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M5 Shepard Light Tank by Pyrosity M5 Shepard Light Tank :iconpyrosity:Pyrosity 88 7 Pluto Blues by Marxis Pluto Blues :iconmarxis:Marxis 201 20
The Story of Mankind
With sticks and stones
across deserts and through storms
we made our way in the world.
Expanding farmland,
building empires,
with our great minds.
With extraordinary curiosity
we discovered new territories
as we sailed across the seven seas.
With revolutionary ideas
to improve our existence
we reached new heights.
With great sacrifice
we flew across the skies
and towards the moon.
With the desire to explore
to know what lies beyond
into space we go.
:icondaneas:Daneas 23 17
Heart of the Unplanet by Monster-Man-08 Heart of the Unplanet :iconmonster-man-08:Monster-Man-08 96 7 New Horizons by Towelkeeper New Horizons :icontowelkeeper:Towelkeeper 58 6 Pluto's Heart by H1R0H1T0 Pluto's Heart :iconh1r0h1t0:H1R0H1T0 66 38 New Horizons II by AthosLuca New Horizons II :iconathosluca:AthosLuca 70 18 The Approach [New Horizons] by VioletRaine The Approach [New Horizons] :iconvioletraine:VioletRaine 38 2 Jenova Rash by AerithReborn Jenova Rash :iconaerithreborn:AerithReborn 60 6 Night Watchman by BluDevil93 Night Watchman :iconbludevil93:BluDevil93 17 3 Corals of Pluto by lordcemonur Corals of Pluto :iconlordcemonur:lordcemonur 114 25 Summer Spent Wondering by Aloof-I Summer Spent Wondering :iconaloof-i:Aloof-I 80 19 New Horizons by Camero3100 New Horizons :iconcamero3100:Camero3100 34 1 New Horizons by bittersweetvenom New Horizons :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 72 4 Pluto Map (2015 Nov 10) by Snowfall-The-Cat Pluto Map (2015 Nov 10) :iconsnowfall-the-cat:Snowfall-The-Cat 42 172 Horizons by DVanDyk Horizons :icondvandyk:DVanDyk 29 6 Surface of Pluto Picture by Party9999999 Surface of Pluto Picture :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 25 18 Pluto from Charon by jbritz22 Pluto from Charon :iconjbritz22:jbritz22 21 4 New Horizons Final by CristianHane New Horizons Final :iconcristianhane:CristianHane 35 12 NCC-1701 @ PLUTO by OliverInk NCC-1701 @ PLUTO :iconoliverink:OliverInk 28 0 Pluto's Valentine by cathartic-dream Pluto's Valentine :iconcathartic-dream:cathartic-dream 10 4 New Horizons by floydierCG New Horizons :iconfloydiercg:floydierCG 18 23 New Horizons by manfishinc New Horizons :iconmanfishinc:manfishinc 31 10
Ellen Baker X Male reader {One-shot}
EBxM {O-s}
Ellen Baker, one of the English teachers from Midori Junior High School. A young teacher with blonde hair, emerald-green eyes, and even a fan of the baseball team, the Red Sox! From the opinions of almost every teacher in the school, she's one of the prettiest teachers Midori has ever had. Even the wise principle thought she was pretty. Like he once said.
"If I were her age, not even I could be in her league!"
He's not wrong, even she's out of my league. She's just so beautiful. I don't think if she'll ever feel the same way. (Y/n) thought.
(Y/n) had been in love with the bilingual Ellen Baker ever since she first arrived to work at the school. She was cheerful, friendly, caring, and funny on her first day of introducing herself to the teachers. Her charm instantly won his heart. Coincidentally, there was an empty desk beside (Y/n), which soon became her new desk. Lucky for him, he was able to talk to her during lunch break. From time to time, she started getti
:iconblackops3596:Blackops3596 32 1
- New Horizons - by AiviTo - New Horizons - :iconaivito:AiviTo 20 6 New Horizons by jbritz22 New Horizons :iconjbritz22:jbritz22 15 2 Rameses B - New Horizons (Big McIntosh) by AdrianImpalaMata Rameses B - New Horizons (Big McIntosh) :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 15 2 New Horizons by carbonella New Horizons :iconcarbonella:carbonella 18 15 Broken Wings by LuCkYrAiNdRoP Broken Wings :iconluckyraindrop:LuCkYrAiNdRoP 25 9 Pluto by jbritz22 Pluto :iconjbritz22:jbritz22 14 5 Janice and Cody 3 by jaclynonacloud Janice and Cody 3 :iconjaclynonacloud:jaclynonacloud 24 24 Charon Map (2015 Nov 07) by Snowfall-The-Cat Charon Map (2015 Nov 07) :iconsnowfall-the-cat:Snowfall-The-Cat 25 77 Janice the Luxray by jaclynonacloud Janice the Luxray :iconjaclynonacloud:jaclynonacloud 42 36 Keep them Looking by jaclynonacloud Keep them Looking :iconjaclynonacloud:jaclynonacloud 23 21 Beyond the Horizon by JamieTakahashi Beyond the Horizon :iconjamietakahashi:JamieTakahashi 18 6 Biomusic by BluDevil93 Biomusic :iconbludevil93:BluDevil93 17 8 Teaser - Jupiter by New Horizons (Wallpaper) by FarGetaNik Teaser - Jupiter by New Horizons (Wallpaper) :iconfargetanik:FarGetaNik 11 6 New Horizons by SethraLavode New Horizons :iconsethralavode:SethraLavode 29 42 Type-117 Heavy Tank by Pyrosity Type-117 Heavy Tank :iconpyrosity:Pyrosity 11 10 Rashel - In the Shadows by AerithReborn Rashel - In the Shadows :iconaerithreborn:AerithReborn 18 9 New Horizons Indeed by TheDarkestNight51 New Horizons Indeed :iconthedarkestnight51:TheDarkestNight51 11 2 New Horizons Pluto First Contact! by Dave-Daring New Horizons Pluto First Contact! :icondave-daring:Dave-Daring 14 5 Cornered Space by BluDevil93 Cornered Space :iconbludevil93:BluDevil93 20 5 Space Ruins by soluti0ni9e Space Ruins :iconsoluti0ni9e:soluti0ni9e 14 3 To New Horizons by whistlebliss To New Horizons :iconwhistlebliss:whistlebliss 27 13 TMNT Kisekae: Cera by PhlegmaticShadow TMNT Kisekae: Cera :iconphlegmaticshadow:PhlegmaticShadow 12 0 Nauruan by BluDevil93 Nauruan :iconbludevil93:BluDevil93 15 7 imago zoo wallpaper 07 by q3c imago zoo wallpaper 07 :iconq3c:q3c 13 6