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Castiel x Reader: In the Arms of an Angel
Peace and quiet. Well, as close to peace and quiet as you could get the night after a hunt--Dean blasting classic rock, Sam watching a documentary on television, and you curled up in your favorite spot; under a well-worn tan trench coat, sandwiched between Castiel and the soft cushions on the back of the couch.
It was your favorite spot for many reasons--after all, who wouldn't want to be snuggled up beside the world's cutest angel? You loved having your head pressed to his chest so you could hear his heartbeat, you loved feeling his arms wrapped protectively around you as you both breathed a sigh of relief for another hunt gone safely, and you loved just knowing he was all yours for a little while.
One of Castiel's hands moved from holding you in an embrace to your stomach, one of his fingers tracing nameless patterns over it.
"Cahahahas, stohohop," you giggled, far too much like a small child for your liking.
"Why?" Honest-to-goodness inquiry flooded those clear blue eyes of his. He
:iconmusingsarmymagic:musingsarmymagic 496 41
There are six clumps of my dirty blonde hair left. I sit in front of my vanity, tying different colored bows at the base of each one. I dyed the tips of them my favorite color a while ago -- hotter than hell pink -- so people know I mean business. When I'm done with that, I pinch my cheeks, make kissy faces in the mirror. I'm looking a little dull, I finally decide. I reach below the vanity and pull out my secret weapon: a tub of Crisco. I dig my fingers into the thick white goop and start smearing it on my face. When that's done, I roll a little margarine under my pits and give myself an approving wink with my good eye in the mirror before getting up and prancing downstairs.  
Mum is sitting at the kitchen table when I skip in. "Heya, Mumsliums!" I holler, giving her a frantic wave. She nods once and waves back as I cut through the tiled kitchen for the mud room to get my tennies from the shoe rack. She doesn't say much anymore, now that she's lost her lower jaw. I shrug and
:iconlunar-bandit:lunar-bandit 126 67
Husband!Hau x Wife!Reader: Malasada Lovers
~ Your P.O.V. ~
Malasada. They just happen to be one of my favorite foods. Whether it was the sweetness, spiciness, or what flavor it contained within its' ingredients, I would love it either way. I guess when a person lives their entire life in Alola, they would grow fond of the treat...Although, I'm not too sure if that's a fact for every resident.
The first time that I had laid my hands on such a treat was my first trip to Hau'oli City. I was about 11 years old and well my father, (Father's name), who happened to be a professor, was called out for a special meeting out in the city. Knowing me, my father sent me out on my own adventure in the city with my special friend, (Favorite Pokémon). At this time of my life, I have never been to another City, despite that Iki Town, my hometown, was near.
A shopping district full of stores of different categories, a marine district, and a Beach. I knew that it was the biggest city of Alola but I also knew that all the different islands
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Nava-Verse Archives #86: Creatures of Korckabost by MolemanNineThousand Nava-Verse Archives #86: Creatures of Korckabost :iconmolemanninethousand:MolemanNineThousand 24 2
Easy Praey - Chapter 1
"And that is why you simply must allow me to invite the both of you, any day of the week."
Valo kept his best non-involved smile that he could muster. But he had grown tired of this conversation a minute in.
"We are quite busy, as you must know, Mr. Surca." Chief Garriko told the merchant with a calm and dismissive voice. "And I can't keep Valo from his other job either, as you also must know."
Surca's eyes flickered over to the young man and Valo lifted his chin a bit, his smile firmer than just a moment ago. He was genuinely looking forward to getting out of the city again which made it so much easier this time.
"Another day then." Mr. Surca concluded the appeal with a slight nod. He turned around and left the audience hall, even if 'hall' was a rather generous term. All it really had going for itself was the high ceiling, the carved arcs and the intricately patterned cushions that made outdrawn conversations about future trading contracts, law interpretations and lessons on politics
:iconmay-may-meow:May-May-Meow 13 11
Diviners of Runawynd Act I
"But that's just immoral!" Denying all professionalism, Garrick harshly snapped at the supreme god, Keiran, who calmly sat in his cozy, luxurious office seat. "I can't believe you want me to carry out a mission like that!"
With the mildest of expressions, Keiran merely blinked up at the enraged one and countered, unexpectedly cold, "Since when do morals matter here? At this place where we observe and judge humanity? We focus on facts, not feelings. You know that." He added, patronizing.
"Tch, I don't need you reminding me. And I know what I need to do, but there's no way I'm-" Garrick welcomed the coming verbal battle; thus, when his superior rose from his seat, he could feel his own temper rising as well.
Keiran then approached him face-to-face, smirking all the while he spoke. "Look, I love the way you think…" A graceful hand took to Garrick's pounding neck, reached to his face, where it departed with a tender caress. "But talking back to your superior isn't a good idea when the
:iconrunawynd:Runawynd 53 10
The Stranger - Part 1
It started, though Craig hadn’t realised at the time, with the stranger they had found in the woods. It was a routine procedure for them, with brainless hikers getting lost almost every year. Sometimes they weren’t found alive, but the report had come in from a woman who found a young adult male who was semi-conscious but too injured to walk. He and his rookie partner, Aaron, had headed down accompanied by the town’s only ambulance and started the trek into the woods. Aaron had been transferred from the city to him about 18 months ago, novice but reportedly competent enough for the job. Craig wasn’t so sure. The scrawny younger man was hard-working enough and friendly, but was a far cry from his old partner, now retired. Craig had insisted that he didn’t need for a partner when their small town saw barely enough crime to occupy himself and the handful of police officers that were already here, but he had to admit it wasn’t all bad. Aaron was in equal
:iconeyeofthepanthergod:Eyeofthepanthergod 14 0
We're all wearing black, of course.
It's not like you would have settled for anything less, would you? Muffled coughs echo around the church- there always seems to be someone with a cough at these things, though I admit I haven't been to a lot of funerals.
Music starts. I exhale once, a sharp motion that pushes the air out of my lungs and vapour spills from between my lips instead, even though we’re indoors. The heels of my boots keep clicking loudly against the stone floor and the tag on the back of my dress itches. I've worn this dress to a funeral before- I wouldn't want you to think I'd go out and buy a new dress especially for you. After a lifetime (or my life up until now, anyway) of complaining about how I "could be so pretty if you tried!" and pursing your lips in clear disapproval of my tomboy proclivities, you should be grateful I wore a dress at all.
Grateful. That was always such a big theme for you, wasn't it? Or, more specifically, you never got the gratitude
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 17 16
Rhyming Game
As she tied the laces of the roller skates around her shins, she looked up at the poster with “Today’s Diner” splayed across it in font reminiscent of neon lighting.
Delay... no, I already used that one. Pulling her hair back in a high ponytail, she continued to stare at the sign, scrolling through multiple rhyming words for “today.” She’d promised herself that once she ran out of words to rhyme with the diner’s name, she would quit. She’d made the promise three years ago.
Parlay. She sighed as she thought of the arcane term. No quitting today. She stroked a finger down a photo of her four-year-old daughter taped to her locker door before closing it.
“Sophie! Whatter you still doing in here?” The senior waitress, Barbara, barked as she stamped an illegal cigarette beneath her heel. After an unfortunate (staged) accident on roller skates, Barb threatened to sue until she gained permission to wear sneakers instead.
:iconiesnoth:iesnoth 18 8
The Bibliophile
The bibliophile is a wanderer,
A wanderer who trevasses the shifting sands of the world,
Ever-seeking something more to feed on;
A victim of his own desire.
The library is his haven.
For there, he is one with himself.
There, he is free to gloss through the stories
Of the unbecoming at his own leisure.
The sensation of it gives him peace.
A feeling he was never quite able to attain in the real world.
:iconcanidserpent:CanidSerpent 12 3
Hetalia Meme +Re-upload+
Pick 10 random characters.
1. America
2. Prussia
3. Russia
4. Romano
5. England
6. Hungary
7. Poland
8. Sealand
9. France
10. Iceland
You found 1's secret stash of chocolate.
America: Sorry… *blushing shyly*
Me: …Oh, how can I be mad at you?! You're just too damn CUTE!! :D
2 confesses his love to you.
Prussia >////<
Prussia: …
Me: What's wrong?
Prussia: *after hesitating for a second, he grabs me, hugs me, and kisses me* >////////////////
:iconeri-tchi:Eri-tchi 9 3
You're not like those girls on TV by DianeDurham You're not like those girls on TV :icondianedurham:DianeDurham 18 4
Thorns: Rose and Scorpius Ch. 23
Chapter 23 - Scorpius
She was beautiful. She was always beautiful. She always lit this light in me whenever I was with her. I was kissing her. Well, we were kissing. I was so glad to have her to myself for once in a long time. These restless nights have been the focal point of the past few weeks, and Rose let me forget about them. Her skin was satin under my hands. Her lips definitely had something on them—lipgloss or chapstick, probably the latter—but I didn’t mind. It was nice to have her soft lips on mine, whom have never been touched by chapstick.
She gripped my hair, and I had to break away. I grinned.
“Rose, I know we’re just snogging here, but it’s difficult to not go any farther when you grab my hair.” I laughed breathlessly.
She replied with a giggle. “Sorry,” she said, still playing with my hair.
“I doubt it,” I answered with a chuckle.
“Sorry; it’s so nice to touch, though.” I g
:icona-little-demonic:A-Little-Demonic 17 17
Mistakes (Chapter 3) [CreepyPasta]
     Thanatos was content to just watch everything around him. He enjoyed sitting outside in the sun on an overturned box just to observe everything that happened around him. Watching as the family bustled about, harvesting, feeding, ploughing, and everything else that came with owning a farm. He’d lay on his side, with his eyes half lidded and view the world around him. It was a nice form of relaxation.
    The shouting of his name had him raising his head up and glancing around. His gaze settled on a young boy who could have been no older than six. The little boy ran up to the grey and white cat, excitement shining in his eyes. He quickly scooped up Thanatos and ran to the front of the house. In the front yard was a large oak tree, one that had been there for as long as Thanatos could remember, and in front of the tree was an older man. He eyed Thanatos wearily before looking fixedly at the boy holding him.
He grunted.
:iconsilvermints:SilverMints 7 5
The Jamblibam Incident: Chapter 1
The Jamblibam Incident:
Chapter 1
Throughout the long (or not-so-long, depending on whose perspective one is speaking from) history of the mysterious (or not-so-mysterious, depending on… well, you should get the idea) realm known as the Nava-Verse, many legendary events of tremendous conflict and epic adventure have transpired, including the rise and fall, then rise again, then fall again, of the Anyugari Empire, the Vision Wars and the (mis)adventures of the human messiah Connor Thorn who arrived in the midst thereof, the many heroic endeavors of the Eggmen Super Team, the ancient and often-romanticized Monolith War fought against the forces of the mighty Wrath demon Bartinez the Terrible, and so many other sagas of interest, supposedly all of them historically-recorded in comprehensive detail thanks to ongoing, divinity-ordained efforts headed by the immortal being known as the Custodian.
The tale about to be told here, however, does not come from the Custodian's
:iconmolemanninethousand:MolemanNineThousand 7 1
Unnatural Change
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this work.

It started on a Thursday. Serena remembered that much perfectly well. She had never liked Thursdays in September, and certainly not in the company of her cousins. She empathized completely with Green Day, and she'd love to be able to sleep through the entire month, to be woken up when September ended. But then she'd have to deal with October and November... and even into December and January.
She'd considered hibernation, but then she never had thought well of eating as much as that would require. And it hadn't worked out for Garfield anyway. Instead, Serena had stared unbelievingly as her family seemed to go completely insane over men in tight pants throwing a ball and running from one end of the grass to the other.
So she made a habit of being scarce whenever football season came around. Every Thursd
:iconroguemudblood:RogueMudblood 6 5
Rokudai Sample 1
A/N: This two-scene excerpt is a work-in-progress sample of two flashback scenes for my fiction project, 'What We Learned at Rokudai.' This does not showcase how the body of work would open up or begin, and the scenes are not final, but serve as a proof of concept to portray the tone of writing style and the vibes of some of the main characters from an early point in the chronology.
What We Learned at Rokudai
- August -
"A fresh start," she said, spreading her arms up with enthusiasm as they approached the campus center's entrance. They walked up the shallow set of stone steps leading to the campus center's entrance. "This year's going to be so much better than the last," she insisted with an optimistic glint in her sapphire eyes. She was wearing her colored contact lenses today - the first time in a long while.
Her elder brother, walking beside her, scratched lazily at the stubble on his neck as he opened one of the glass double doo
:icondestiny-smasher:Destiny-Smasher 7 9
Diviners of Runawynd Act V
"Stupid spring cleaning thing… This is ridiculous. I know it's partly my house and everything, but it's never my messes… I don't see why I should hafta…" The annoyed Garrick fumbled with his mop; his eyes searing holes into the wooden shaft. His private bemoanings were cut short, however, as a peculiar, distant conversation tickled his ears.
"Oh, my beloved Torrin, whatever brought this up?" A familiar voice squeaked in amusement.
Hah. Rolling his eyes towards the audibility behind a closed door, Garrick figured, Wonder what Keiran and Torrin are up to.
"I… Well, it's just that I – I wanted to try something different. Something new that I thought… maybe you could help me with. You see, I found this book in your library…"
Scheming up some cleaning projects together? Good. Least I'm not the only one who's working. And with that, the blond decided to resume his cheerful mopping duties. He fixed his eyes on a questionably sticky spot on the stone-t
:iconrunawynd:Runawynd 9 7
Title/Theme: Rare
Definition: Not occurring very often
Pairing: WhitneyxLiam
Words: 500 or less
"Mm..."  Liam hummed and rolled over.  Days he didn't wake up to the sound of his alarm clock telling him off were becoming far more frequent.  He cracked an eye open.
"Morning, Blue Eyes."  Whitney pulled him closer and kissed his forehead.
Yawning, Liam tilted his head back and kissed Whitney on his unshaven chin.  He reached up and brushed some of Whitney's hair out of his face.  The long, rich-brown strands had come free of the ponytail the night before.  Not that he'd had anything at all to do with that. He liked having his hands in it and loose it added to the incredibly sexy scruffiness that was Whitney.
"Morning." Liam all but murmured the word.  They both knew what it meant, that there was more there than just that word.  Liam still couldn't say it, not in the morning.  Any other time
:iconkiterieaine:KiterieAine 9 7
Title/Theme: onomatopoeia
Definition: the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk, or boom, by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent
Pairing: AleksandrxNathaniel
Words: 500 or less (just over)
"Shhh..." Alek whispered, leaning forward into Nathaniel's space.  His eyes were on the door however and not on Nathaniel.
The closet was already cramped and it made Nathaniel all that much more aware of how close his boss was standing.  He'd been looking for paper clips and had only just stepped down off of the step ladder when Alek had stepped into the closet.  He'd shut the light off and almost entirely closed the door, only a sliver of light shined through the space.  Nathaniel had been so shocked he hadn't known what to say and then when he'd opened his mouth to ask Alek what was going on he'd been shushed. "What the hell are you doing?" he hissed.
"Shhh..." Alek whispered again, this time lifting a finger to his lips.
He really hated that sound right then.  Normall
:iconkiterieaine:KiterieAine 8 3
All My Friends Hate Me
All my friends hate me
I know this to be true as I am not
A friend that someone would desire to have
I am the friend that doesn't speak
Because I was told that I talk too much
And I know that my words are irrelevant
So I don't speak
All my friends hate me
Because I don't contribute to plans
Or I allow my words to get away from me
And I am unaware of what I've said
Until it has leaped from my mouth
And pollutes the air
All my friends hate me
Because I brag too much
Because I'm too quiet
Because I keep my feelings trapped inside
Because I know if I make plans that no one will come
Because I know that if they truly did hate me that they wouldn't tell me
All my friends hate me
Yet I choke each time
I wish to ask if it's true
So I let this fear fester in my stomach
I let it grow
I let it branch out every time people text in the same room
Because I am the friend that no one wants
The friend that people forget about
All my friends hate me
Because who would want a friend like me?
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 7 36