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Chapter 9: A Nasty Surprise from Dark Kat
Landing their Zoomatrix in a field nearby with the Turbokat putting down to one side of them, the odd collection of heroes moved to the rocket in question.
They reached it just ahead of Feral.
“Hey guys, perhaps you should let us take a look at that before you go messing around anymore. Dark Kat is a mad genius and his stuff has a habit of blowing up in your face.” Razor warned the technicians.
The head technician grimaced and signaled his crew to pull back. “Actually, SWAT Kat I was just figuring that out. I have no clue what that is and I don’t like the fact that whatever that creep has done is something we are all going to regret real soon.” He said grimly.
Frowning at that statement, Tech came closer and looked inside the instrument panel.
“Oooh this does not look good!” He said carefully poking around.
Razor looked over his shoulder and whistled. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked worriedly.
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Chapter 5: Mutual Info Swapping
Rev had managed to find them some fairly decent food. It wasn’t store-bought stuff by any means but it was edible.
“What is this?” Duck asked as he looked down at his plate of strange food.
“According to my scanner, perfectly edible food, Duck.” Tech said already eating his meal.
“Really? I never would have guessed.” He grumbled but took a tentative bite. “Well, not too bad.” He admitted as he began to dig in more hardily.
Of course, Slam had never met a food he didn’t like as he demonstrated by inhaling his portion in seconds.
Once they had finished their meals, they returned to their work. The SWAT Kats were expected soon and they wanted to complete the work they could before their arrival.
At the salvage yard...
“Well that’s the last of them, Jake. I’ll clean up and close the garage.” Chance said with a sigh to his friend who was passing by with another arm load of stuff.
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Chapter 1: Weirder Than Normal Visitors
Author's Note: I was just watching the second season for the Loonatics Unleashed and was struck with the thought of what would happen if they landed on the SWAT Kats world. This was the result. Hope you like it.
“I tell ya, T-Bone, Dark Kat and Viper are up to something big! I just know it!” Razor growled as he stormed to his locker and started to strip off his G-suit.
“Yeah, I believe you buddy but it will take more than a hunch to convince Feral of that.” T-Bone grumbled as he changed as well.
“That’s for certain. We’ll be hit by a full blown attack by the time he’ll believe anything we say.” Jake muttered irately.
“Well there’s nothing we can do about it except for keeping our eyes peeled and doing more patrols.” Chance sighed in disgust.
Jake just grunted in agreement as he climbed the ladder leading up to their kitchen, Chance close behind him. He made for the fridge and grabbed two
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