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Too Cute Kazekage!Gaara x Fem!Reader
The sun was blazing down on the buildings of Sunagakure. (Y/n) (L/n) was out eating lunch with her best friend Temari.
“What have you been working on lately?”You asked.
“I’ve learned how to do a few new tricks with my fan.”Temari answered.
“I heard Tenten is coming to Suna to visit us! We should totally have a sleepover while she’s here!” You exclaimed.
“Totally! We can have it at my house.”
You nodded. “So it’s settled. We can go greet Tenten when she comes later today.”
Your POV
You went to a small park to rest for a little before you went to greet Tenten. Sitting on this swing brought back memories for you.
You were 7 years old when you met Gaara for the first time. You wanted to go to the park that day and you went there alone for the first time. You brought a shovel and pail so you could play in the sandbox. Your favorite things at the park were the sandbox and the swings. When yo
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A Memorable Night by Lunanae A Memorable Night :iconlunanae:Lunanae 1,208 165
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Itachi
        Jiraiya glanced around the room, then without any warning, took your hand and pulled you to your feet. "It's going to be your turn next. Good luck, I have a feeling you're going to need it."
"Oh, well, thank you, I think." You felt around the bucket for a moment, trying to identify at least one item. Suddenly a thin cord wrapped itself around your wrist. Deciding you were probably taking far too long anyway, you lifted that item up and out of the bucket. It was a necklace, with circular pendants on it. You knew you'd seen it before, but you can't place the owner. "Not sure who's this is, sorry."
"Hey, Itachi, she got your item. Stop playing with the cat and go play with the lady." Kisame took the cat from Itachi's lap and nudged him off the couch.
Itachi walked over to you and took the necklace. "I thought I chose something rather obvious. But I suppose I was wrong." He placed the necklace back on his neck and continued in the direction if the closet.
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