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Detailed Character Sheet
Basic Statistics 
Full Name: 
Reason or meaning of name
How'd they get it?
Date of Birth
Zodiac: Species:
Sexual Orientation:  
When did they realize this?:Nationality: 
Current Residence: 
For how long?
Do they like his/her job?
If they had an element, what would it be?: 
Can they use it?: 
What animal best represents them?: 
Hand-to-Hand capability: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Weapons training: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Physical strength: 
Any significant ancestors?: 
Grandparents (descr
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A Guide to Warriors OCs
Warriors OCs: How Not to Make Your Character Special
So you want to make a character that stands out.  Understandable, that's not a bad goal to have.  There are a lot of fan characters out there, a lot of things have been done and overdone, and you want yours to be distinctive while remaining realistic.  Good for you.  Here's how not to do it.
First and foremost, the worst thing you could do is give your cat a crazy/depressed/mentally-imbalanced mother so that you can excuse any old random piece of crap name.  That is the opposite of creativity and has already been done to death.
So what about background and birthplace names?  Nope.  Those are common enough as it is, and forcing your character to be born in some random place outside the nursery or in the middle of a tornado does not an interesting character make.  Clan cultures do not place value on an individual's distant past so much a
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