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The Mother
Alone on the balcony, the soft sea spray is covering my skin.  My mind slides to the girl that I once was.  I dance around the edges of memory toying idly at this one and...humph...that one, searching for the moment when I could have changed it all.  My life stretches out before me, sea and time converging.  All at once I lose my breath.
I open my eyes to steady myself and there, on the right side of me, where the balcony was only moments ago empty, stands a woman.  She is standing much as I was, wistfully staring across the ocean.  She is thin with long flowing black hair, similar to my own tightly secured hair.  I see her pressing forward into the ledge.  I see her chest heave as she takes a deep breath, lifting her face into the sky.  
Just as I begin to feel an eerie sense of familiarity with the woman, a man steps out onto the balcony.  I feel my breath catch in my chest as I dip sl
:icononyaneese:onyaneese 4 16
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