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Werewolf problems 03 by Lelia Werewolf problems 03 :iconlelia:Lelia 791 55
Little!Reader x Daddy!Russia part 1
It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Russia  was sitting in front of the fireplace reading the newspaper, not entirely paying attention. He was actually quite bored. Normally he would do something to scare the Baltics-which was just about anything-but lately, that just didn't give him any satisfaction.
Then there was a swift knock at the door. Russia looked up from the paper and saw Lithuania going to answer the continuous knocking. With a child like smile growing on his face, Russia stood up and picked up his blood stained water pipe, "I'll get it Lithuania."
Lithuania saw the pipe and prayed for whoever was at the door, "Yes sir." He turned around  and briskly walked back the other way to finish his chores.
Russia swung his pipe over his shoulder, his smile growing wider as he walked to the door. This was always fun. The expressions of whoever was at the door when they saw his pipe was hilarious.
Though when he opened the door, it was him who was surprised.
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Little!Reader x Daddy!Russia part 3
It's been several months since (f/n) came to Russia's house, and everyone was quite happy.
Russia now thought of her as nothing other than his daughter. (f/n) had nearly forgotten about her abused life, though she still had the occasional nightmare. The Baltics loved her company as well, especially Ravis. Ravis has been like a brother and best friend to (f/n) since her first day there.
(f/n) had even been introduced to Russia's sisters Ukraine and Belarus. Ukraine immediately adored the young girl, treating her like a little sister. Belarus, after some hostility, soon warmed up to (f/n)  as well. Now Belarus is as protective over (f/n) as she is over Russia.
It is now early December and there's already a considerable amount of snow. (f/n) absolutely loved playing in the snow. Ravis usually played with her and when he wasn't working, he joined them. They build snowmen, had snowball fights, or just chased each other through the snow.
One day, everyone was in the living room enj
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Teen Wolf Genderswap 02 by Lelia Teen Wolf Genderswap 02 :iconlelia:Lelia 1,405 49 YJ: DaddyBats by DreamaDove93 YJ: DaddyBats :icondreamadove93:DreamaDove93 2,580 405 Eshu by GENZOMAN Eshu :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,988 89 Cardinal Copia - Ghost by Sally-Jackson Cardinal Copia - Ghost :iconsally-jackson:Sally-Jackson 299 31 APH: Papa by claudiakat APH: Papa :iconclaudiakat:claudiakat 719 129 Werewolf problems by Lelia Werewolf problems :iconlelia:Lelia 519 5