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UNRESTRICTED - Old Barrel by frozenstocks UNRESTRICTED - Old Barrel :iconfrozenstocks:frozenstocks 191 28 You are my Treasure by Amanddica You are my Treasure :iconamanddica:Amanddica 516 128 One Piece Rainmeter Skin by ZakycooL One Piece Rainmeter Skin :iconzakycool:ZakycooL 117 104 [MMD] Halloween collab 2018\TDA Luka The Pirate DL by Natsumy-Paradise [MMD] Halloween collab 2018\TDA Luka The Pirate DL :iconnatsumy-paradise:Natsumy-Paradise 256 16 FNaF: Foxy~! by Beckitty FNaF: Foxy~! :iconbeckitty:Beckitty 899 177 Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's by GEEKsomniac Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 2,934 382
England x Reader: A Pirate's Past
Arthur Kirkland
You rummaged through the mountains of cardboard boxes that didn't look like they had been touched for a lifetime; this room was filled with several centuries worth of English history and yet Arthur had never once even hinted to its existence. Every box, every item in this room held a story, and you loved stories. So far you had found what appeared to be a floor plan for the original Globe Theatre, a black and white photograph of Arthur standing outside of Buckingham palace dressed as one of the soldiers that never smile, and a rather official-looking letter from none-other than Queen Victoria herself! Just as you were beginning to wonder if anything hidden in in this place wouldn't interest you, a large cluster of pale feathers caught your eye; wasting no time in uncovering the object, you were left holding an expensive looking hat. You grinned, admiring your reflection in an ancient mirror before revealing the remaining contents of the box that the ha
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Confrontation by JohnSu Confrontation :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 12,721 627 Markiplier is the King of Five Nights at Freddy's! by rydi1689 Markiplier is the King of Five Nights at Freddy's! :iconrydi1689:rydi1689 5,124 647 Gazing by TwiggXstock Gazing :icontwiggxstock:TwiggXstock 1,803 113 Luna Land Episode 1.0 by doubleWbrothers Luna Land Episode 1.0 :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 1,272 318 Port city by Cutiezor Port city :iconcutiezor:Cutiezor 345 53 Luna likes her candy by MisterDavey Luna likes her candy :iconmisterdavey:MisterDavey 1,902 321 Teen Sherlock- The Boomerang Pt2 by DrSlug Teen Sherlock- The Boomerang Pt2 :icondrslug:DrSlug 533 103 Alternative Universe Meme by Martiverse Alternative Universe Meme :iconmartiverse:Martiverse 956 134 Teen Sherlock - Addictions Part 2 (the end:P) by DrSlug Teen Sherlock - Addictions Part 2 (the end:P) :icondrslug:DrSlug 847 242 Teen Sherlock - Addictions Part 1 by DrSlug Teen Sherlock - Addictions Part 1 :icondrslug:DrSlug 766 111 New Year's Gorillaz by iricolor New Year's Gorillaz :iconiricolor:iricolor 1,738 128 Teen Sherlock- The Boomerang Pt4 by DrSlug Teen Sherlock- The Boomerang Pt4 :icondrslug:DrSlug 569 142
Jack Sparrow X Pirate!Reader: Captain
You gave a small sigh, leaning against the wheel of your ship. You watched the sail flutter, the waves rocking again and again. You loved being a Captain. A well-known Captain at that. Captain (y/n) (l/n). One of the finest. You were known for being a terrific sailor. Brutally honest. Cunning. Sly. Stealthy. Attractive. Any of those words came to peoples’ minds when the topic of you and your ship were brought up. As you were reminiscing about your life on the sea, you failed to notice two of your crew members approaching you, a man in shackles in their grasp. You turned at the feeling of a tap on your shoulder, your (h/c) hair fluttering in the sea breeze. You gave the two men a small smile before noticing the one in shackles. With a bag over their head, you had no clue who it was. But they seemed familiar. They had a certain vibe. A vibe that you really wanted to hate, but almost couldn’t. Without a word, you tore away the bag. To be met with a nervous smirk. Jack. That da
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Colonial Ship PNG by Thy-Darkest-Hour Colonial Ship PNG :iconthy-darkest-hour:Thy-Darkest-Hour 871 385
A Pirate's Life is the One for Me {Spain x Reader}
“Imagine what people would say if a good girl like you wound up with an evil pirate captain like me.”

Warning: 'Lime' content and some 'Dark' Spain, beware.~
“Oh look, there she goes.”
That’s her?”
“It is! She’s a legend.”
“She looks happy today.”
“I want to be just like her someday, Mama~!”
“Is that…-”
You continued walking down the cobblestone street. As usual, people were whispering about you from the sides.
“-That’s Whitebeard’s daughter.”
You were known all around the largely-populated island—all around the world, honestly—and people never ceased to be amazed by you.
But, you weren’t fazed by it. You were just a normal girl. They were amazed by your very existence rather than you personally, after all.
Ignoring the loud whispers, you continued on your way to the Grand Line Restaurant.
It w
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