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Breaking Fake News by SharpWriter Breaking Fake News :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 4,098 1,075 [MMD] [DL] #3 Outfits DL by Natsumy-Paradise [MMD] [DL] #3 Outfits DL :iconnatsumy-paradise:Natsumy-Paradise 825 38 Sylveon | Moonblast by ishmam Sylveon | Moonblast :iconishmam:ishmam 832 112 [MMD] [DL] #4 Outfits DL by Natsumy-Paradise [MMD] [DL] #4 Outfits DL :iconnatsumy-paradise:Natsumy-Paradise 626 38
PE: How to embed things
Written by Astrikos for projecteducate's community week. 
You may have noticed GIFS and hot things in people's journals and profiles. 
With HTML and CSS, you can add some hotness to your journals and profile.
Pretty neat, yes? 
Embedding Images and GIFs
DeviantART Images
    Images on dA can easily be linked with thumbcodes. 
While on a deviation page, all you have to do is scroll down and look right until you see:

Copy and paste the thumb code. 

And if you want it bigger: 

And bam. There you are.
If that's not good enough, you can play around with the size like this.. .
<da:deviation width="Number"  id="deviationID">
It's the thumbcode number without thumb in it... 
Trying it out... 
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Android Lollipop Icons by dtafalonso Android Lollipop Icons :icondtafalonso:dtafalonso 163 35 [MMD] [DL] #1 Outfits DL by Natsumy-Paradise [MMD] [DL] #1 Outfits DL :iconnatsumy-paradise:Natsumy-Paradise 569 27 GTA: Vice City 2011 by PatrickBrown GTA: Vice City 2011 :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 2,604 515 Fallout 4 News by pistachioZombie Fallout 4 News :iconpistachiozombie:pistachioZombie 835 116 Newspaper template by wildsway18 Newspaper template :iconwildsway18:wildsway18 324 35 Novum OS 1.5 by da-flow Novum OS 1.5 :iconda-flow:da-flow 660 674 [MMD] [DL] #2 Halloween outfits DL by Natsumy-Paradise [MMD] [DL] #2 Halloween outfits DL :iconnatsumy-paradise:Natsumy-Paradise 828 33 Android: Weather Icons by bharathp666 Android: Weather Icons :iconbharathp666:bharathp666 145 34 Texture03 Newspaper by locololastock Texture03 Newspaper :iconlocololastock:locololastock 715 127 Asleep by RandoWis Asleep :iconrandowis:RandoWis 1,042 74 TMNT: Good News And...?? by Suzukiwee1357 TMNT: Good News And...?? :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 494 59 Another start by Ellysiumn Another start :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,386 154 Photoshop Styles by Chokolathosza Photoshop Styles :iconchokolathosza:Chokolathosza 628 90
PE: Anthro Art Tutorials
On today's Project Educate Article on Anthro, I'll be highlighting some great tutorials on how to draw Anthro. Sense there is no right or wrong as far as drawing Anthro, because lets face it, we don't see a werewolf running around to reference from, your imagination is the limit. However, there are some simply guidelines that you can take home with you and practice to better your creativity.
This is probably one of the most challenging things for people to adhere to. Anatomy in itself is a little challenging but once you get it, the sky's the limit as far as drawing Anthropomorphic animals, beings and things!
So below are a few pointers!
1. The Ultimate Anthro Tutorial - This tutorial was created for all beginners and Art enthusiasts around the world. It has such detail and walks you through all the basics before getting to the next level where you feel comfortable drawing anatomy for an Anthro character.
:iconkovowolf:KovoWolf 815 128
Bringing You Closer to the Community

Baiyoke Veins by Draken413o
As DeviantArt grows, we strive to find more ways to connect you with the things and people that matter to you most. After months of designing, testing, and engaging in community conversations around the shape of things to come, we're proud to announce a series of features that will bring you closer to the community.
Our guiding principles are to bring you a better, fresher, yet familiar site experience, giving you more power to do what you want and, more importantly, create deeper connections between your friends and favorite artists.
New Navigation
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PB Weazel ID by PatrickBrown PB Weazel ID :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 2,639 339 Heta-nauts by Cioccolatodorima Heta-nauts :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,086 231