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Yuuko Ichihara - xxxHolic by Dingier Yuuko Ichihara - xxxHolic :icondingier:Dingier 83 6 Cyberpunk. Otaku Place, Street View by dsorokin755 Cyberpunk. Otaku Place, Street View :icondsorokin755:dsorokin755 699 19 Cyberpunk. Night Club by dsorokin755 Cyberpunk. Night Club :icondsorokin755:dsorokin755 1,570 51 Sailor Senshi Maker 2.0 by dolldivine Sailor Senshi Maker 2.0 :icondolldivine:dolldivine 3,809 1,000
Ciel/Reader - I'm Not That Girl
Ciel/Reader one-shot - I'm Not That Girl
Link to song --->
Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl.
Standing off to the side of the dining room like you always did. You stood there alone with your hands held in front of you as you solemnly watched the Young Master and Lady Elizabeth sitting at the long dining table eating and drinking tea together. You painfully watched the two enjoying their time together. It made you so frustrated with yourself getting so worked up over this like you always did. Whenever Lady Elizabeth came to the Phantomhive household you always fully out-right dreaded it. Because her presence would always remind you of the very thing you could never have and that was Ciel Phantomhive, the Young Master himself. 
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Cyberpunk. Market Patrol by dsorokin755 Cyberpunk. Market Patrol :icondsorokin755:dsorokin755 553 13 Rainbow Girl Lance Version by Pacthesis Rainbow Girl Lance Version :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,284 1,885 Destined by ann4rt Destined :iconann4rt:ann4rt 1,727 125 Izuku Midoriya (Deku) - Boku no Hero Academia by Dingier Izuku Midoriya (Deku) - Boku no Hero Academia :icondingier:Dingier 209 5 Cyberpunk. Hacker Place by dsorokin755 Cyberpunk. Hacker Place :icondsorokin755:dsorokin755 393 8 C:Blooms on a Daydream by dmarichanb C:Blooms on a Daydream :icondmarichanb:dmarichanb 1,341 77
Prince Soma/Reader - Royal Pain
Prince Soma/Reader one-shot - Royal Pain
Most girls have had dreams of being a princess at some point or another in their life. Even you had such fantasies when you were a child growing up, of course, it never came to be and the thought of being one ebbed away as time passed by. But now things were very different as you actually had the chance to become a princess at your fingertips. How was such a thing possible when you were just some plain young woman who had no ties to royalty? Well, it simple really because you had an Indian prince who was head over heels infatuated with you ever since he had first met you at the Phantomhive manor that you frequented very often. It was nice to have friends in high places but you never expected to have a foreign prince fall in love with you from merely first meeting alone. Most girls would jump immediately on the bandwagon of having a handsome Indian prin
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Hashirama Senju - Naruto by Dingier Hashirama Senju - Naruto :icondingier:Dingier 57 0 Winter Night Miku by dmarichanb Winter Night Miku :icondmarichanb:dmarichanb 1,448 70 Nihon no Otaku - Mac by Majnouna Nihon no Otaku - Mac :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 179 130 CM: Nicoleena by Yoshimissu CM: Nicoleena :iconyoshimissu:Yoshimissu 577 25 Wallpaper Shingeki no Kyojin FULL HD by Sl4ifer Wallpaper Shingeki no Kyojin FULL HD :iconsl4ifer:Sl4ifer 331 29 Christmas in November by Radittz Christmas in November :iconradittz:Radittz 3,199 128 Japanglish/Otaku Stamp by Depsycho Japanglish/Otaku Stamp :icondepsycho:Depsycho 1,081 593
Levi X Neko!Reader - Meow for me
    Alright just so you know:
Y/N = Your name
L/N = Last name
E/C = Eye color 
I realize many people know this, I just wanted to make sure.
    It was a normal Sunday, you were hanging out with Hanji in her office talking about anything and everything. The giddy woman had gotten you out of training many times, but that would usually result in you doing her a favor. Today she wanted you to drink something very, very questionable.
    "Hanji, what the hell is this?" You ask, eyeing the drink suspiciously.
    "Oh, come on Y/N! you won't even notice it. All it does is boost stamina . . . Hopefully."
    "Hopefully? Hanji, if this does anything different than what you say it will I'm killing you," You threaten, raising the glass of liquid to your lips. Hanji squealed and jumped around, seeing as you were actually drinking it. That was before you passed out, hearing Hanji gasp out your name before you were succumbe
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Rival base by YayBases Rival base :iconyaybases:YayBases 1,098 51 Boris Airay by 821GoThIc-VAMPIRE Boris Airay :icon821gothic-vampire:821GoThIc-VAMPIRE 789 170