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Heir of Slytherin by cat-cat Heir of Slytherin :iconcat-cat:cat-cat 3,034 498 Up to no good by cat-cat Up to no good :iconcat-cat:cat-cat 3,352 524
Remus Lupin x Reader pt10
What you had predicted had happened. While on the winter holidays, you and Remus had ended up staying up talking till late at night, you were barely awake and Remus had abruptly excused himself, making you fall on the floor since his shoulder had been your current pillow. He hadn’t come back and you questioned him in the morning and he said he went to the bathroom. But you noticed his bandaged hand and thought better of commenting on it.
But now the four of you were sitting in the owlery thinking of the best way to confront him. Peter, who had been told as soon as he returned to Hogwarts, suggested, “Let’s wait till he tells us” and received annoyed glares.
James and Sirius, as usual, recommended making a joke out of it. “Would you like to go for a stroll in the moon light?” “I heard about your furry little problem” but stopped when you threatened to slap them.
“Then what’s your great plan?” Sir
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The Marauders by Tetra-Zelda The Marauders :icontetra-zelda:Tetra-Zelda 136 18
Remus Lupin X Reader pt9
Saturday, December 16th
You were having a snowball fight against James, Peter and Sirius while Annabelle and Maritza helped you.
“You’re going down!” Sirius yelled from behind one of the pillars.
“You’re drenched to the bone in snow Sirius, that’s not very intimidating” Maritza laughed as she dodged another snowball thrown at her. You threw a snowball in the direction Peter was in and you peeked from behind the fountain to see that you had managed to hit him in the face and that he had fallen flat on his back.
But then you heard someone else shout, probably after getting hit on the back off the head. You turned in the direction of the voice and saw that it was Snape. “Watch it Snivellus!” Jams called as he through another snowball, managing to hit Snape in the face, and making him yell from the cold.
“That’s it Potter!” he said and for a moment you thought he was going to throw a snowball at him but instead
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Remus Lupin X Reader pt6
“Remus!” Sirius called after various time, of not being paid attention to.
Remus looked over to Sirius. It was diner right now, not much happened the rest of the day. “Huh?” Remus muttered back. “Eat something! You’re practically dying on us” Sirius joked.
“I’m fine” Remus insisted and served himself a bowl of mash potatoes, and tried to eat some. Everyone else had already finished eating and were already leaving the hall so Remus didn’t really find a point in eating anymore even though he probably should have been eating but he had more important things to worry about, he stood up from the table, “Where are you going?” Peter called from the table.
“Uh, to sleep” Remus said sounding miserable. Sirius, James and Peter decided it was best not to pester him about it anymore and hope he would be better tomorrow. But after leaving the great hall and going in the direction he bumped into someone a he tu
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Avada Kedavra by avidlebon Avada Kedavra :iconavidlebon:avidlebon 19 13
Remus Lupin X Reader pt7
“[NAME]!” you heard a distant voice of someone shaking you awake.
“I’m busy” you grumbled, groggily.
“Wake up” the voice said that you now recognized as Sirius. Sirius? you thought, Why is Sirius in the girl’s dormitory? He can’t even get into the girls dormitory.  You sat up quickly and you felt a weight of something on your stomach jump of, you looked over to see your cat walking away and past the fire place. There is no fire place in the girl’s dormitory you were in the Gryffindor common room.
“Why am I here?” you asked Sirius, who was at your side, from shaking your shoulders.
“I guess you came down here to sleep here?” Sirius said shrugging.
“Where’s Remus?” you said suddenly as you stood up bust stumbled, still not fully awake.
“Sleeping?” Sirius said, not sure if you were okay.
“Wait! What month is it?!” you asked suddenly.
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Wormtail of the Marauders by reggie-sama Wormtail of the Marauders :iconreggie-sama:reggie-sama 15 1
Remus Lupin X Reader pt5
“Can’t wait to meet the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher” Sirius said, a large grin spreading across his face and he walked with you down the corridor.
“I guess” you said tiredly, “Well whoever he is; he won’t be here next year”
“Who won’t be here next year?” Peter asked, as he and James turned to see you and Sirius walking into the classroom.
“Professor what’s his face” You said carelessly and took one of the seats in front of James and Peter, Sirius took the one next to you and the two of you turned in your seat to face James and Peter. “Any of you seen Remus by any chance?” Sirius said looking around the room.
“Nope” you said, shaking your head, “NO! I did, he was leaving the Hospital Wing but he hurried back to the common room”
“Maybe he got punched in the face!” James suggested, all too cheerfully.
“Maybe he punched someone else
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Remus Lupin X Reader pt8
It was Monday and you and Remus were leaving the library after finishing up the Herbology essay on why mandrakes are important to the wizarding community. But you knew today, well tonight, was a full moon and Remus looked like hell once again. You commented on it but the said, “I’m probably just coming down with something” lying once again. You could see it in his eyes and in the way he held himself but you weren’t going to call him out on it.
Then as the two of you turned the corner you saw Sirius and James being pulled along by the Hogwarts caretaker, but he wasn’t much for caring, that much you could see in the way he shook your friends. His name was Filch and he looked to be in his thirties but had thin and long brown hair that had an very unhealthy look.
Seeing as though Peter wasn’t there you assumed he had managed to run away while Filch was distracted with Sirius and James. Seeing tis you and Remus had slowly begun to back away and out of the
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Work in Progress -11- by cat-cat Work in Progress -11- :iconcat-cat:cat-cat 34 76 Vestigium Itineris+main chara+ by Manechan Vestigium Itineris+main chara+ :iconmanechan:Manechan 74 61 Moron's Olympics by nowherelittlegirl Moron's Olympics :iconnowherelittlegirl:nowherelittlegirl 9 1 HP - Marauders by manga-ghost HP - Marauders :iconmanga-ghost:manga-ghost 14 20 Bella and the Deathbeaters by Kyohazard Bella and the Deathbeaters :iconkyohazard:Kyohazard 8 3 James Potter-Prongs by Liette-Official James Potter-Prongs :iconliette-official:Liette-Official 19 5 Potter Week 2017 - (Day 1) Best Friends by karikun Potter Week 2017 - (Day 1) Best Friends :iconkarikun:karikun 7 0 The Marauders by luanklebers The Marauders :iconluanklebers:luanklebers 73 12 Peter Pettigrew/ Wormtail by chillyravenart Peter Pettigrew/ Wormtail :iconchillyravenart:chillyravenart 5 0 The Black brothers by nowherelittlegirl The Black brothers :iconnowherelittlegirl:nowherelittlegirl 4 2 Moony and Lily by nowherelittlegirl Moony and Lily :iconnowherelittlegirl:nowherelittlegirl 4 0 The Legacy of the Marauders... by LuffyUzumaki The Legacy of the Marauders... :iconluffyuzumaki:LuffyUzumaki 4 0