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Mega-Man: Spring Breakdown by Zatransis Mega-Man: Spring Breakdown :iconzatransis:Zatransis 537 71 Batgaze collab by hellcorpceo Batgaze collab :iconhellcorpceo:hellcorpceo 566 31
The Girl With The Golden Voice.
A you choose which Ninja x Reader story!
(y/n) = Your name.
(f/c) = Favorite color.
(g/n) = Grandma's name.
(h/c) = Hair color.
(e/c) = Eye color.
(f/d/b) = Favorite dog breed
You lived in Ninjago City. The biggest city in all of Ninjago.
You owned (y/n)'s Pet Shop left to you by your recently deceased parents. They knew about you love of animals, even mythical ones that you had heard of in stories. But by far your favorite had to be dragons. It's the very reason you have a (f/c) dragon tatoo on your right shoulder.
When you began to grow up, you almost stopped believeing in them. And you almost did until you saw them.
The mysterous ninjas. You had often seen them riding through the city on their four headed dragon. It was always a sight for sore eyes.
"Ms.(y/n)? Ms.(y/n)!"
"Oh I'm terribly sorry Mr. Wu." You said to the elderly man in a white kimono and straw hat. Sensei Wu was a frequent customer at your shop. He mostly came in to talk to your grandma, (g/n).
"A penny for your
:iconanythingjapanese:AnythingJapanese 127 68
Batgaze collab americanninjax by pyawakit Batgaze collab americanninjax :iconpyawakit:pyawakit 901 62 Toothless Collab ANX by bib0un Toothless Collab ANX :iconbib0un:bib0un 307 15 Pokemon Challenge by Immonia Pokemon Challenge :iconimmonia:Immonia 51 10 Conan is my Bitch_collab by vashperado Conan is my Bitch_collab :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,472 243 AmericaNinjaX lines my colors by jFury AmericaNinjaX lines my colors :iconjfury:jFury 218 51 Bang Bang My colors by jFury Bang Bang My colors :iconjfury:jFury 143 29 3 the hard way by FooRay 3 the hard way :iconfooray:FooRay 152 46 Charmander by AlmostBlueKitty Charmander :iconalmostbluekitty:AlmostBlueKitty 112 30 NINJAX by hamex NINJAX :iconhamex:hamex 47 33 de compras by irask de compras :iconirask:irask 36 59 Dark Jak by American Ninja X by ZedEdge Dark Jak by American Ninja X :iconzededge:ZedEdge 47 13 Ninzu and Ninjax by dragonmanX Ninzu and Ninjax :icondragonmanx:dragonmanX 73 13 Black Cat brush test by mrbrunke Black Cat brush test :iconmrbrunke:mrbrunke 16 1 team ninja x color un-full2 by 3Ninja team ninja x color un-full2 :icon3ninja:3Ninja 47 0 Erika Priscila by irask Erika Priscila :iconirask:irask 46 30 Swordsman Liepard by CelestialTentails Swordsman Liepard :iconcelestialtentails:CelestialTentails 14 3 Sasuke Naruto sketch by KeybladerEva Sasuke Naruto sketch :iconkeybladereva:KeybladerEva 31 0 anya lucky x3 by irask anya lucky x3 :iconirask:irask 16 52