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Innocence (Luffy x Reader)
It was a sunny day in the Thousand Sunny. Perfect to be in the deck, like Robin who was reading a book or like Nami who was sunbathing. (Name) only needed to close her eyes and inhale the ocean´s essence to be relaxed.  She could spend all day like that.
She was so happy in that ship
“(Name)!” someone shout breaking the calm atmosphere of the place. Fast and loud steps were heard before the straw-hat captain appeared in front of her “Let´s play!” He asked with his big and childish grin.
“Sure” The (e/c) girl answer with a sweet smile. Even if she didn´t want to do anything…
She just couldn´t refuse to that innocent boy
“I´m going to catch you!!!” Luffy exclaimed as (Name), Ussop and Chopper ran around the ship. He used his powers and before the girl knew it, she fell on the floor. She opened her eyes only to realise that Luffy was above her, smiling “I got you”
She blushed deep
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Weird (Luffy x Reader)
The sun was shining and the sky had a beautiful and deep blue tone. The air was fresh and it brought an oceanic essence that made the straw-hat crew relax in that spring day.
Robin and Nami were reading; Zoro was sleeping; Franky was probably checking the ship; Sanji was making the food; Luffy, Ussop and Chopper were goofing around.
(Name) was standing in the deck with her elbows on the rail. She was facing the sea with a precious book in her hands. It was an album, filled with photos of her and the people of her island. It was a gift they made to her when she left. Each photo was a sweet and cherished memory of her. Specially the one she was looking. A little (h/c) haired girl with a gentle woman. Both were smiling. She and her beloved mom.
Ussop and Chopper were running around playing tag. When Ussop turned around he kicked unintentionally the (e/c) eyed girl, making the treasured book fell from her hands. Ussop and Chopper froze.
“No! My album!” (Name)´s heart stopp
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Beach (Luffy x Reader)
Why did she had to be so clueless? Name let out a frustrated sigh ad she looked at her bandaged ankle. Three days ago she was playing tag with Luffy, Chopper and Ussop. Everything was fine until she tripped over and felt, twisting her ankle in the process. Everyone thought she didn´t see the barrel, but (Name) knew better. It was a big and innocent grin of a dark haired male what made her collide with the cask.
Damn Luffy and his naïve charms
“(Name) are you ready? Do you need something?” asked Nami as (Name) was sitting in the swing of the deck
“I have everything: Bikini, towel, book and sunglasses. Thanks Nami” the (e/c) eyed girl answered smiling as she got up, standing with the crutches.
The straw-hat pirates had just landed in another island. It seemed very calm and had a nice beach so the crew agreed on relaxing there for the day. The two women walked towards the rest.
“Here I go!” Luffy exclaimed as he jumped into the seashore
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Sleep, Luffy x Reader
    Rain drops fell from the sky like tears as you lay on the ground. Crimson contrasted boldly with the grey sky and the blue sea. The rocking of the boat tried to lull you to sleep, but you had to stay awake, if just for a while longer.
    "(Y/n). . ." Said your captain, Monkey D. Luffy. "Just stay still, Chopper will be here in a second. Just hang on." He was leaning over you, blocking your view of the stormy sky. You gave him a red stained smile.
    " 'S a little late for that, captain." You whispered. Luffy winced at how weak you sounded.
    Gazing up at him, you reached up to touch his face. He stiffened slightly as he felt your fingers trail wetly against his scar.
    "I remember. . . When you made this. . . Was so worried. . ." You stared blankly at the, now blood coved, mark. Luffy gently grasped your hand, breaking you out of your daze. "Sorry. . ."
    "What are you sorry for, (y/n)? This was my fault not yours,
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Shichibukai by Aetaluta Shichibukai :iconaetaluta:Aetaluta 1,030 98