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Demon's Toy? ~ Sebastian Michaelis X Reader
"Sebastian. [Name]. You both are to keep a close watch on Alois and his butler. Am I understood?" Ciel asked the two servants standing before him.
"Yes. Of course, Young Master." They replied in unison before leaving the young Earl's side. Tonight was the night of Alois Trancy's Halloween party. A party in which Ciel, along with all his servants, were invited to.
"So, what's your plan, Sebastian?" [Name] asked, looking up at her friend. When that familiar smile crept across Sebastian's face, she frowned.
"I'm sure Claude would be more than willing to share any information he has concerning the Young Master and Earl Trancy. You may have to persuade him, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you." Sebastian said.
"No, no. You can do the persuading." She replied quickly. "After all, you were quite successful seducing that nun a while ago." She added with a smile, recalling the incident.
"True, but that was a human woman." He reminded. Not long after meeting Sebastian, [Name] figured ou
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Just Asleep: Ciel x Reader
Just Asleep
Ciel x Reader
There was no pain to be felt. Every piece of their being was numb, except in their hearts, which paced in perfect, calm sync.
The young, (h/c) haired girl looked down and reached a hand to her wound. On the left side of her torso, the bullet hole spilled thick, sticky liquid from where she was shot. The wet crimson stained her hand and dress.
Ciel, on the other hand, still on the ground, stared at her with his blue cerulean orb and his purple contract seal glowing slightly. (F/N), a girl he had known for only three years, just took a bullet for him.
Time stood still as the real pain started to set in. Once it did, she fell to her knees, breathing heavily, pain throbbing with each breath.
Ciel reached up and caught her before her body made full contact with the ground, his arms around her shoulders and torso, lying on his lap.
"…S…Sebas…SEBASTIAN!!!!!" Ciel cried as he held (F/N) close to his chest, careful not to hurt her further.
Within h
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The Other Girl (Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
The Other Girl
(Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
(Author's note: I thought I'd add this note, because several people have been confused by the way I wrote this story.  The "I" is my OC character.  She is like a female Sebastian.  The "you" is your character.  I am so sorry to all of the people who were confused by this and I hope you enjoy my story n_n!)
You hadn’t known the young earl long.  You had met at a social gathering and stayed in touch but since you lived in South America with your father (he was a missionary), you never got to see one another.  You sent letters back and forth over the span of a few months and when summer rolled around, you decided to pay Ciel Phantomhive a visit.  A ‘surprise’ visit, if you will.  There was a plague running rampant through the village that you and your father were staying in, so your father agreed to the idea.  “God keep her safe…” He muttered to himself as you in yo
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