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Understanding the Devil's Cry
It Begins
There is still a lot of anger swirling around the game made by Ninja Theory called DmC: Devil May Cry.  From old fans and from those who support the new game that feel the old fans are hating it before it even comes out.  There many things that are grating on the nerves of both sides, but I can only speak for the side of those who don't like what they see, because I don't.  One of plenty of things is that the issue at hand isn't always clear.  So I'm detailing why I don't like it and why not start with the oldest issue and work our way up.
Clothes don't make the man, but they affect what you think of him
The 2010 trailer was more than a culture shock, I thought someone had miss labeled the video and I was watching the trailer for some other game that had had its logo changed to make a troll.  Then it became painfully clear that this was what they were going to feed us and claim that it is Devil May Cry.  When I heard
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