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Stormblessed Oath (Paladin Archetype 5e Homebrew)

Oath of the Stormblessed
Paladins in service of the God of Honor, Tanavast the Father of Storms. According to legend, they were once the perfect knights, bodyguards and bannermen of mythical kings, demigods and avatars of Tanavast himself upon the Material Plane. They had beaten back calamity after calamity, saved countless lives over and over, toppled mad kings and scared off invasions from the outer realms, sometimes by dint of reputation alone. Though their prowess in combat was remarkable, they were especially known for their undying loyalty to their ideals, for their commit to the highest code of conduct, for embodying honour, and for their capacity to defend the innocent and shield the vulnerable from those that would wish them harm... often at the cost of their own lives.
They were, some have said, the Father of Storm's blessing upon all mortal kind: an order of defenders, chosen by Tanavast himself to repr
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