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Lady Luck Rikku cosplay by Vanne Lady Luck Rikku cosplay :iconvanne:Vanne 1,025 119 APH: Google has answers by Cadaska APH: Google has answers :iconcadaska:Cadaska 971 251 Hetalia doujin : Maaf - Male characters by dinosaurusgede Hetalia doujin : Maaf - Male characters :icondinosaurusgede:dinosaurusgede 574 162 Tulip Soldier Comic by AmandaMullins Tulip Soldier Comic :iconamandamullins:AmandaMullins 1,012 137 Balut = Philippines Lethal Weapon by dinosaurusgede Balut = Philippines Lethal Weapon :icondinosaurusgede:dinosaurusgede 519 303 Somewhere Down The Road by Northstar76 Somewhere Down The Road :iconnorthstar76:Northstar76 1,071 68 Request : MAPHILINDO by spogunasya Request : MAPHILINDO :iconspogunasya:spogunasya 298 52 6 layers of French irredentism by Dom-Bul 6 layers of French irredentism :icondom-bul:Dom-Bul 96 36 Belgium see... by Hubedihubbe Belgium see... :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,425 184 Mosasaurus hoffmannii Reconstruction (UPDATED) by PWNZ3R-Dragon Mosasaurus hoffmannii Reconstruction (UPDATED) :iconpwnz3r-dragon:PWNZ3R-Dragon 155 79 On The Inside by Nelleke On The Inside :iconnelleke:Nelleke 3,202 110 Layers of Dutch Irredentism [Groot-Nederland] by Dom-Bul Layers of Dutch Irredentism [Groot-Nederland] :icondom-bul:Dom-Bul 85 24
Marry Me (Netherlands x Reader)
“ [Name]~ Whatcha doin?” yelled a very enthusiastic voice. You turned to see Belgium running towards you. Waving her arms around like a maniac. You smiled at your best friends antics.
“You need somthin’ Bella?”
Her signature cat grin appeared on her face.
“Didn’t my brother, you know, say something special to you?”
You tilted your head to one side and lifted an eyebrow.
“Ummm, Not really why?”
Belgium’s face paled. If her brother found out that she almost spilled the beans he would murder her.
“Erm y-you have to take that up with him! Bye~” Belgium yelled while swiftly turning around and sprinting away.
You watched her figure quickly disapear and then you let out a huff. Those two were keeping secrets and being a wannabe detective, you decided to spy on your boyfriend. Just to see what was going on.
“You did WHAT!” Holland yelled at the shivering brunette.
She had rushed in the house y
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 595 127
Brunei and Philippines - Forgotten Ties by dinosaurusgede Brunei and Philippines - Forgotten Ties :icondinosaurusgede:dinosaurusgede 538 253
Netherlands x Reader: Bad Habits
“You should quit you know.”
As per usual, the only response you received was a noncommittal grunt, accompanied by another exhalation of wispy smoke as Tim held the cancer-stick between his lips. You sighed, resigning yourself to yet another failed attempt at convincing your friend to quit his bad habit. The was a time where you would have tried pleading with the older male, begging even, but after several years it had finally sunk in that such tactics were ineffective.
Tim was a family friend, one who had been a part of your life for as long as you could remember. When you were younger he was the big brother you’d never had; now, almost twenty years down the line, his place in your heart was far more exclusive. Of course, being six years your senior as well as your constant companion since he was eight, the blond man still viewed you as little more than a child.
This addiction of his had started in his mid-teens, a fact he’d sworn you to secrecy o
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 432 71
Five Useless Facts 3 by Cadaska Five Useless Facts 3 :iconcadaska:Cadaska 780 223 Hetalia - Wipeout: gif - Netherlands by SydneyA Hetalia - Wipeout: gif - Netherlands :iconsydneya:SydneyA 491 70 Layers of German irredentism - Pangermanism by Dom-Bul Layers of German irredentism - Pangermanism :icondom-bul:Dom-Bul 107 32 Heart tattoo design by jerrrroen Heart tattoo design :iconjerrrroen:jerrrroen 224 10 Indonesia and Netherlands by Cioccolatodorima Indonesia and Netherlands :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,348 200 Beach Stock 35 by Sed-rah-Stock Beach Stock 35 :iconsed-rah-stock:Sed-rah-Stock 131 23 Beach Stock 24 by Sed-rah-Stock Beach Stock 24 :iconsed-rah-stock:Sed-rah-Stock 858 258 Music Kiosk in the snow 3 by steppelandstock Music Kiosk in the snow 3 :iconsteppelandstock:steppelandstock 1,969 229