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Pocky with Levi (Attack on Titan)
(A/N: Its here!! The pocky game i've been getting mad requests for it here!! Thank you everyone who has favourited the Pocky games so far, sorry if I don't reply to them all but I get to a point when  trying to say thanks for them all soooo THANK YOU <3)
“Well that’s another gone.” You sighed to yourself wishing for this game to be over, you weren't interested in any of the guys here and you knew what would happen if Erwin or worse Levi caught you all here...
“(Name)~” Hanji sung your name as she came over swinging the bag towards you but you hit it away quickly.
“No way nut job.” You sighed as she pouted at you leaning close to your face with that mad-scientist grin you had learned to avoid if possible.
“Is that because he isn’t here...” Hanji began as you narrowed your eyes at her, quickly pulling off her glasses as you stood up to walk away swinging them on your finger. Hanji quic
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Bill Cipher x reader: Pocky Game
Before you read this, I would just like to apologize about how much out of character Bill might be... q^q  First time with this guy-
Anyways, according to my sister, this is fluffly(?) ^^
Enjoy qwq

In the small town of Gravity Falls, not too far there was a house somewhere almost to the woods, there was a teenaged girl laying on her bed in her room, with her head at the edge upside down, her eyes glued to the TV in front of her was she pressed buttons on her controller. That girl was named ______.
Your eye slightly twitched, as the sound of muttering that was in the room started to become louder, making her more annoyed which was causing her to lose concentration on her game.
"Hehehehe!" The voiced giggled, more coming after each one.
You gritted your teeth, as the sound "Game Over" came from the TV. Finally more annoyed than ever, she shot up to a position to having to lean on her arms for support.
"Could you just leave?! You've been in my room for the past thr
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