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Character Traits Meme by pichu4850 Character Traits Meme :iconpichu4850:pichu4850 5,399 423 OC Spectrum Meme BLANK by DustBunnyThumper OC Spectrum Meme BLANK :icondustbunnythumper:DustBunnyThumper 9,651 1,699 Fursona Ref: Dulce the Chihuahua by Dolcisprinkles Fursona Ref: Dulce the Chihuahua :icondolcisprinkles:Dolcisprinkles 711 134 Convenience Store by Klegs Convenience Store :iconklegs:Klegs 519 24 City Lights by Klegs City Lights :iconklegs:Klegs 1,147 30 W.i.t.c.h. guardian maker by Hapuriainen W.i.t.c.h. guardian maker :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 7,175 1,805 Don't break my tie by Nasuki100 Don't break my tie :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 291 9 |Creepypasta OC| Chris Reference Sheet by 0ktavian |Creepypasta OC| Chris Reference Sheet :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 1,095 303
OC Bio and Profile Template
Original Character Bio/Profile Template
Hair color:
Eye color:
Birth town:
Previous towns:
Current town:
Birth allegiance:
Previous allegiances:
Current allegiance:
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Next Gen by kilalaaa Next Gen :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 4,986 585 Street Night by Klegs Street Night :iconklegs:Klegs 1,027 20
OC Biography Template
One sentence description:
Full Name:
Reason for name:
Reason for nickname:
Place of Birth:
Currently living in:
Blood Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Social Status:
Relationship Status:
Body Build:
Skin colour:
Hair style:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Distinguishing Features:
Preferred Clothing:
General health:
Any physical illnesses?:
Any mental illnesses?:
Take drugs?:
Mental/Emotional State
Mental age:
Act before thinking/Think before acting?:
Emotion-wise, generally:
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Dragon Smik by Nasuki100 Dragon Smik :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 411 7 The Owl's Flight - Page 22 by OwlCoat The Owl's Flight - Page 22 :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 391 72 Veruca [ Wardrobe Meme ] by UrsulaDecay Veruca [ Wardrobe Meme ] :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 1,607 173
Creating a Well-Developed Original Character
Creating a Well-developed OC
Hello! Welcome to my guide on the creation of a balanced, believable original character! Whether this is your first time creating a character and you want some advice on where to start, or you need to tweak your character, because you're unsatisfied with it, then you've come to the right place. In this guide you'll find details on the importance of every aspect of an OC, from something seemingly insignificant as the name to the powers of a character.
This guide can be applied to original characters of any fandom or purely of your creation for your own story! If your setting doesn't include some parts, like having abilities, you can simply skip over that section. Likewise, if I'm going into details on some specifics that don't apply to your character, feel free to skip over that as well.
Before I get into breaking down a character, let me first start off by asking you to do one thing. Get the term "Mary Sue" out of your head right now bef
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Sam (ORIGINAL CHARACTER) by GraWolfQuinn Sam (ORIGINAL CHARACTER) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 564 221 Commission | Blizzardwing by OwlCoat Commission | Blizzardwing :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 426 30
Blank My Little Pony OC Bio Sheet
Current Residence:
Mane Color/Style/Length:
Coat Description:
Eye Shape/Color:
Allegiance: (Does your OC side with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, or both? Or, does your OC side with a villian, like Discord?)
Cutie Mark:
Special Talent:
Flaws: (Everyone has their good aspects and bad aspects. The flaws are what makes a character seem more life-like.)
[Character History]
(In this, try to include these things:
•Where is your OC originally from?
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark?
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today?
You can also add anything that you feel is important in your OC's history.)
[Current Home]
(Where is your OC now? What does he/she do now?)
[Powers List]
(Basic Pegasus Powers:
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to fly
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to walk on clouds)
(Basic Unicorn Powers:
•Intrinsic Unicorn ability to use
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Sweater by Klegs Sweater :iconklegs:Klegs 897 16 Calm - Nasuki and Dragon Smik by Nasuki100 Calm - Nasuki and Dragon Smik :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 492 5 RV by Klegs RV :iconklegs:Klegs 994 24
BLANK 101 Questions OC
101 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer About Your Character
1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?
2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
3. Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are you patriotic?
4. Who are/were your parents? (Names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
5. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
6. What is your occupation?
7. How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
8. What color is your hair? What color are your eyes?
9. What is your race?
10. To which social class do you belong?
11. Do you consider yourself to be attractive? Do others?
12. What is your style of dress?
13. Do you have any scars? Tattoos? Birthmarks? Other unique physical features?
14. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
15. Are you right- or left-handed?
16. What does your voice sound like?
17. What kind of vocabulary do you use?
18. List three quirks or other defining characteristics.
19. How often do you bathe? Do you wear perfumes?
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OC Meme by Sweet-vicci OC Meme :iconsweet-vicci:Sweet-vicci 1,205 68 [Practice] Dragon Queen by girlsay [Practice] Dragon Queen :icongirlsay:girlsay 249 7 Another Fanchilds + Doodles 2 by KarlaDraws14 Another Fanchilds + Doodles 2 :iconkarladraws14:KarlaDraws14 565 111 Fallenwhisper's trap by OwlCoat Fallenwhisper's trap :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 984 80 ~*Update*~ Cutie Mark Set by SelenaEde ~*Update*~ Cutie Mark Set :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 2,395 1,264 I can't take  you anywhere by UrsulaDecay I can't take you anywhere :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 1,093 174 Black roses by Nasuki100 Black roses :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 505 4 +if you believe it's possible+ by Valentina-Remenar +if you believe it's possible+ :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,654 518 Talloora ADOPT CLOSED by UrsulaDecay Talloora ADOPT CLOSED :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 2,802 290 Little creatures by Nasuki100 Little creatures :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 238 8 Selfish blood by OwlCoat Selfish blood :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 1,490 110 Goldilocks- Storyboard Project by Earthsong9405 Goldilocks- Storyboard Project :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 2,164 250 Like a diamond. by Safiru Like a diamond. :iconsafiru:Safiru 1,138 32 HOW TO: Face Expressions Reference by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Face Expressions Reference :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 3,336 189 Pastel dream. by KalmaKamala Pastel dream. :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 341 46 The Owl's Flight - Page 9 by OwlCoat The Owl's Flight - Page 9 :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 584 87 Black Is the Soul by Valentina-Remenar Black Is the Soul :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,603 210 Who ate the cookies? -update- by LullabyPrince Who ate the cookies? -update- :iconlullabyprince:LullabyPrince 854 156
100 Questions to Ask Your OC
Hello, folks! The purpose of this exercise is to delve deep into a character's mind and tease out interesting eccentricities about them, the bits and pieces of unique information that make them special. Each question is designed to help think about the character more and understand them. Whether you're responding to one question or all of them, hopefully your character speaks to you all through it!
   1. People don't behave the same way all the time. In fact, they generally have a mask for every social group -- friends, family, business. Sometimes they have a different mask for different groups of friends. How does your character act around different people? How does their personality shift and change?
   2. Your character has been brought to a party and promptly ditched. They don't have a ride back home. How does this work? How comfortable are they around all of these strangers? Do they interact?
   3. It's kind of awkward - what subje
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Beauty of the Fallen by Valentina-Remenar Beauty of the Fallen :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 3,889 245 Cedar by OwlCoat Cedar :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 784 89 Art is a Creation... by jokimon Art is a Creation... :iconjokimon:jokimon 82,205 12,495 Butterflies by Nasuki100 Butterflies :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 385 10 A storm is coming by OwlCoat A storm is coming :iconowlcoat:OwlCoat 720 63 Sketchdump November 2017 [Quick doodles] by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump November 2017 [Quick doodles] :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 711 75