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Portgas D. Ace Tribute - (Marineford) by Rakisan-Art Portgas D. Ace Tribute - (Marineford) :iconrakisan-art:Rakisan-Art 535 78 Endless Tears by Shiroho-Art Endless Tears :iconshiroho-art:Shiroho-Art 767 95 One Piece Ace Fangirls by Sprky2008 One Piece Ace Fangirls :iconsprky2008:Sprky2008 1,545 309 One Piece. Portgas D Family. by Portgas-D-Hato One Piece. Portgas D Family. :iconportgas-d-hato:Portgas-D-Hato 171 91 Only Regret by Lightning--Strikes Only Regret :iconlightning--strikes:Lightning--Strikes 431 45 Portgas D. Ace by fallen-eye Portgas D. Ace :iconfallen-eye:fallen-eye 783 59 Ace by superspacemonkey Ace :iconsuperspacemonkey:superspacemonkey 1,220 64 One Piece 912 Portgas Gol D Ace Flash back Anime by Amanomoon One Piece 912 Portgas Gol D Ace Flash back Anime :iconamanomoon:Amanomoon 98 5 By Your Side by SiriusPlanet By Your Side :iconsiriusplanet:SiriusPlanet 1,250 50 Sworn Brothers - ASL by r-trigger Sworn Brothers - ASL :iconr-trigger:r-trigger 1,405 77 Portgas D Ace by viria13 Portgas D Ace :iconviria13:viria13 5,349 264 Ace Couple Base Two by RainDrops212 Ace Couple Base Two :iconraindrops212:RainDrops212 597 122 The Grand Line most wanted by elsevilla The Grand Line most wanted :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 5,515 605 Rainy Day by SiriusPlanet Rainy Day :iconsiriusplanet:SiriusPlanet 1,610 63 D BROTHERS by SiriusPlanet D BROTHERS :iconsiriusplanet:SiriusPlanet 1,063 48
Little Cheat, Ace x Reader
    Your (E/C) eyes scanned the occupants of the table you were sitting at and mouth curled up into a devious smirk. The three of you, including Ace and Thatch, were locked in an intense game of strip poker. Well, intense for them. You had a few "tricks" up your sleeve.
    "Looks like you lost another hand, Ace." You said with satisfaction. Ace stared at the cards on the table with disbelief.
    "This is the third hand in a row!" He cried, throwing his hands up in the air. "How do you keep doing this?"
    You giggled at the flustered man. "You just suck at this, Ace! Now what will it be? Your pants? Or you could skip ahead to your underwear ~." You happily asked him. When Ace said he had lost three hands in a row, he wasn't kidding. First it had been his hat (which you personally didn't think was "clothing" but, hey, if you could break the rules so could he.), then it had been his shoes, followed by his socks. Needless to say you were getting
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Ace's Flag by zerocustom1989 Ace's Flag :iconzerocustom1989:zerocustom1989 449 38
Marco x Pregnant!Reader
“Daddy loves you little egg” Marco hummed as his lips ghosted over your round pregnant stomach. You ran a hand through his messy blonde hair and sighed “It’s not an egg” you grunted as Marco smirked “Technically it is. Women have eggs in their ovaries, and baby birds are in eggs before their born” Marco retorted as you smiled and playfully pulled him up and kissed him.
You were nine months along with Marco’s child. You were carrying the phoenix’s baby and Whitebeard was honored to be a grandfather and to see new life brought into the world. Ace was overjoyed that his best friend was going to be a father. The crew had a large baby shower for you both to welcome the baby.
“Eggy want to see daddy?” Marco asked your stomach as the baby moved closer to him while Marco peppered kisses from your stomach to your neck, making you giggle as his affection grew for you both. You grunted as you realized the baby wanted to see Marco b
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Whitebeard Pirates x Reader: Family
~Take a little time,
Just look at where we are.
We've come very, very far, together.
And if I might say so,
And if I might say so too,
We wouldn't have got anywhere if it weren't for you, girl~
You looked over the edge of rails, watching the sea roll by as you glanced back at the partying Whitebeard Pirates, celebrating the crew’s most recent success. The division commanders were rowdy, Whitebeard himself was chugging back his sake. You felt no part of it, feeling more like an intruder. Looking out at where you were with the crew, wondering how you made it this far with them.
“What’s got you so upset, little lady?” you turned to look at Thatch, his soft smile easing you a bit. “I don’t feel like I should be here” you murmured as you watched the dark waved of the ocean skim by the ship. “Nonsense! You are a part of this crew, you’re part of us!” Thatch took a hold of your shoulders, guiding you to the rest of the crew’s p
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D Brothers School Ver. by SiriusPlanet D Brothers School Ver. :iconsiriusplanet:SiriusPlanet 418 14 Luffy verses Ace by olafpriol Luffy verses Ace :iconolafpriol:olafpriol 608 87 OP Do You Wanna Touch by Nire-chan OP Do You Wanna Touch :iconnire-chan:Nire-chan 432 47