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For Keeps by Gasara For Keeps :icongasara:Gasara 116 2 2017 NaNoWriMo Calendar by Kiriska 2017 NaNoWriMo Calendar :iconkiriska:Kiriska 35 14
     and just when did you think I disappeared?
                    the radio was tuned low, not off
                the sounds were gentle, listen softly
     the waves of innovation rise in the pool of humanity
                           and I have touched the tip barely;
              but blessed be that journey I took
                         for I learned many a thing in that moon cycle
                 and I look to the horizon as I mold it to my liking
       the crisp scent of change is on the wind,
                  and it excites me to see what it will hold -
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 24 11
K.A. Mayakov (IV)
Katya and I came together gradually. It took us time to develop a trustful, working relationship, but it eventually came, taking us both by surprise as we went through life together, first as friends and then, eventually, as lovers.
We came together in 1933, the start of the second 5-year plan. Industrialization was pushing ahead once again and I wrote more and more, comparing industry to battle itself. “Fronts,” “campaigns,” “breakthroughs”! Workers were like shock troops and those who failed to keep up with their work were treated like traitors, turncoats during war.
Katya was fortunate. By the end of 1932, she was no longer working at those God-forsaken factories. After her factory went up in a fire in May 1932, she had to take a break, caring for her father, whose health had worsened. Meanwhile, news of the Great Famine reached our years. Timofei Nikolayevich, Katya’s father, was horrified, particularly when Comrade Stalin dec
:iconcharcoalfeather:charcoalfeather 10 11
NaNoWriMo 2017: Cover by dragondoodle NaNoWriMo 2017: Cover :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 21 26 Romantic Rori and Yokov by dragondoodle Romantic Rori and Yokov :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 23 37 What Living Things Do by msdefectivetoaster What Living Things Do :iconmsdefectivetoaster:msdefectivetoaster 13 0 Voilet Band Kou by Khallandra Voilet Band Kou :iconkhallandra:Khallandra 20 2 Elvgeni (Gen) Naytil Portrait by dragondoodle Elvgeni (Gen) Naytil Portrait :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 20 30 Kadri Skoveng Dell Portrait by dragondoodle Kadri Skoveng Dell Portrait :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 21 16 Though Spirits: Aodhan by Khallandra Though Spirits: Aodhan :iconkhallandra:Khallandra 19 3 InkTober 2017: OC Group by Khallandra InkTober 2017: OC Group :iconkhallandra:Khallandra 16 3
The Elektrichka Arrived on Time (VI)
It's a beautiful afternoon. After a short day of work (Galkin did not assign that much this particular day), Katya goes to Kseniya's bakery, where she usually spends her free time these days. This time, she's meeting a friend--yes, she figures she can call him this now--the former Cossack, the extremely argumentative yet strangely charming Andrei Danilovich Novokshonov.
Katya waits eagerly, tilting her head towards the door every time she hears someone open the door and come in. She wonders if Andrei is going to show up soon. She orders a coffee in the meantime and brings out a book that Kuzma had given her. She decides to read it a bit while waiting for Andrei.
It's a relatively busy afternoon in Kseniya's bakery. A number of women are coming in to pick up sweets and pastries for their children, who have just returned from school. There are a couple of older people in the bakery as well, relaxing, and occasionally chatting with Kseniya.
Normally never one for sweets outside of holiday
:iconcharcoalfeather:charcoalfeather 7 6
Thought Spirits: Nehton by Khallandra Thought Spirits: Nehton :iconkhallandra:Khallandra 21 1
Mirai's Goodbye Letter
Mirai’s Goodbye Letter
Dear Everyone…
I know this is surprising, but hear me out. I’ve been contacted by alien life. This alien life said that he needed someone to help him save his home planet from an evil dictator. I’ve had these powers for a while now, and I’ve become more and more confident in my abilities. I want to help these people and do whatever it takes to make things right on their planet.
I never told all of you because if I had told you the truth, the dictator would’ve hunted you all down and killed you. I didn’t want that to happen, because I love all of you. You’ve all been with me since day one, and I promise that nothing is going to happen to you.
I know that this sounds hard to believe, but I have to go save this planet. If I don’t, I would’ve let an entire alien civilization down, and I would feel like shit. I may not know these aliens, but being trusted with something like this has been a whole new experien
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 12 2
The Elektrichka Arrived on Time (IV)
At a non-distinct, non-descript bar of a greyish, bland, "burnt and rust" deterioration, two men enter.
Another man, of a slender build, wearing a light grey that could pass for off-white, slips in discreetly. Another man, an artistic type with slightly disheveled hair, slips in also. Another man, a darkly clothed, somber type, cautiously enters in.
Two women follow, pretending to look for a wayward beau. All of this party know they must enter with discretion and with the strictest of being furtive. All pretend, except for the two men and two women together, respectively, not to know each one another. The man in the white suit slips behind the counter through a dimly-lit hallway.
The two men, looking around to see if anyone is watching them, nod to each other and slip into the hallway. The artistic type slinks in, followed the sombre man. The first woman pretends to follow the sombre man. Then her friend tails her gingerly into the hall's recesses.*
Kuzma: Seryozha, we're finall
:iconcharcoalfeather:charcoalfeather 7 10
Detective Catherine Summers HM3 by Jyger85 Detective Catherine Summers HM3 :iconjyger85:Jyger85 12 3 NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 1 to 10 by SilverWerewolf09 NaNoWriMo 2017 - Day 1 to 10 :iconsilverwerewolf09:SilverWerewolf09 16 2 OC // Sadie by galaxytxt OC // Sadie :icongalaxytxt:galaxytxt 6 0 Chapter 22 - Ask And Recieve by SilverWerewolf09 Chapter 22 - Ask And Recieve :iconsilverwerewolf09:SilverWerewolf09 11 7 Thanks For That by Clockwork-Jack Thanks For That :iconclockwork-jack:Clockwork-Jack 6 5