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Grimbold dragon battle axe by Marqoni Grimbold dragon battle axe :iconmarqoni:Marqoni 100 3 Love cherry motion by paulitricia Love cherry motion :iconpaulitricia:paulitricia 19 7 dragon battle axe by Marqoni dragon battle axe :iconmarqoni:Marqoni 52 11 Odd Eye Circle by AmberTheSatyr Odd Eye Circle :iconamberthesatyr:AmberTheSatyr 22 1 It begins the eclipse by paulitricia It begins the eclipse :iconpaulitricia:paulitricia 13 0 Chieftain by atryl Chieftain :iconatryl:atryl 17 12 Odd eye senshis by paulitricia Odd eye senshis :iconpaulitricia:paulitricia 6 2 OEC - Specialist's Creed by MauserGirl OEC - Specialist's Creed :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 3 0 A closer look at the Brownie God Sword by Wub-Me A closer look at the Brownie God Sword :iconwub-me:Wub-Me 3 2 I haz 99 Defence stamp by Wub-Me I haz 99 Defence stamp :iconwub-me:Wub-Me 3 2 Kirito runescape cos by Wub-Me Kirito runescape cos :iconwub-me:Wub-Me 2 7 OEC - Recruiter Battles by MauserGirl OEC - Recruiter Battles :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 2 1 OEC - Exhaust Sample by MauserGirl OEC - Exhaust Sample :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 3 15 OEC - Remedial Man by MauserGirl OEC - Remedial Man :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 1 0
Creation and Evolution: An Exegetical Dialogue I
Recently, a watcher of mine shared an article with me that he made in favor of interpreting the creation narrative found in the first paragraphs of the Bible as a literal six day creation. I will not give out his name, but I will be going through what he said point by point. Let it be known for the record that this is not meant to be a hostile reaction, but rather a cordial dialogue between brothers in Christ. After all, if we worship the same Lord and Savior, what ill will is there to hold against each other in the first place? The aim here is to conduct this debate primarily from an exegetical standpoint, seeing as this is ultimately where the decision needs to be made on whether evolution is ultimately consistent with what the Bible is conveying to its intended audience. If possible to compound on it from a scientific perspective, my go to source will likely be the renown microbiologist Francis S. Collins, the very head of the Human Genome Project, and a proponent of an alternative
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OEC - Fobbits by MauserGirl OEC - Fobbits :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 0 1 - oec comic - 113 - by MauserGirl - oec comic - 113 - :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 2 9 Happy Birthday KimLip by Thabatha1 Happy Birthday KimLip :iconthabatha1:Thabatha1 5 0 oec comic - 108 by MauserGirl oec comic - 108 :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 1 9 Massive OEC Halloween Art compilation by AimzICR Massive OEC Halloween Art compilation :iconaimzicr:AimzICR 4 1 - oec comic: 114 - by MauserGirl - oec comic: 114 - :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 3 8 Depressive Kai by arico-samaa Depressive Kai :iconarico-samaa:arico-samaa 1 0 Portal Noire - MorgAnnouncer by AimzICR Portal Noire - MorgAnnouncer :iconaimzicr:AimzICR 2 0