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Whale Watcher Fantasy by deskridge Whale Watcher Fantasy :icondeskridge:deskridge 226 36
we came as humans do
                  [to whomever is left to listen]
and I thought that we could forget that we are giants,
monsters with footsteps that bruise the tender flowerbeds down below
we must realize that to sleep is not to wither in the decomposition
of the soil we try so hard to forget
was here before us, but to dream that this
ground is not the barren dollhouse we have left it to be
these cities are graveyards for the cost of construction,
buildings tombstones for all that should have sprouted
but was built instead, scraping the dreams from the sky like
stars burning out and falling back to earth
nothing grows here anymore
our concrete sprawls across this landscape like a parasite,
like an unwanted lover
we will drain the color from the cheeks of this valley
suburbia is a scab that cannot be ripped off
a cancer that grows in the prairies like wildfire
this civilization comes neatly packaged in sparkling plastic,
a cosmetic enhancement, over-
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 22 8
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