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Rainbow Dad's Average Morning by Beavernator Rainbow Dad's Average Morning :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 1,690 591 gestures by agnes-cecile gestures :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 4,136 129
Sick!Kankri x Reader - No Words
It was late at night, and Kankri was lying awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, deep in thought. He could never stop thinking about [Name]. The thought of her kept him up at night, and sometimes, he dreamed of her, too (if he ever slept, that is). In Kankri’s mind, she was the most beautiful female he’d ever seen. She was also so kind, sweet, and caring. All of these special qualities drew him to you, closer than he’d ever been to any girl before.
Kankri could not deny the fact that he was in love with you. You didn’t seem to have a clue, however, which meant that he would have to just tell you himself. He tried to make things more and more obvious, but you never seemed to get the subtle hints. He didn’t want to just be ‘out there’ about it, he would rather you just catch on, but that was obviously not going to happen.
It was decided. Tomorrow, Kankri would finally tell you how he felt. He couldn’t hide it in any longer. It might cause s
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No Words by Humanoid-Magpie No Words :iconhumanoid-magpie:Humanoid-Magpie 1,430 411 AC3- No Words by cherrysplice AC3- No Words :iconcherrysplice:cherrysplice 1,265 218 birdflash : No words needed by HeliPeach birdflash : No words needed :iconhelipeach:HeliPeach 628 186 CRW3242 by miemo CRW3242 :iconmiemo:miemo 803 130 To The Grave by cinquain To The Grave :iconcinquain:cinquain 1,010 423 Day 344 by ErinBird Day 344 :iconerinbird:ErinBird 439 50
this is the story of the butterfly.
he paints rainbows of loveless reds. of
                                       fallen purples and                          
                                       rootless greens and dreary,
:iconstereofidelica:Stereofidelica 21 49
Stupid and sensual Shadow by CheetaHamSloth Stupid and sensual Shadow :iconcheetahamsloth:CheetaHamSloth 447 144
I Can't Find the Words
:icondreamamongstars:DreamAmongStars 15 12
no words by Kuro-Puppy no words :iconkuro-puppy:Kuro-Puppy 443 65
No words
Empty, no way to describe him
no words I can put down to match him
Nothing I say could ever be accurate
We live and fall.
Suddenly you were there -
and I never imagined that so fast
I would lose myself in you,
Letting go of my fears of being hurt.
It went so well, but as always
good things don't last,
The holidays were over -
and so was our whatever we had
I want you so desperatly,
You make me so happy,
You showed me you trust me
What happened?
Did someone say something you didn't want to hear
Did someone ask about the little girl next to you -
The average one with dull brown hair, black glasses and too much weight on her frame?
She adores you, she trusts you
She trusts nobody,
Nobody but you
:iconsallykathleen:SallyKathleen 17 0
No Words by baileysmomentsintime No Words :iconbaileysmomentsintime:baileysmomentsintime 126 44 don't speak 02 by B-Smith don't speak 02 :iconb-smith:B-Smith 189 38 No Words Could Say by Starzway No Words Could Say :iconstarzway:Starzway 86 53 Music by Tripeak Music :icontripeak:Tripeak 161 22 No Words by oOWhiplashOo No Words :iconoowhiplashoo:oOWhiplashOo 348 78
No Words Needed : Series
Aro Heights Academy and Arou Heights Academy were brother and sister boarding schools that shared the same campus. Aro was for the elite among young men, and Arou was for the elite among young women. Nearly all the students got perfect marks, and the ones that didn’t only did badly because they had “other things” distracting them.
This was all good and well, mind you, because these schools were not only for the elite of mind, but the elite of body. The adult staff were never seen outside of class—even the clubs and all of the school events were run without them—because of the physical factor of these schools. Having adults around would naturally ruin the atmosphere for the students, no?
Of course, parents that sent their kids were well informed of everything before they were allowed to even begin the paperwork to send their child away to these schools. Amongst the paperwork were binding contracts in which the parents agreed to not call, write, or email their ch
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 21 89
No Words Needed by SweetReichel No Words Needed :iconsweetreichel:SweetReichel 21 16
I Could Never Express
There's so much I want to say to you
So many emotions
But if you said "I love you too"
It'd bring tears to my eyes
Pain to my heart.
Not from sadness
But from relief
From all the pain
I've felt these years.
I could never express
All the grief
And the hope I hope to gain
If I could just be with you.
Yet once again
Words and paintings aren't enough
For me to hear
"I love you too."
:iconroseking900:roseking900 13 9
no words by Hinata-chaan no words :iconhinata-chaan:Hinata-chaan 97 8 ...? - Page ten +END+ by Snowwire ...? - Page ten +END+ :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 162 146 red. by shinymavis red. :iconshinymavis:shinymavis 111 3 At the library 2 by Simoncelli At the library 2 :iconsimoncelli:Simoncelli 415 111 they only want to... by Hinata-chaan they only want to... :iconhinata-chaan:Hinata-chaan 87 10 Get him back - Page 1 by Nashy87 Get him back - Page 1 :iconnashy87:Nashy87 123 149 Soul by porcelainveins Soul :iconporcelainveins:porcelainveins 82 38 ...? - Page two by Snowwire ...? - Page two :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 116 54 ce monde n'est pas le mien by bluePartout ce monde n'est pas le mien :iconbluepartout:bluePartout 83 0 ...? - Page six by Snowwire ...? - Page six :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 138 48
no words can follow the feelings i grow
no words can follow the feelings i grow
on the insides of my ribcage
and skull
as little notes of contentment
turn whole in the measures
and i leave roots between 'em
from wear and efforts relinquished
from staining the piano violet
euphoric i think
it floods and
flutters and rushed
and rose throatward
its petals descending
controlled by palms pressing
against the front of my face
near the mouths of all elephants
purposefully lame
their petals descending
quieted i am simply pleased
to have somehow coaxed the sun
from his caves in every iceberg
where frozen i clutched
an antagonized fistful
a cupboard of stale
it settles mist-like with
intentions of wilting
i wilted i
but here he speaks of artistry
with awe and cobwebs strung high and
frédéric sighing in his wrists
and now
in mine we find
no waning inflorescence
now no hesitations weed themselves
between your words while
still i am unable to
speak any at all
i roam
with sun
:iconstartledintoreality:startledintoreality 8 2
...? - Page seven by Snowwire ...? - Page seven :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 118 67 ...? - Page eight by Snowwire ...? - Page eight :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 113 39 ...? - Page one by Snowwire ...? - Page one :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 142 27 +no words+ by Jack666rulez +no words+ :iconjack666rulez:Jack666rulez 265 24 angels dream of one thing, - by bye-bye-omoide angels dream of one thing, - :iconbye-bye-omoide:bye-bye-omoide 161 14
I have no words left
to offer this broken earth
No light remaining
to brighten anyone's life.
But plenty of tears to drown in. 
I can say your words for you
if you so wish
but they will not be mine.
And I can take your darkness 
upon my shoulders
it doesn't mean that you'll be fine.
And in the end what am I left with?
Friends who love me as their own
A family urging me to earn a throne
And two thin, slumped shoulders.
Give me your burden.
It won't make much of a difference anyway.
:iconfeatherling:featherling 9 9
No Words by Ponti55 No Words :iconponti55:Ponti55 48 16 No Words Needed by gunfiregf No Words Needed :icongunfiregf:gunfiregf 60 6 The Curse... by LittleMissAlexius The Curse... :iconlittlemissalexius:LittleMissAlexius 54 40 No No No No No No No by Biagotmilkandjelly No No No No No No No :iconbiagotmilkandjelly:Biagotmilkandjelly 76 15 sans titre by bluePartout sans titre :iconbluepartout:bluePartout 72 25 ...? - Page five by Snowwire ...? - Page five :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 118 33 NOWORDSJUSTEMOTIONS by is-teh-lurvz NOWORDSJUSTEMOTIONS :iconis-teh-lurvz:is-teh-lurvz 83 14 Red String// Won 2nd place! by Nachooz Red String// Won 2nd place! :iconnachooz:Nachooz 599 141
Leave me speechless
If only i could paint my thoughts instead of thinking them.
I can describe a mood, a setting, a feeling...
But how can i show it to you?
Seated within my heart is an endless darkness,
but would you understand if i just described a black nothingness?
Within my mind there is an overpowering feeling of longing,
but can i show you each second i've had away from what i love?
I broke down today, because everything was at the right place in the wrong time...
Stories of people who cross our paths but are quickly forgotten,
yet ... There are no words...
If i could be something more,
let it be because i needed to hold my emotions in.
If i could share my crippling despair,
could you share what little hope i lack?
No matter how far away you may seem from your desires,
remember they are ready to be taken whenever you have the courage to live your life.
Quit whining,
...just do it for all the things my words cannot say.
:icontailscoolio:Tailscoolio 6 25
wait, WHat? by BrokenMasque wait, WHat? :iconbrokenmasque:BrokenMasque 50 6