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How to Post Literature on dA by BusybeeSarahD How to Post Literature on dA :iconbusybeesarahd:BusybeeSarahD 344 344 100 Writing Prompts Challenge by Sunshockk 100 Writing Prompts Challenge :iconsunshockk:Sunshockk 630 185 VLC - Slim Beam - Black Skin by KryptonSyt VLC - Slim Beam - Black Skin :iconkryptonsyt:KryptonSyt 701 117 VLC - Slim Beam - White Skin by KryptonSyt VLC - Slim Beam - White Skin :iconkryptonsyt:KryptonSyt 180 20 Quill and Ink - Free Icon by etNoir Quill and Ink - Free Icon :iconetnoir:etNoir 280 41 dA Lit Forums Stamp by lenavvargo dA Lit Forums Stamp :iconlenavvargo:lenavvargo 271 70
This is Halloween!
This is Halloween:
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with me and you will see
The friends I've hung down from this tree...
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Corpses scream in the dead of night!
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright.
It's our town, everybody scream!
In this town of Halloween...
I am the one hiding under your bed;
Licking your hand with a tongue so red and -
I am the one crawling up your stairs,
Thump-thump-drag, when no one's there...
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song.
In this town, don't we love it now?
Everybody's waiting for the next surprise!
Round that corner man, Jockey in the trash can;
Hunters waiting now to pounce, and how you'll...
Scream! This is Halloween
Sadako is on the screen!
Aren't you scared?
Well, that's just fine!

:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 622 214
I Am A Writer
I Am A Writer:
Gentlemen, today I speak to you
To convey an issue that has plagued the core of our community.
For so long have we been considered second-class;
To this day there are those who still believe that we are not artists.
But today is not about freedom, today is about honour,
Because there are many writers that still seek to shame us all...
I speak of those individuals, who take art from others.
Covers, photos, paintings, digital art, anime and manga.
It matters not where you draw your source from,
But every action impacts upon us as a community.
When I craft my works, when I write each and every line,
I paint using expression; metaphors are my colours.
The words are my brush and each and every rhyme is my medium.
I do not ask to be considered an artist, but I do ask to be considered.
For someone who practices his craft day and night,
Painstakingly learning how to use each and ever
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,296 702
You Have No Right To Live
You Have No Right To Live:
Hey, what are you doing?
That's mine, now give it back.
You're stupid, you should just go die!

Okay, I'm sorry...
What, you failed again?
Just how much money do you think we're spending on this,
Do you think it just falls from the sky?
I can't believe you; and don't give me that look!
You better straighten up now you hear me
And if you keep looking like a dead fish,
I'm going to make you wish you were one.

I'm sorry...
Hey, being around you is driving me nuts,
You never want to do anything, you don't even care,
Why bother even breathing if you're going to act like you're dead!

I'm sorry!
Ugly and-
A lousy person like you should just go die!

okay, fine! I will...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 26th November 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,080 503
Alone but Alive
Alone but Alive:
Oh here I am standing,
A lost soul is landing.
The coldest December,
Can you still remember?
Do you even hear me?
There's no one around me!
Oh shadow that I see,
The void right behind me.
Yet still I am breathing;
Yet still I am feeling.
The coldest sensation,
Oh worthless creation!
Are you still crying?
Oh why are you lying - abandoned and cold
Cold like what was left of soul,
Made of all the life you stole.
Walk divine but made of sin,
Worm of hatred squrim within.
Sin of lust and sin of pride,
Lash the tongue that last has lied.
Yours was silver with a promise,
Kiss of death and then you vomit.
Burning bile of ugly treason,
No one else can know the reason.
Left a soul behind to burn;
You are the reason I have turned...
On this cold and endless night...
When I'm finally pierced by the light...
And I awaken from this hell...

Alive and again oh do I dare?
To give this heart and to lay it bare.
When heaven cast its fate
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 439 65
There are Things Beneath the Garden
There Are Things Beneath the Garden:
There are things beneath the garden,
Which you really shouldn't see.
There are things beneath the garden,
That don't belong to me.
There are things beneath the garden,
Gone rotten blue and black.
There are things beneath the garden,
In a dripping gunny sack...
There are flowers in the garden,
Which you really shouldn't pull.
There are flowers in the garden,
That sit on top of wool.
There are flowers in the garden,
With a really rotten scent.
There are flowers in the garden,
Above bodies burnt and bent...
I love this little garden,
It's a special place to me.
I love this little garden,
It's where I want to be.
I love this little garden,
Now wouldn't you like to see?
I love this little garden;
And you'll be number three...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 26th October 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 837 262
The written word IS art. by LyricalAutumnWind The written word IS art. :iconlyricalautumnwind:LyricalAutumnWind 113 19
You Left Me Stronger
You Left Me Stronger:
Hey there, it's been awhile, do you remember me?
I guess you might not, since I wasn't very important to you.
You know, I spent so many days thinking about - what I did wrong
I questioned if maybe, I was at fault or if I was screwed up.
I thought a lot about the things you said...
The things that were my fault, my problems.
I took them to heart at first, but then I realised you were wrong.
I realised that you are selfish and ugly on the inside.
On the surface you pretended to care, but like a cancer;
You amputate someone the moment you think they've gone bad.
You hide from the rigours of life and only emerge like a parasite
When everything is good - when everything is fine and dandy.
I used to think that I was afraid of you leaving,
But now I know, that you've left me stronger than I was before.
You know, this was supposed to be an emotional whine; an emotional spill,
Maybe I was supposed to cry tears and beg you to come back, but you know wha
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,146 347
Shawarmer by TarekElawadly Shawarmer :icontarekelawadly:TarekElawadly 72 13 Artist 'Till Death by CaseyCorrupted Artist 'Till Death :iconcaseycorrupted:CaseyCorrupted 94 8
336 Nice Ways to Compliment
1. Amazing
2. Awesome
3. Adorable
4. Athletic
5. Artistic
6. Accepting
7. Appreciative
8. Affectionate
9. Admirable
10. Adventurous
11. Accurate
12. Attentive
13. Authentic
14. Aspiring
15. Adoring
16. Agile
17. Astounding
18. Accomplished
19. Alive
20. Active
21. Animated
22. Astonishing
23. Ambitious
24. Beautiful
25. Brave
26. Brilliant
27. Bright
28. Bold
29. Breathtaking
30. Bodacious
31. Bubbly
32. Buff
33. Believable
34. Bewildering
35. Becoming
36. Clever
37. Cool
38. Cute
39. Colorful
40. Courageous
41. Caring
42. Courteous
43. Creative
44. Cheerful
45. Commendable
46. Considerate
47. Classy
48. Classical
49. Cunning
50. Confident
51. Crisp
52. Clean
53. Communal
54. Calm
55. Capable
56. Captivating
57. Charming
58. Confident
59. Conservative
60. Crafty
61. Canny
62. Constructive
63. Charitable
64. Cordial
65. Committed
66. Consistent
67. Compassionate
68. Collaborative
69. Comical
70. Dependable
71. Determined
72. Diligent
73. Dedicated
74. Daring
75. Dreamy
76. Dashing
77. D
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 83 5
I Support Poetry in Blue by Jannette92 I Support Poetry in Blue :iconjannette92:Jannette92 57 4
It Came From The Dark
It Came From The Dark:
Amongst the ashes, swirling from the darkness of the pit,
Emerged a hand, dragging a battered body across the rocks.
Blood leaked from the wounds so callously self-inflicted,
And teeth ground with a focused determination and seething anger.
It cared not for the warm rubies - staining the jagged rocks,
It cared not for the sensation of pain...
All that it remembered was a dream, An obsession -
One that drove it ever higher; ignoring all else!
Eventually it emerged from this shadowy hole, this dreary depth,
And in that moment, it learned of the truth.
For this creature, denied sunlight and warmth -
was me...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 11th December 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 363 91
The Good Critic's Guide
The Good Critic's Guide:
I. Introduction:
   I have noticed that many critics on DA tend to leave rather harsh and sometimes subjective critiques on the pages of the artists being critiqued. Their rationale for doing so is based on the concept that 'we shouldn't molly-coddle each other and instead "tell it like it is"'. However this type of critique reflects poorly on one who is critiquing as opposed to the one who is being critiqued and I will explain why throughout the course of this guide. In essence I hope to use this resource as a way of teaching potential critics how to properly focus their abilities and direct their critiques in a manner that will allow them to be rated as a good critic.  
Note: Before reading on, take note that this guide is only for literary works as I have no experience judging visual art and therefore cannot create a rating scale for those.
II. The Purpose of a Critique:
   The first question that we must ask ourselves is this: "Why does an individu
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 130 85
Tiraz by TarekElawadly Tiraz :icontarekelawadly:TarekElawadly 49 12
Literature Groups
A listing of groups here on DA devoted to literature(including fan fiction), divided by poetry and prose.
EDIT: groups devoted to song lyrics also now listed.
I aim to help groups by giving them some publicity and also to help writers find groups that can help them spread their work about; if you know of any group not on the list, please tell me. And if you are a member of any group listed here and you want me to include something about it, like 'we have regular writing contests' then just say so and I'll include them.
I am a flawed being, so it is entirely possible that I have made a mistake with any one group's listing; if you notice that I have, please tell me.
I will be updating this, so check back often!
:iconfanaticalpublishing:FanaticalPublishing 82 67
Submit literature deviations by TheBrassGlass Submit literature deviations :iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 48 32
Peacetime Songs or Euthanasias
I wanted a war-time melody for the aching ears of all the people who silently protest the military efforts of our time; a song to soothe, a flood of words in which to drown our battered hopes, for their mercy. So I conjured in my rib-caged eye the images of war,
the open minds of fallen soldiers, spilling New York and Los Angeles, Moscow and Baghdad onto the streets of anywhere; their mouthing wounds elevating cries into the city stench of gunpowder blackened buildings; the look on their eyes when the true meaning of damage and collateral crashes into their fleshy souls, begging in curses, wailing arms at them for a redraw of the cards: You instead, not my little boy! But every soldier is a little boy,
and as I saw them huddled beside Humvees, warding cold deserts with divine stories of mundane happenings at hometown proms, repeating to themselves this weapon is lighter than a wrench; as I saw them mourning for the friends that wouldn't recognize them, returned, victorious shells, I re
:iconchapav:chapaV 62 24