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Boughs by tetramera Boughs :icontetramera:tetramera 657 12 AW - Novera Machna by Pandarax AW - Novera Machna :iconpandarax:Pandarax 17 18 Tridiasca - Marker Rendering by Erazen Tridiasca - Marker Rendering :iconerazen:Erazen 5 1 Novera McKay by SpiderPope Novera McKay :iconspiderpope:SpiderPope 3 0 Novera poster by Derezzer01 Novera poster :iconderezzer01:Derezzer01 2 0 Dark Imagry. by FragmentedStarlight Dark Imagry. :iconfragmentedstarlight:FragmentedStarlight 2 0 Novera Again by SpiderPope Novera Again :iconspiderpope:SpiderPope 2 0 Tridiasca - Version 2 by Erazen Tridiasca - Version 2 :iconerazen:Erazen 2 6 Happy New Year from the Spider Queen by SpiderPope Happy New Year from the Spider Queen :iconspiderpope:SpiderPope 2 0 Novera by LadyAnora Novera :iconladyanora:LadyAnora 2 2 Novera by LadyAnora Novera :iconladyanora:LadyAnora 2 11 More Novera by SpiderPope More Novera :iconspiderpope:SpiderPope 1 0 VKP Novera poster by Derezzer01 VKP Novera poster :iconderezzer01:Derezzer01 1 0 Novera, The Spider Queen by SpiderPope Novera, The Spider Queen :iconspiderpope:SpiderPope 1 2 Novera Project Cover by SabrinaKMercury Novera Project Cover :iconsabrinakmercury:SabrinaKMercury 0 0 Novera Project Cover by SabrinaKMercury Novera Project Cover :iconsabrinakmercury:SabrinaKMercury 0 0 Magenta and Theo by enternarnia Magenta and Theo :iconenternarnia:enternarnia 0 0
Shattered - Excerpt 1
Chapter: (Exceprt)
          "Victor!" Susan's voice trembled as she called out her son's name, kneeling down beside her daughter who'd just fallen down the stairs. She lay there, not moving, and Susan was too scared to move her without help from her son. Victor, a tall thin man in his early twenty's came twisting around the corner with his fiancé, Malory.  Malory gasped, as she looked at her soon to be sister-in-law's body look similar to that of a rag doll. Her legs were askew, neck twisted, mouth hanging open.
          "Malory," began Victor, jumping into action as he grabbed a blanket from the closet beneath the stairs and slowly wrapped it around his little sister, preparing to lift and cradle her. "Go get the car! We need to get her to the hospital now!"
          "Mhm," Malory nodded, rushing out of the fr
:iconaaron-leon:Aaron-Leon 0 0
Belated Christmas/New Years Doodle Requests by Ribbon-Knight Belated Christmas/New Years Doodle Requests :iconribbon-knight:Ribbon-Knight 9 26 Tridiasca - Mixed Rendering by Erazen Tridiasca - Mixed Rendering :iconerazen:Erazen 4 2 Nova- Headshots by Takalla Nova- Headshots :icontakalla:Takalla 13 6
Down -Chapter One
   It's a long drive to Hell and I've got a song stuck in my head. I don't know the lyrics but the melody is clear. The keys of a piano churn out notes in patterns of fours, fives and sixes, transitioning every few bars. It sounds cluttered but intriguing, and I feel like someone should be singing. Like I know this song but I just can't recall where I've heard it before. A distant memory, lost on some dusty shelf in the back of my mind——just out of reach.
   I glance outside the tinted, dirty window adjacent to me in the escort's car. Everything outside looks grey. It shouldn't. It's a bright, cloudless June day——but that's not how it looks. Maybe it's the window. Maybe it's my mind. Maybe the world just lost its colour. I don't know. I don't care. It's grey outside and grey in here and everything's just fucking grey.
   It's getting hard to stay calm. In truth, I
:icongo-a-green-a:Go-a-Green-a 3 4