy!
With a pokeball in hand, and a smirk on your face, you eyed the Pichu that sat in the nearby grass.
You were a young aspiring pokemon trainer. Just like everyone you wanted to be the very best, and catch as many pokemon as you could. You had been tracking this Pichu for an hour now, and the hot sun beat down on your head.
The pokemon you shared a special bond with, Cubone, clung to your leg. He was the only pokemon you had...he was your best friend.
"Come on Cue," you said "it's a new friend let's catch him!" You said softly.
Cubone whined lightly, but slowly let go of your leg and adjusted his skull healmet. He let out a small adorable sneeze, that caused his healmet to fall crooked a
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 209 37
Pokemon - Hunter J's revenge - Part 1
Pokémon – Hunter J strikes back
So you wanna be the master of Pokémon!
Do you have the skills to be number one Number one!
I wanna take the ultimate step Find the courage to be bold (Pokemon!)
To risk it all and not forget The lessons that I hold
I wanna go where no one's been, Far beyond the crowd (Pokemon!)
To learn the way to take command
(Use the power that's in my hand)
We all live in a Pokémon World (Po-Ke-Mon)
I wanna be the greatest Master of them all (The greatest master)
We all live in a Pokémon World
Put myself to the test To be better than all the rest
So you wanna be the master of Pokémon!
Do you have the skills to be number one Number one!
We all live in a Pokémon World (Po-Ke-Mon)
I wanna be the greatest Master of them all (The greatest master)
(Got the power that’s in your hands)
In an alternate future timeline, 10 years from now, Our team, Ash, Dawn and Bro
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It's All Your Fault (Red X Reader)
Read the description first!
This is just great. Fantastic... You see, just a little while ago, I had a little fight with Red. Nothing physical, nothing huge. Just a little argument that involved crying and name calling. The main problem right now, is being stuck inside a cave with him. The white storm was doing this on purpose. It didn't want me to leave.
Normally I wouldn't mind being stuck in a cave with my crush, but this isn't exactly one of those times. I'd rather stop breathing than be here right now. In fact, that's just what I'll do! I take a deep breath and close my eyes tightly. It was only a matter of time before I let all the air out of my cheeks and pant heavily.
This isn't my first fight with Red. In fact, we've had many fights before. Like, the time we fought over who was gonna catch a Chikorita first. Of course, I won that one. There was another time were we fought over who the b
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Professor Sycamore x Reader - Cafe Soleil
“Hey Augustine.” you greeted with a small smile, waving as you walked into his lab.
“Why, hello (Name)! How has your day been? Have you been enjoying Lumoise City?” he replied, beaming brightly. You shrugged,
“Not really. It hasn’t been much fun without you.” you frowned, and Augustine furrowed his eyebrows.
“Oh, but mon amour, there are plenty of other things to do but hang out with me at the lab. I’m very busy, you know~” the Professor chimed, as he wrote down some things on a clipboard. He was a very busy man indeed, of course he had some lab assistants, but sometimes they just weren’t enough.
“You never considered… taking a tiny break from work~?” you hummed, nuzzling up to him in a suggestive manner. He quirked an eyebrow curiously,
“A.. break? Ms. (Name), what are you implying here?” his eyebrows quickly furrowed together.
“What I’m implying is, is that maybe we could stop
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Stolen what you loved the most by MiyaToriaka Stolen what you loved the most :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 567 461 PokeFusion 4# - Moltuna by GetsugaDante PokeFusion 4# - Moltuna :icongetsugadante:GetsugaDante 226 20
Small Steps - GoldxSilver
I started to fall for Silver about five or six years ago. I was eleven years old and didn't really understand it. I just knew I wanted to be with him, which made little sense to everyone else, least of all Silver himself. He was moody and rude and wasn't above giving me a whack whenever I got on his nerves, which was often. I would follow him everywhere, like his shadow. I slept when he slept, I ate when he ate, when he was sad I'd be there to try to cheer him up, and when one of those rare smiles took over his face, I smiled too, a huge, toothy grin.
I think at first I just wanted to help him. After I defeated him on Mount Moon, I saw a small glimmer of hope in his words. It was the first time he accepted his loss. He swore he'd get better so he could beat me. I had grinned from ear-to-ear, gave him a thumbs-up and said I'd look forward to it.
"Freak," he muttered, and marched away.
After that I didn't see him for a long time and though I was happy he was improving himself, I was kind
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15. Mewtwo by Chibi-Pika 15. Mewtwo :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 164 4
Latios x Reader : Compassion

“Latios will only open its heart to a trainer with a compassionate spirit. This Pokémon can fly faster than a jet plane by folding its forelegs to minimize air resistance.
(Name) was on her way to challenge her next gym when she noticed a familiar face. She delivered a letter to him not to long ago. She approached him and had a worried look on his face he turned and looked at her. ‘(Name) you’re here, I need your help. Will you come with me’? She nodded and Steven took out a strange object and blew on it. As quick as a flash a Pokémon appeared at his side, it to had a look of worry. ‘You see (Name) Latiases counter part is in danger and you are the only one who I could trust to help’ Steven informed. ‘Then there’s no time to waste lets go’ (Name) said. They soared on Latiases back and soon arrived at the Southern island.
Courtney and her grunts where trying to capture Latios. She notice
:icontroublesometiger:TroublesomeTiger 47 1
Eden - Chapter 7
It took nearly two hours for Touko to tell the story to Hoshi and to answer his questions. The poor grunt stared vacantly outside at the dark waters, mouth hanging slightly. He couldn't believe what was going on behind the scenes, scheming by none other than a great Sage, N's own father!
"This is messed up," was all the older male could mutter, not really knowing what else to say.
"You got that right," Touko mumbled back, eyeing the book in Hoshi's hands with distaste.
Awkward silence filled the room. Neither person not knowing what to say pass this point. The Plasma member coughed nervously and held the book in front of them, stuttering a little before finally finding his bearings.
"So... this book... friendship.... "
"Yeah.. " Touko never felt so awkward in her life before. "The king was asking the difference between friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. It was difficult to explain."
"That, I have no doubt of. If you give him this,
:iconlemuris:Lemuris 42 41
30. To a New Tomorrow by Chibi-Pika 30. To a New Tomorrow :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 167 9
The Curious and The Shiny Chapter 1 (OLD VERSION)
NOTE: This is the old version of the story, and since its release, a new version has been published to the site with more polished prose as well as substantial changes to the first few chapters of the story, so I highly recommend you check out the new version instead.

If you are still curious (hehe) about this old draft though, feel free to read on.

The Chase Arc: Dendemille's Daredevil
"Photography is truth. And cinema is truth 24 frames a second." - Le Petit Soldat 
On their computer screen, Shine the Luxray and his trainer Tony browsed through a folder of archived photos, footage and interviews from their documentary in the making. One clip featured a gathering of Pokémon playing in what appeared to be a garden. Another focused on one Kadabra in a small cabin, reading through a multitude of levitating books in a matter of minutes. Another was just pure grey as smoke c
:iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 57 25
Eon Fable: Water's Return by PegasusJedi Eon Fable: Water's Return :iconpegasusjedi:PegasusJedi 70 20 League Prom Dresses_color ver. by BklynSharkExpert League Prom Dresses_color ver. :iconbklynsharkexpert:BklynSharkExpert 67 34 The Curious and the Shiny by NebulaDreams The Curious and the Shiny :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 144 23 Adamant Pokemon Dictionary by Lohlite Adamant Pokemon Dictionary :iconlohlite:Lohlite 71 66
P.S: I Love You (May x Steven)
May/Sapphire x Steven (HoennChampionshipping)
It was raining.
May sat curled up by the window, watching the storm as rain pelted the windows and thunder rolled. Lightning flashed, briefly lighting up the dark before fading into black once again.
Rolling her head, May looked across her apartment and let her dead eyes rest on a small picture sitting on a desk. It was a picture of her and Steven about a year back. Steven stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist and they were both smiling.
May had forgotten how to smile, ever since that day two months ago.
The world began to fade as the memories came.
May stood inside her kitchen at the sink, washing the dishes and humming a merry tune. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the birds were singing and the sun was out.
Her husband of almost three years, Steven Stone, was scheduled to return from an expediti
:iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 31 26
28. Legendary Revenge by Chibi-Pika 28. Legendary Revenge :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 167 4 commission209 for justicegundam by hikariangelove commission209 for justicegundam :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 88 62
Red x Reader {A Pokemon FanFiction} ~ (Part 4)
I slept at Red's house that night. Although we didn't do very much sleeping.
No, nothing weird happened if that's what you were thinking!
Oh... oh, that's not what you were thinking? Well, shit... awkward...
So, yeah, I stayed over at Red's. It was snowing like a son of a bitch outside, and it showed no signs of stopping anytime soon, so I asked if I could stay the night and Red said it'd be fine.
As I said, we didn't get much sleep. Most of the night was spent hanging around the fireplace, roasting marshmallows and talking about whatever came to mind. I have to admit, it was kinda nice. I've honestly missed talking to someone that was an actual person and not a Pokemon, so this... this was kind of comforting, to say the least. At around 12 in the morning, Red thought it was time to put Pikachu to bed. Pika had been passed out on my lap for Arceus knows how long, so it was probably a good idea for him to get some
:iconmmbbffls:mmbbffls 77 53
I Just Met a Weirdo - WhitexN
A Pokemon Black and White fanfic, focusing on Ferriswheelshipping
"Hm…what do you think about what they said Tokou?" Cheren asked thoughtfully after the weirdo men who looked like knights from the middle ages left to the next town.  I for one had no idea what they were talking about. It was confusing and sounded pretty boring, so I just stared blankly at them throughout the whole speech. Unable to answer Cheren's question, I just shrugged and said:
"Beats me."
Cheren rolled his eyes and was about to say something else (more nerd talk maybe) when some green haired guy from the noisy crowd walked toward us.
"Your pokemon…they speak to me.." he muttered, and stared hardly right at me. I raised my brows at him with a confused look.
"W-what?" I asked dazed by the man's stern look. Cheren stepped forward a little confused himself.
"Boy, you speak too fast. And  what do you mean 'the pokemon speak to you'? What an odd thing to say." he said eying the mys
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55. Waiting
"Gold, you need to relax," Red said, watching the Hatcher pace back and forth in the waiting room. He, Yellow, Blue, Silver, HeartGold and SoulSilver had arrived at the New Bark Town hospital when they heard the news that Crys was in labour and Gold was wound up tighter than a Spoink's tail. He hadn't stopped pacing or twitching and Yellow was worried he would stress himself into an anxiety attack so she had gone to make some tea. The remaining Dex holders sat in different chairs, either watching the clock or conversing. Silver was the only other one watching Gold with vast amusement.
"HOW CAN I?" Gold shouted at Red. His left eye was twitching crazily. "Crys is in there having a child...and I'm stuck waiting in this Arceus-damned hellhole-"
"Quit it!" HeartGold snapped. He got up from his chair and went over to the older man. Taking him by the shoulders, the Affectionator shook him hard enough to loosen Gold's goggles. "You gotta be CALM. Worrying isn't going to solve anything!"
:iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 120 96
Merry R-Christmas - Original Illustration by Shizana Merry R-Christmas - Original Illustration :iconshizana:Shizana 122 16