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Sunrise 114 by CatStock Sunrise 114 :iconcatstock:CatStock 147 22 We Will Never Forget by mushir We Will Never Forget :iconmushir:mushir 2,073 241 Year 2112 a Day in Mars HDR by evrengunturkun Year 2112 a Day in Mars HDR :iconevrengunturkun:evrengunturkun 246 63 Happy Bunny new year by akato3 Happy Bunny new year :iconakato3:akato3 1,130 196
Norway xReader (Cold)
Norway hadn't muttered any protests when you practically invaded his home. You merely walked through the front door, announced your presence, and removed your outside-wear before plopping down on the couch beside him and playing with his hair.
Though you were careful of that odd little gravity-defying curl.
Norway hadn't thought much of it. You did this rather often. But you always made up for the unannounced arrivals at a later date with home-cooked meals and movie nights. He was rather curious now however, despite your calm ministrations with his pale locks, you had tear stained tracks on your face, red eyes, puffy cheeks, and a glint of homicide in your eyes if he wasn't mistaken.
"You look disgusting." Norway spoke up softly. "At least wipe your face before going out in public."
He heard you scoff in bitter irritation, "Wow, what a charmer you've become Norge." You growled, "Cause' y'know that's exactly what all girls want to hear after a nasty breakup."
Norway looked you
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Aurora Square by torivarn Aurora Square :icontorivarn:torivarn 1,169 310 SatW - Roll Call by Nebulan SatW - Roll Call :iconnebulan:Nebulan 426 80 Aurora Surprise by torivarn Aurora Surprise :icontorivarn:torivarn 1,483 142
Norway x reader: Are you ticklish?
Norway just looked at you without expression, only his dull blue eyes giving away a hint of annoyance.
"I said, are you ticklish?" You asked innocently, plunking down next to him on the couch in his living room.
He continued to stare at you, his body tense.
"Why do you ask?"  He mumbled, looking away. You giggled inwardly at this reaction.
"You're avoiding the question~" You sang, scooting closer to him and poking his shoulder.
"N-no." He muttered. Was that a hint of pink on his cheeks?
"You so are." You stated. Raising your hands, you were poised, ready to pounce.
He looked at you, fear in his eyes. You laughed darkly.
"Well, I'm going to find out either way~"
You lunged for his ribs, tickling him at full force.
"__-________! S-stop!" He yelled, trying to push you away. But you held on. His face was red and he was shaking with the effort of not laughing.
You tickled him even harder, and he eventually gave in and burst out laughing.
"S-stop! Stop!" He said, laughter convulsi
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APH: DenNor - Doubt 14 by Kiwa007 APH: DenNor - Doubt 14 :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 251 61
CE: Mr. Bunny [Norway x Reader]
Dear Diary,
         Today's the day I'm gonna take up a challenge from Arthur! I'm gonna write this because I may never know what'd happen today. If I pass this 'test', Vlad would finally agree to have me in their group. He kept whining that a girl shouldn't get involved with magic. Lukas warned me that day. He said that it wasn't necessary, but I really wanted to be a part of all that. I hope this day goes well. :3
- - - - - -
"That'll do." You said as you closed your diary and placed it in your bag, then headed downstairs as you grabbed your (favourite weapon / whatever you use for self-defense), just in case you'll be facing whatever they're going to summon for that unknown test. Just as you were about to head out for the door your phone vibrated. You continued walking and you saw that it was a message from Lukas...
{ Don't go. You'll regret it.)
"C'mon, I'm prepared for this. What could possibly go wrong?"
"I think I just uttered a curse..." You said as you texted bac
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