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Striders of Vvardenfell by ErikShoemaker Striders of Vvardenfell :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 11,192 998 FF7 Cloud's Weapons by SOLDIER-Cloud-Strife FF7 Cloud's Weapons :iconsoldier-cloud-strife:SOLDIER-Cloud-Strife 538 73 Tattoo design Organic sleeve by Xenija88 Tattoo design Organic sleeve :iconxenija88:Xenija88 292 70 Toa Armor and Organics by Llortor Toa Armor and Organics :iconllortor:Llortor 140 25 Mathematical Garden by batjorge Mathematical Garden :iconbatjorge:batjorge 74 37 Daria Cyborg Queen by xzendor7 Daria Cyborg Queen :iconxzendor7:xzendor7 65 36 Kalkan Organics Website by grafiket Kalkan Organics Website :icongrafiket:grafiket 62 9 Transformation by Irkis Transformation :iconirkis:Irkis 153 16 The Image for a Facial prostheses Manufacturer by EldarZakirov The Image for a Facial prostheses Manufacturer :iconeldarzakirov:EldarZakirov 52 9 Hamburgers. by bymee Hamburgers. :iconbymee:bymee 111 17 Bio-mechanical Lord Zedd by blueliberty Bio-mechanical Lord Zedd :iconblueliberty:blueliberty 105 17 Vick Reference by Irkis Vick Reference :iconirkis:Irkis 62 13 Organic Chemistry Reactions by mystichuntress Organic Chemistry Reactions :iconmystichuntress:mystichuntress 18 17 Miranda Kerr by VioletRaine Miranda Kerr :iconvioletraine:VioletRaine 33 6 sketch for tattoo by Xenija88 sketch for tattoo :iconxenija88:Xenija88 65 5 Miko-bot by Omis-11 Miko-bot :iconomis-11:Omis-11 145 11 Raf-former by Omis-11 Raf-former :iconomis-11:Omis-11 134 9 Jack-former by Omis-11 Jack-former :iconomis-11:Omis-11 144 9 Madika_Leona - Art_Nouveau by Yonami Madika_Leona - Art_Nouveau :iconyonami:Yonami 119 16
It's all organic to me
Disclaimer: I do not own transformers, they are owned by Hasbro.  This is based off the Animated series.  Christine is my creation, and she plays a nice big role in this series.  No slash here, just plain organic/Cybertronian mania, as well as a little romance later on, as well as some struggles.  I would like to thank :icontlcoopi7: for giving me the mischievous idea.  This is strictly a fan fic.  No flames or harsh comments.  Constructive criticisms welcome.  Enjoy!
Sentinel Prime was irritated; Ultra Magnus had wanted to check on how Optimus Prime and his crew were doing, now that they had finally located them on earth, a planet full of “icky” and “disgusting” organic creatures.  Sentinel had Jazz so scared about meeting the organics that Jazz almost declined to go, but Ultra Magnus ordered the bot to go, and so the bot joined Ultra Magnus and Sentinel Prime on their journey
:iconaquaformer:Aquaformer 18 9
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