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Blank OC Reference Sheet
Character Reference Sheet-ness
Basically this reference sheet covers pretty much everything a person would ever need to know about your character.. and then some.
Let’s face it. If somebody were to just glance over the reference sheet, at least you can feel some reassurance in knowing that they got the bare minimum
Name (Nickname):
Please if you’re going to give your character some ungodly, few centuries old, age, make sure to include what age they looks like. Otherwise all shall assume they appear to be a rumpled piece of leather, ran over by some sort of moving vehicle, after being regurgitated by a cat. Obviously, this is a little pet peeve of mine.
List three to five most important things about your character.
If nothing else, people will know this much. This section can also be moved to another part of sheet if preferable.
-Physical Details-
Next most important part, next
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Reina- Prosthetics Studies by Tekka-Croe Reina- Prosthetics Studies :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 1,849 85 Powerpuff Girl Builder by steffne Powerpuff Girl Builder :iconsteffne:steffne 647 355 New Heights [c] by Eclirra New Heights [c] :iconeclirra:Eclirra 107 21 Elephant (Command Variant) by Tekka-Croe Elephant (Command Variant) :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 913 44 [mmd] Sora Fancy ver. [download] by detheye [mmd] Sora Fancy ver. [download] :icondetheye:detheye 39 8 Mr.Bones doodles by KarlaDraws14 Mr.Bones doodles :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 681 70 Dealing with a Werewolf by Carolzilla Dealing with a Werewolf :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 553 126 Friends Forever by KarlaDraws14 Friends Forever :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 967 77 APH - Kievan Rus' -oc- by R-ninja APH - Kievan Rus' -oc- :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 1,263 169 FLUFFLE PUFF by Mixermike622 FLUFFLE PUFF :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 5,526 1,334
How To: Making a Transformers OC
Helpful Links You Will Need
Myers Briggs Test | Myers Briggs Portraits | Mary-Sue Definition | Mary-Sue Test | Text RP For Beginners
Transformers Design Tutorial Part 1 | Transformers Design Tutorial Part 2 | Free-For-Use Bio Form
Oftentimes when someone is introduced to a fandom and they turn out to become big fans of it, the desire to create an Original Character (OC) for the fandom arises. Transformers is no d
:iconone-for-sorrow:One-For-Sorrow 590 194
Fairy Tail OC - Naila Gallagher (Anubis) by FlyingDragon04 Fairy Tail OC - Naila Gallagher (Anubis) :iconflyingdragon04:FlyingDragon04 617 187 Wanna Play - Motion dl by moonlight315 Wanna Play - Motion dl :iconmoonlight315:moonlight315 173 73 Reina Cloude (2012) by Tekka-Croe Reina Cloude (2012) :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 567 18
[Blank] Original Character: Bio Sheet

:bulletgreen:Full Name:
:bulletgreen:Meaning of name:
:bulletgreen:Date of Birth:
:bulletgreen:Place of Birth:
:bulletgreen:Native language:
:bulletgreen:Languages spoken:
[Bullet; Green]Ethnicity:
[Bullet; Green]Orientation/Sexual Preference:
[Bullet; Green]Zodiac:
[Bullet; Green]Chinese Zodiac:
[Bullet; Green]IQ:
[Bullet; Green]Religion:
[Bullet; Green]Residence:
[Bullet; Green]Occupation:
[Bullet; Green]Education:

[Bullet; Red]Blood type:
[Bullet; Red]Mental state:
[Bullet; Red]Mental disorder:
[Bullet; Red]Mental stability:
[Bullet; Red]Medical problems:
[Bullet; Red]Emotional stability:
[Bullet; Red]Notable Information:
[Bullet; Red]Phobia(s):
[Bullet; Red]Allergies:

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Main OC by Josiah23Art Main OC :iconjosiah23art:Josiah23Art 69 14
In-Depth Fantroll Questionnaire
Here Is a Really long, Very in-Depth questionnaire to really get to know your troll OC. You should come into this with an idea of what your character is like, or else you will get stuck. You can use this as much as you want, just if you post it anywhere, link back to me! And if you want, put a link in the comments. I would love to see your guys fantrolls. Some of the questions are very general, while others are Alternia- specific. I wrote them as if "you" are the character, but you can answer them in third person if you want. Feel free to skip questions, because, trust me, there's alot of em. But try to answer them all! Now, Enough from me, let's get started!
What is your full name?
What’s your Blood color? (Land or seadweller?)
What is your Trolltag and typing quirk?
How’s your vocabulary? Any particular phrase you like to use?
How old are you? When’s your Wriggling day?? (Link to an Alternian calendar in the description)
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Monster High Blume profile by Shadow-People Monster High Blume profile :iconshadow-people:Shadow-People 1,412 212 Preview:  Fireteam Indigo by Tekka-Croe Preview: Fireteam Indigo :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 855 95

Commission list for DECEMBER, 3 slots open!. If you're agree to wait for your commission within 6-8 weeks, feel free to order a commission!:


Commission list for NOVEMBER:

1. Full body anonymous commission (Sally Whitemane, World of WarCraft/Heroes of the Storm game fanart) - paid.

2. Hips-up commission (Claudia Wolf, Silent Hill 3 game fanart) for Necrosylph - paid.

I will do: fanart, your OC fanart, illustrations, characters design and redesign of your OCs. Yes for fantasy, anime, fanart, NSFW, sci-fi, armor and animals, semi-realistic portraits from photo, simple/transparent/detailed backgrounds. I also do commissions from written description only (w
:icontaiss14:Taiss14 231 106
Art Challenge for your OC's!
This Challenge is for you if:
You have at least 5 Original Characters (OC's)
You want to draw something other than your OC just standing there.
Your drawings can be as silly or serious as you want.
The idea behind this challenge is to get you familiar with how your OCs react in certain situations. Hopefully, you will become familiar with drawing different facial expressions, different poses, and by the end of it you should be able to draw all five OCs with a blindfold on!
Feel free to fave and use this as you please! I only ask that you take a moment to look at the rest of my gallery <3 
Fave&Run's make me sad!
Draw OC number one. (Incorporate the number 1 into the drawing)-
Draw OC number two. (Incorporate the number 2 into the drawing)
Draw OC number three. (Incorporate the number 3 into the 
Draw OC number four. (Incorporate the number 4 into the 
Draw OC number five. (Incorporate the number 5 into the drawing) 
1. Draw 1 a
:iconlohkk:lohkk 839 124
Commission for Aliens-of-Star-Wars by rayn44 Commission for Aliens-of-Star-Wars :iconrayn44:rayn44 713 50 Twilit Garden by Anilede Twilit Garden :iconanilede:Anilede 1,014 141