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Inktober2018 - Two Stubborn Men by amberchrome Inktober2018 - Two Stubborn Men :iconamberchrome:amberchrome 31 8 Pissing Contest by AK-Is-Harmless Pissing Contest :iconak-is-harmless:AK-Is-Harmless 41 21 Esther vs Blood by ThelxlBloodlxlPrince Esther vs Blood :iconthelxlbloodlxlprince:ThelxlBloodlxlPrince 9 0
I hate competition
i'm the deer in your headlight
red trail of hunter's ambition
in the forests, i drown from your sight
i hate competition
shoot me in and pin the trophy
coronation of hunter's atrition
my sense of self-defence in atrophy
i hate competition
in your bedroom, im merely a nobody
crush dummy to carry on tries of demolition
i pray to sweat the red away of my rag-doll body
i hate competition
torn the cloths and leave me draining
projection of tester's mind's conducting extreme conditions
need of thrill fulfilled with my pale hanging
i hate competition
i'm the shadow in your mirror
but the invisibility was decision
through the painful days you are nearer
i hate competition
:iconiamthefortress:IAmTheFortress 1 1
Ep 15 The Pissing Match by percybharucha Ep 15 The Pissing Match :iconpercybharucha:percybharucha 0 0 Pissing contest continues by Cyanida Pissing contest continues :iconcyanida:Cyanida 0 3 The Cold War by LittleHipsterGinger The Cold War :iconlittlehipsterginger:LittleHipsterGinger 0 0
Comical Stalemate
While his choice to wait along the wharf seemed conspicuous, at least his drab garb would make him seem a little more part of the scenery. He had to act with the utmost discretion. Seated primly on a crate, he leaned against his gnarled walking stick and stared out to the harbor. The sea breeze blew away much of the smoke from his long hickory pipe.
“Death doesn’t ride his coach through here, old man,” called the boisterous voice of a handsome sailor, tall and formidable when approached. He taunted further by looming over him and making his great stature quite obvious. “Seek him in a public house, or better yet a brothel.”
With a push off his cane, the old man stood up. Despite the sailor, the two could stand eye-to-eye. He held the other’s gaze with steel eyes smiling wryly. “I would rather wait here. But thank you.”
The sailor simpered with amusement, just a touch surprised at their near-equal heights. Both were used to meeting those dwarfish i
:iconblackdove42:BlackDove42 0 0
New Paths
Put aside the feelings from within you derive,
for those feelings will drive you and the ego will subside.
Be like the observer looking from far away,
who speaks with great fervor but is detached from their ways.
For then you can have great laughs
at the time they let pass,
piddling their time away in some purposeless craft.
To the rages that controlled your greatest mistakes,
you will tell them of banishment and new purposes you shall create.
Raw emotion is not real and is meaningless ultimately,
so we should not worry about bickering so desolately.
Now you fight rage
with a turn of a page,
you leave the petty with the concern of a sage.
Imagine your feelings from consciousness instead,
for then they are the ends that lay restlessness to bed.
Anger becomes a conclusion from truth and you speak from wisdom,
while the animal inside is captured, it is totally imprisoned.
Live absent of most desire,
things seem less dire.
Isolated once you cut the wire.
When you see the absurdity of peopl
:iconsertraod:sertraod 1 0
ME-Boys Will Be Boys by Kit-Airheart ME-Boys Will Be Boys :iconkit-airheart:Kit-Airheart 8 6 ExcuseMe by 1pen ExcuseMe :icon1pen:1pen 9 7