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Just a sketch...{One shot?}(Avengers x Reader)
Just a sketch…
Stark tower was peaceful; everyone was doing his or her own thing. No bad guys were trying to destroy the world today so it was the kind of day to relax but be prepared at a moments notice. You picked the living room as you personal space today usually it was your floor you stayed on and no one bothered you but today you needed somewhere different to let your imagination wonder. Reading was your main source of down time along with TV, video games, training, and your secret, drawing. No one knew about your talent in art, what was more ironic is that Tony had painting you had down a long time ago hanging by the bar. When you first came to the tower you spotted it and questioned Tony, he had told you Pepper was the one who picked it out and had him buy because it brought color to the room. Four years had gone by and still no one knew, you laughed at the thought. These days it was sketching in a sketchbook you could easily hide, if any of your ideas were good you redre
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