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Karasu x KyuBan. by Tindyflow Karasu x KyuBan. :icontindyflow:Tindyflow 74 12 Bee pun, i guess by Mati0la Bee pun, i guess :iconmati0la:Mati0la 88 17 [Collab] Approach with caution by Mati0la [Collab] Approach with caution :iconmati0la:Mati0la 92 11
.:Nefarious ~ Becky's Massage:.
As the echoes filled the hollow room, the tiny sounds of fingers pressing onto a stubborn keyboard, filling the immense silence around the Secretary. Her usual dull expression was apparent, but her mood was far from subtle. Just one more final adjustment to this article...Type, type, type.
It's done.
Now on to the NEXT one. & The next one. & The next one, after that. The reminder blinks in her head, shrugging it off to prevent levels of stress, in order to keep a straight tolerance to all this paperwork. All this...Grueling, excruciating paperwork. Becky closed her eyes. & Freed her hands from the terminal. She wanted to stir, & stretch her limbs in secret. But she chose duty over relaxation, & pushed herself to open up another transcript. But...She could feel it. The agonizing aches going on her shoulder blades, the pain soaring her muscles within her grasps.
Ultimately, that did the trick - Making her exhausted. This was commendable, becau
:iconfreak-frank:FREAK-FRANK 12 9
Cooperation by Mati0la Cooperation :iconmati0la:Mati0la 16 3 .:Nefarious ~ Princess Stardom ~ft. AuroraArtz~:. by FREAK-FRANK .:Nefarious ~ Princess Stardom ~ft. AuroraArtz~:. :iconfreak-frank:FREAK-FRANK 21 31 its hip to FUCK BEEs by dyslien its hip to FUCK BEEs :icondyslien:dyslien 48 31 Crow by Vesuvi Crow :iconvesuvi:Vesuvi 36 3 Inktober 03 by Mati0la Inktober 03 :iconmati0la:Mati0la 47 7 .:Nefarious ~ Five Minute Notice:. by FREAK-FRANK .:Nefarious ~ Five Minute Notice:. :iconfreak-frank:FREAK-FRANK 18 37 ONE EVIL YEAR LATER !!! by hebitonetsu ONE EVIL YEAR LATER !!! :iconhebitonetsu:hebitonetsu 45 8 Mayapple leaps at Crow by Mati0la Mayapple leaps at Crow :iconmati0la:Mati0la 27 6 Nefarious n#7 -Pidgeon by Tindyflow Nefarious n#7 -Pidgeon :icontindyflow:Tindyflow 35 14 Inktober 07 by Mati0la Inktober 07 :iconmati0la:Mati0la 46 4 Mack And Crow by dyslien Mack And Crow :icondyslien:dyslien 38 35
.:Nefarious ~ Crow X Fem Reader:.

Author's Note: This is purely out of boredom. & That i doubt nobody will care about me putting it up. Do not send hate or flame me. Enjoy this (presumably) crummy oneshot~
(y/n) = Your Name.
On with the show~!
You are Princess (y/n), royal heir to the throne & ruler of the kingdom of Whatchamacallit Land. You have everything you ever wanted, fame, fortune, family legacy...All but one thing you so desperately need to fill the void in your heart...
...A boyfriend.
& Now here you here - Lamenting, going over your usual duties that's atone to your & your fellow subjects. That is to say, if you suddenly heard a-
'Good god what was that?!', you thought as you felt sudden doom shiver down your spine. Sounds of punching & crashing could be heard,
:iconfreak-frank:FREAK-FRANK 15 46
Nefarious n#5- Buzzard by Tindyflow Nefarious n#5- Buzzard :icontindyflow:Tindyflow 31 13 Nefarious n#4- Condor by Tindyflow Nefarious n#4- Condor :icontindyflow:Tindyflow 26 14 Chilly bird by Vesuvi Chilly bird :iconvesuvi:Vesuvi 39 11 Nefarious Face expressions by Jade-and-Blue Nefarious Face expressions :iconjade-and-blue:Jade-and-Blue 11 61 Foxglove by Mati0la Foxglove :iconmati0la:Mati0la 25 0 Inktober 19 by Mati0la Inktober 19 :iconmati0la:Mati0la 21 5