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StupidFox - 57 by eychanchan StupidFox - 57 :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 8,320 380 Girl With A Pail by Eirian-stock Girl With A Pail :iconeirian-stock:Eirian-stock 221 46 GuilloTINA by renton1313 GuilloTINA :iconrenton1313:renton1313 893 54 The feasting queen by Beastysakura The feasting queen :iconbeastysakura:Beastysakura 424 33 the 12 days of 2fort by Daemon107 the 12 days of 2fort :icondaemon107:Daemon107 515 143 Karkles discovers Blues Clues by Aquillic-Tiger Karkles discovers Blues Clues :iconaquillic-tiger:Aquillic-Tiger 214 81 metal bucket handle down by doko-stock metal bucket handle down :icondoko-stock:doko-stock 37 13 Buckets by lollirotfest Buckets :iconlollirotfest:lollirotfest 587 210 Fairy In A Pail -Puck- Glow in the Dark (For Sale) by yuuyami-artist Fairy In A Pail -Puck- Glow in the Dark (For Sale) :iconyuuyami-artist:yuuyami-artist 1,072 115
Painting the House ReaderXKankri *Extended Ending
It had been awhile since the incident with the paint and you had been with Kankri for over two weeks now. This was the first time in a long time that you actually been in a relationship with anyone so you were a nervous reck. But that wasn't what was bothering you. It was the whispers and glances you got when Kankri wasn't around. The mix up with the red paint made people think you both pailed together. And yes, the fact that others thought that made you feel uncomfortable. You might be over thinking about it but you couldn't help it! You didn't want people to think of you as the girl who slain celibacy! You sighed as you started to walk by Porrim's hive when she stopped you.
"Hey [Name]!"she waved as she ran over to you.
"Hi Porrim."you smiled as you turned to face her fully.
"I'm sorry if this sounds strange but how is Kankri?"she asked.
"Huh? Kankri's fine. Why?"you asked tilting you head to the side.
"No, I don't think you understand. How WAS he?"she repeate
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Karkat's Worst Case Scenario Just Got Worse by DubiousDerringer Karkat's Worst Case Scenario Just Got Worse :icondubiousderringer:DubiousDerringer 662 89 Karkat Vantas: Sleep by DecemberComes Karkat Vantas: Sleep :icondecembercomes:DecemberComes 810 58 Homestuck and rainbows by best248 Homestuck and rainbows :iconbest248:best248 401 53
Covered in Tea [England x Reader]
"Should I be concerned that you are randomly deciding to come outside in the middle of the day. Especially after saying you were going to be busy playing Call of Duty all day?" you asked as your loud American friend Alfred dragged you by your forearm out of your house.
"It's a nice day out dude!" Alfred smiled proudly, breathing in the late June air.
"Now I am really worried," you stated as you squirmed in his grasp.
"Now go stand over there," Alfred instructed as he pointed to the east side of the house, that was now in the cool blackened shade.
"May I ask why?" you asked as Alfred pushed you towards the wall.
"Nope," he smiles as he positioned you. Just like an artists would position their model. "Now smile," he told you, in his hands he held a tiny silver camera.
Reluctantly you smiled towards the tiny silver lens. You heard the sound of the flash go off, but as well felt something wet dropping above you. You glanced up to see a large red pail, balancing on the window sill a few fee
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Wonderlost: Tweedle Dee by xanthic Wonderlost: Tweedle Dee :iconxanthic:xanthic 394 21 Wonderlost: Card Guard by xanthic Wonderlost: Card Guard :iconxanthic:xanthic 241 16 Ciri - The Witcher 3 by Dunjochka Ciri - The Witcher 3 :icondunjochka:Dunjochka 166 18 look away. by burdge look away. :iconburdge:burdge 363 25 Homestuck: Karkat by DecemberComes Homestuck: Karkat :icondecembercomes:DecemberComes 465 20 The Five Doctors by OptimumBuster The Five Doctors :iconoptimumbuster:OptimumBuster 138 73 silver metal bucket by doko-stock silver metal bucket :icondoko-stock:doko-stock 34 43 Wonderlost: Cheshire Cat by xanthic Wonderlost: Cheshire Cat :iconxanthic:xanthic 267 19