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Detailed Character Sheet
Basic Statistics 
Full Name: 
Reason or meaning of name
How'd they get it?
Date of Birth
Zodiac: Species:
Sexual Orientation:  
When did they realize this?:Nationality: 
Current Residence: 
For how long?
Do they like his/her job?
If they had an element, what would it be?: 
Can they use it?: 
What animal best represents them?: 
Hand-to-Hand capability: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Weapons training: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Physical strength: 
Any significant ancestors?: 
Grandparents (descr
:iconjadeookami:Jadeookami 880 171
Veruca [ Wardrobe Meme ] by UrsulaDecay Veruca [ Wardrobe Meme ] :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 1,607 173 APH - Ancients by R-ninja APH - Ancients :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 3,428 372 College Work: Alara and Dagny Concepts Pt. 2 by the-Orator College Work: Alara and Dagny Concepts Pt. 2 :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 824 12 Another Fanchilds + Doodles 2 by KarlaDraws14 Another Fanchilds + Doodles 2 :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 565 111 teen Ruca and Olly art dump by UrsulaDecay teen Ruca and Olly art dump :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 866 122 I wasn't always old you know by UrsulaDecay I wasn't always old you know :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 776 73 Sleeping Beauty by Valentina-Remenar Sleeping Beauty :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 1,722 131 Sketch Doll Commission : OPEN DECEMBER 1 SLOTS by Hinausa Sketch Doll Commission : OPEN DECEMBER 1 SLOTS :iconhinausa:Hinausa 1,227 222 Farewell by OwlCoat Farewell :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 942 110 The Haircut by UrsulaDecay The Haircut :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 751 138 Anderson dump by Konoira Anderson dump :iconkonoira:Konoira 914 27 The Beauty of a Rose by Valentina-Remenar The Beauty of a Rose :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,322 189 De Colores by UrsulaDecay De Colores :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 701 73 TESO CharacterDump by the-Orator TESO CharacterDump :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 820 28 Can we take just one decent picture by UrsulaDecay Can we take just one decent picture :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 816 83 Laundry day by UrsulaDecay Laundry day :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 756 71 Everything's Beautiful when she's around by UrsulaDecay Everything's Beautiful when she's around :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 668 65
What Creepypasta Are You Blank Meme
() You are thin and or tall
() You like/wear suits
() You constantly feel that you're surrounded by idiots
() You're pale
() You enjoy the forest
() You follow people
() You enjoy having authority
() You like to mess with people. As in, picking up and throwing people (if you can't, then you would if you could)
() You have one or more people who you're the boss of
() You enjoy being alone
Jeff the Killer
() You prefer a knife for a weapon
() Rabid fans scare the hell out of you
() You're vain
() You're insane
() You enjoy fighting
() You're arrogant
() You enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror
() You often find you can't catch a break
() You enjoy being up/out at night
() You get paranoid about things
Eyeless Jack
() You favor certain types of meat products (liver, leg, ribs, etc)
() You're good with a scalpel
() You're good at sneaking around
() You often wear dark clothing
() Blood doesn't
:iconjinbeizamezama:Jinbeizamezama 851 725
Inktober - There For You by Valentina-Remenar Inktober - There For You :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 3,065 137 College Work: Alara and Dagny Designs by the-Orator College Work: Alara and Dagny Designs :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 1,129 13 Character Maff REDO by UrsulaDecay Character Maff REDO :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 927 73 Rise and Fall of the Balk by AssasinMonkey Rise and Fall of the Balk :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,540 71 Gem Adopt || Auction #6 [6/10 OPEN] by H0nk-png Gem Adopt || Auction #6 [6/10 OPEN] :iconh0nk-png:H0nk-png 205 33 Lire + Goldenstorm by OwlCoat Lire + Goldenstorm :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 506 49 Peacemaker by tinypaint Peacemaker :icontinypaint:tinypaint 1,398 55 client gossip by UrsulaDecay client gossip :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 559 74 - Greek Gods I - by ooneithoo - Greek Gods I - :iconooneithoo:ooneithoo 578 74 Commish: Naruto OC's by Marise567 Commish: Naruto OC's :iconmarise567:Marise567 1,992 215 Progress by kilalaaa Progress :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 2,745 235 Grendel and Rivers by TsaoShin Grendel and Rivers :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,225 200 -Color Sketch- Golden Moment by Nukude -Color Sketch- Golden Moment :iconnukude:Nukude 386 88 TIME HOP by UrsulaDecay TIME HOP :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 1,512 160
Draw my OC's Contest - CLOSED
It's finally closed, guys! Thank you so so very much to everyone, from the donors, to the participants to all the people who promoted this and helped me in some way.
I'm so happy, I didn't expect to receive so many creative pieces, you guys are all amazing artists! And I'm also happy to see you've enjoyed drawing my characters >///< (specially Niio, Capiwi and Kuran, they seem to be the most popular xD)
Please give me a few days so I can keep track of all the entries and judge them carefully (remember to check the entries folder and let me know if I have missed your entry please, I think I didn't but I want to be sure). This is going to be like hell to me cause I really don't know what to do, there's so many arts I like :'D
I'll try to announce the winners asap but please be patient.

- - - - ENGLISH - - - -
Hey guys! It's finally time for a contest! ♥
I noticed I reached 11k watchers and 20k subs on youtube so this calls for some celebration
:iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 272 290
Aattila Sketch dump by UrsulaDecay Aattila Sketch dump :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 447 46 Matching tatts by UrsulaDecay Matching tatts :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 648 74 Pompon and chibi Momoko by DAV-19 Pompon and chibi Momoko :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,658 200
A Guide to Warriors OCs
Warriors OCs: How Not to Make Your Character Special
So you want to make a character that stands out.  Understandable, that's not a bad goal to have.  There are a lot of fan characters out there, a lot of things have been done and overdone, and you want yours to be distinctive while remaining realistic.  Good for you.  Here's how not to do it.
First and foremost, the worst thing you could do is give your cat a crazy/depressed/mentally-imbalanced mother so that you can excuse any old random piece of crap name.  That is the opposite of creativity and has already been done to death.
So what about background and birthplace names?  Nope.  Those are common enough as it is, and forcing your character to be born in some random place outside the nursery or in the middle of a tornado does not an interesting character make.  Clan cultures do not place value on an individual's distant past so much a
:iconihavetentoez:ihavetentoez 275 263
TESDump by the-Orator TESDump :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 587 13 Stay Away (Original Concept) by GraWolfQuinn Stay Away (Original Concept) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 414 74 forbidden fruit by Valentina-Remenar forbidden fruit :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,048 244 OC Couple Meme by IchikoWindGryphon OC Couple Meme :iconichikowindgryphon:IchikoWindGryphon 762 132 Chapter 01: Black Blooded by kawacy Chapter 01: Black Blooded :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,037 223 Character Flaw Reference Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Flaw Reference Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 1,218 63 BandPractice by cartoonjunkie BandPractice :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,341 118 Free Spirit by kilalaaa Free Spirit :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,526 161 The Walk by Valentina-Remenar The Walk :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 4,836 215 Oups, wrong territory by OwlCoat Oups, wrong territory :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 353 25 Lue'maar Family Portrait by TitusWeiss Lue'maar Family Portrait :icontitusweiss:TitusWeiss 279 22 Visit by OwlCoat Visit :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 573 66