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Pistol Wyrm by DarkmaneTheWerewolf Pistol Wyrm :icondarkmanethewerewolf:DarkmaneTheWerewolf 1,948 186 Introduction to Flowers s2.1 by thaimonkey Introduction to Flowers s2.1 :iconthaimonkey:thaimonkey 1,749 380 Completed Explorer's Gauntlet | Steampunk Gauntlet by CraftedSteampunk Completed Explorer's Gauntlet | Steampunk Gauntlet :iconcraftedsteampunk:CraftedSteampunk 251 17 Directorate Wraith by jflaxman Directorate Wraith :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 188 6 R.A.T. by Xidon R.A.T. :iconxidon:Xidon 3,299 411 SF-226 Bloodhound by TheXHS SF-226 Bloodhound :iconthexhs:TheXHS 282 26 Bionic Hand by moth3R Bionic Hand :iconmoth3r:moth3R 484 14 SSnPP: Lab Cutaway by 47ness SSnPP: Lab Cutaway :icon47ness:47ness 797 114 SF-102 Hellhound at sunrise by TheXHS SF-102 Hellhound at sunrise :iconthexhs:TheXHS 199 30 Asphyxia by IDreamofKerosene Asphyxia :iconidreamofkerosene:IDreamofKerosene 403 14 SSnPP: BIRTH by 47ness SSnPP: BIRTH :icon47ness:47ness 1,623 124 SF-335 by TheXHS SF-335 :iconthexhs:TheXHS 184 18 Minecraft - Shrine of Notch by Ludolik Minecraft - Shrine of Notch :iconludolik:Ludolik 446 101
Industrial Distress
Natasha smiled as she entered the large metal doors of the Industrial Industries Co. Building. Inside, her new job awaited her as head of machinations, where she would be in charge of the running and maintenance of every one of the two thousand machines in the building, machines designed for pressing, cubing, crushing, pulping and who knows what else.
Once inside she looked around, her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail swishing as she did so. All around her in every direction stretched rows upon rows of large, heavy, industrial machines as far as the eye could see. In the distance she spotted some sort of tower with glass panels on all sides, like some sort of air traffic control tower. She frowned in confusion and started to walk towards it, and accidently bumped straight into someone.
"Hey! Watch it!" The woman she had bumped into said, having dropped the cardboard box she had been holding. "Great, now looks what you made me do..." Natasha blushed, having always been somewhat
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Chief Mechanic by Vermin-Star Chief Mechanic :iconvermin-star:Vermin-Star 229 20 Oxybeles by malmida Oxybeles :iconmalmida:malmida 212 14 A NIGHT AT THE CARNELIAN'S by 47ness A NIGHT AT THE CARNELIAN'S :icon47ness:47ness 353 283 Stellar Pedestal by Nuukeer Stellar Pedestal :iconnuukeer:Nuukeer 158 32 SXB-218 takeoff by TheXHS SXB-218 takeoff :iconthexhs:TheXHS 106 5 SF-228 by TheXHS SF-228 :iconthexhs:TheXHS 118 10 Guardians of Time by Notvitruvian Guardians of Time :iconnotvitruvian:Notvitruvian 151 123 Automatic Gun Armed Interceptor by CUTANGUS Automatic Gun Armed Interceptor :iconcutangus:CUTANGUS 103 14 Kapitol color spread by 47ness Kapitol color spread :icon47ness:47ness 174 58 Heavy Armor by Trollfeetwalker Heavy Armor :icontrollfeetwalker:Trollfeetwalker 86 12 SSnPP - The Steamwagon Mk 1.21 by 47ness SSnPP - The Steamwagon Mk 1.21 :icon47ness:47ness 121 57 Tiffany Pin Up by TheCosbinator Tiffany Pin Up :iconthecosbinator:TheCosbinator 1,063 99 Infiltrating the Base by Not-the-New-Account Infiltrating the Base :iconnot-the-new-account:Not-the-New-Account 243 104 Package - Machinery - 2 by resurgere Package - Machinery - 2 :iconresurgere:resurgere 362 54 Instrument panel Tattoo  TaT by 2Face-Tattoo Instrument panel Tattoo TaT :icon2face-tattoo:2Face-Tattoo 178 48 Star Tat Design shading by 2Face-Tattoo Star Tat Design shading :icon2face-tattoo:2Face-Tattoo 162 14 SSnPP - Got Your Back by 47ness SSnPP - Got Your Back :icon47ness:47ness 128 22 Schecter Jerry Horton by alexskyline Schecter Jerry Horton :iconalexskyline:alexskyline 113 47 Package - Machinery - 1 by resurgere Package - Machinery - 1 :iconresurgere:resurgere 226 28 Claires Mishap p1. by trygullx Claires Mishap p1. :icontrygullx:trygullx 195 26 - Lightning McQueen - by Lizkay - Lightning McQueen - :iconlizkay:Lizkay 251 93 SSnPP: Lab Cutaway -detail- by 47ness SSnPP: Lab Cutaway -detail- :icon47ness:47ness 95 31 Scrap Brain - The First Finale by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Scrap Brain - The First Finale :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 247 38 ASSAULT PLANE 1946 by CUTANGUS ASSAULT PLANE 1946 :iconcutangus:CUTANGUS 104 8 Mecanicka by Aeoll Mecanicka :iconaeoll:Aeoll 113 41 WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW PETE by 47ness WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW PETE :icon47ness:47ness 98 46 SF-228 in flight by TheXHS SF-228 in flight :iconthexhs:TheXHS 131 6 The Fighters Of Punch-Out!! by iMetaKnight The Fighters Of Punch-Out!! :iconimetaknight:iMetaKnight 157 52 SF-227 in flight by TheXHS SF-227 in flight :iconthexhs:TheXHS 68 4 Mother Road by DaBurninator Mother Road :icondaburninator:DaBurninator 121 15
Forever Loyal
He saw her coming out of the deli, she smelled like blood-sick and old wounds hiding under her last pair of clothes that didn't have tears in them. He went to her and introduced himself. She gave him a sausage. It was love.
He followed her for the rest of the day, ears pricked forward as he listened to her talk. It was funny how that made her happy. She would say "Piston, sit." And he would sit, stump where his tail should be wagging as she pet him with pale fingers. When she did that, he knew she wasn't blood-sick, she was food for others who were and they nipped at her like he sometimes nipped at the heels of children when they tried to stray into traffic. He could smell it all over her, the ghost of blood-sick hands but he knew they weren't trying to help her, they would kill her.
He barked, to try to tell her this but all she did was give him another sausage and coo, her messy brown hair getting in his eyes as she bent down and pressed her forehead against his, eyes closed. He lear
:iconmertus:Mertus 238 111
Planes- A pain like a Blade
Dipper had developed a habit of eavesdropping on her idol Dusty Crophopper, to the point where some would judge her to be disturbed. On night she overheard a heated argument between Blade Ranger and Dusty. She did not hear how the debate started, but was certainly surprised to hear how it ended.
Hiding around the corner of a hangar, she sat tight and listened.
“There is a fire burning within us all, one which constantly tries to overwhelm all who we are. Should it succeed, one would be nothing more than a hollow shell; a shadow of our former selves. Every day we fight it, but there is no extinguishing it. The strong and the wise defy it, while the weak and the self-centered embrace it. That fire is the evil within our souls, and it is always there, no matter how small and insignificant it may be.” Blade Ranger explained.
“That’s really poetic. Tell me this: why is it your crew follows you into danger and obeys your every order without question? Why do you think
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Valentines day vector steampunk card by anastasiyacemetery Valentines day vector steampunk card :iconanastasiyacemetery:anastasiyacemetery 42 1 Punch-Out!! by ZoeStanleyArts Punch-Out!! :iconzoestanleyarts:ZoeStanleyArts 388 91 SSnPP - And Twenty Cents by 47ness SSnPP - And Twenty Cents :icon47ness:47ness 169 42