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Warrior Cats Name Dictionary
Hello and welcome to the warrior cats name dictionary! Here you can look at all the prefixes and suffixes and what they mean, helping you create the perfect name for an OC or character. Let's get started!
    Acorn - Naive; outgoing; curious; appearance of an acorn.
    Adder - Aggressive; loyal; appearance of an adder.
    Alder - Reserved; cautious; wise; appearance of an alder tree; see Bark; see Timber.
    Amber - Pushy; strict; amber-furred.
    Ant - Cooperative; cocky; appearance of an ant.
    Apple - Sweet; friendly; multi-skilled; appearance of an apple.
    Arch - Strict; aggressive; observant; arched body part/marking.
    Ash - Independent; moody; determined; appearance of ashes.
    Aspen - Reserved; intelligent; cold; natural leader; appearance of an aspen tree.
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Character Profile Outline
Okay, before anybody starts to think this is some weird idea, let me explain.
For anyone who knows how to write (and I mean, REALLY knows how to write), you understand that a good story has everything written out on paper first.  You know, stuff like Outlines, Plot Triangles, Character Profiles.  This might be of a challenge to some of you and tie you down, but unless you are capable of keeping every piece of information in your mind, this is a good resource to fall back on.  If you do not need this, then fine—you aren’t required to use it.  According to Science Fiction Writers of America, do character sketches and plot summaries but “do not let yourself be locked in by your planning documents.”
In time, I will devise a website that will help more than just creating your character.  On said site, I will post other outlines that will help YOU with YOUR writing, along with some very useful information. 
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Master Yu-Gi-Oh Shipping List for Dummies
Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba)
Admireshipping (Bonz "Zombie Boy" x Mokuba)
Adoptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto)
Agonyshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Thief King Bakura x Bakura)
Airshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priest Shada)
Akinshipping (Solomon Moto "Grandpa" x Mako Tsunami)
Ammoshipping (Gekko x Joey x Yako)
Amoshipping (Joey x Mai x Serenity)
Anagramshipping (Priest Karimu x Marik)
Analogshipping (Tristan x Bakura x Téa)
Angstshipping (Marik x Bakura)
Annoyshipping (Seto x Joey x Noa)
Anruishipping (Shaadi x Yugi)
Antagoshipping (Dark Bakura "Florence" x Seto)
Apocalypshipping (Dark Marik "Melvin" x Seto x Isis)
Apparishipping (Espa Roba x Bonz "Zombie Boy")
Apprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana)
Aptshipping (Tristan x Isis)
Aquaintanceshipping (Tristan x Espa Roba)
Archaicshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priest Seto x Thief King Bakura)
Ardentshipping (Tristan x Serenity)
Argenshipping (Pegasus x Bakura)
Aromashipping (Mako Tsunami x Tristan x Joey)
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Female Japanese Names
Ai                 Love, Affection
Aiko             Loved one, Beloved
Akino            Autumn field
Aimi             Love, Beautiful
Aina             Love, Affection
Airi              Loving Jasmine, Loving Pear
Akako          Red
Akane          Deed red
Akemi          Bright and Beautiful
Aki               Bright, Sparkling Autumn
Akiko         &
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ONE PLANET_VERSION 3 by harajukumatt ONE PLANET_VERSION 3 :iconharajukumatt:harajukumatt 9,335 1,664 EWCOMIC No. 178 - Name by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 178 - Name :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 3,392 567 Weekly Doodles - My Hero Names.. by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - My Hero Names.. :iconrandowis:RandoWis 691 39 [MMD Tut] Fix Null/JP Bone Names (+DL JP-EN List!) by Nintendraw [MMD Tut] Fix Null/JP Bone Names (+DL JP-EN List!) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 103 37 Allah names free clear vectors by shaheeed Allah names free clear vectors :iconshaheeed:shaheeed 91 97
Japanes Male Names
[u]~Japanese  Male Names + Meanings~[/u]
Akahoshi = red star
Aki = autumn/bright
Akihiko = bright/shining prince
Akihiro = bright scholar/shining abroad
Akio = bright man
Akira = anchor
Aoi = blue
Arashi = storm
Arata = fresh
Atsushi = cordial/industrious
Baiu = rainy season
Baaki = aeration
Bekkou = tortoise shell
Botan = peony
Chiriku = earth land
Cho = butterfly
Chouji = butterfly child
Couseki = tide/feldspar
Chouza = butterfly seat
Daichi = great land
Daiki = of great value
Daikoku = god of wealth
Daisuke = great helper
Dan = steps
Danzou = steps hide
Dei = mud
Dotou = surging waves
Ebisu = labor
Ebizou = shrimp elephant
Eiji = splendid ruler
Enma = ruler of hades
Fugaku = unlearned
Fujita = field
Fumio = literary/scolarly child
Futaba = sprout
Fuujin = god of wind
Gaara = I love a demon
Gantetsu = containing iron
Genma = lights on the sea
Genzou = to develop film
Gumo = spider
Hajime = beginning
Haku = white/pure as snow
Harou = springtime man
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APH Human Names
Mixture of fanon, canon, and the names I personally use!
America: Alfred F. Jones
Argentina: Andres Garcia
Australia: Logan Kirkland
Austira: Roderich Edelstein
Belarus: Natalia Arlovskaya
Belgium: Bella Maes
Bulgaria: Milen Hinova
Brazil: Faustina Esteves
Canada: Matthew Williams
Cameroon: Roshaun Aboya Jamar
China: Yao Wang
Cuba: Ricardo Cruz
Denmark: Mathias K°hler
Egypt: Gupta Muhammad Hassan
El Salvador: Alicia Sanchez
England: Arthur Kirkland
Estonia: Eduard von Bock
Finland: Tino Vainamoinen
France: Francis Bonnefoy
Germania: Folkert Beilschmidt
Ludwig: ‬Ludwig Beilschmidt
Greece: ‬Heracles Karpusi
Hutt River: Dwight Kirkland
Holland/Netherlands: ‬Herman Maes
Hong Kong: Li Xiao Chun
Hungary: Elizaveta Hedervary
Iceland: Emil Steillson
India: Neeraja Patel
Israel: Navah Azulai
Kugelmugel: Hubert Edelstein
Japan: Kiku Honda
Kenya: Radhi Abasi
Ladonia: Erland Oxenstierna
Latvia: ‬Raivis Galante
Liechtenstein: Lilli Zwingli
Lithuania: ‬Toris Lorinaitis
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Japanese Name Meanings
Ai- love
Aki- autumn
Asa- morning
Chiisai- small
Genki- energy, healthy, happy, energetic
Jigoku- hell
Kawaii- cute
Kumo- spider
Oni- devil
Sora- sky
Shi- death
Shiawase- happy
Tamashi- life
Usagi- rabbit
Yume- dream
AI (1)   f   Japanese
Means "love" in Japanese.
AIKO   f   Japanese
Means "love child" in Japanese.
AIMI   f   Japanese
Means "love beauty" in Japanese.
AKANE   f   Japanese
Means "brilliant red" in Japanese.
AKEMI   f   Japanese
Means "bright and beautiful" in Japanese.
AKI   m & f   Japanese
Means either "autumn" or "bright" in Japanese.
AKIKO   f   Japanese
Means either "autumn child" or "bright child" in Japanese.
AKIO   m   Japanese
Means "bright boy" in Japanese.
AKIRA   m   Japanese
Means "intelligenc
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Names (Avengers x Reader)
You stared at the paper in your hand. That poor and innocent paper was full of scratches and many names you tried to find. Groaning, you tore the paper and throw it somewhere.
"Hey, (y/n)! What's up with that face?"
Hearing the voice of someone you really knew, you turned around to face a certain hero. "I'm trying to find names."
"For characters on my story."
That hero, who was actually Tony Stark, raised an eyebrow. "Whoa there, you make another story? Aren't you tired from that series you made which consist 9- No, 10 parts?! Hell, you beat Harry Potter's number."
"Yeah, but her series haven't been made a movie, Stark. At least not yet." Said the almighty Captain America as he passed.
Suddenly, the three of you heard something in the vents and suddenly as well, someone fell with a loud sound. "Ow ow.."
"Clint! Are you okay?!" You quickly rushed from the sofa you were to help the archer.
"Nah, I'm fine." He brushed it off.
"Hold it, Legolas, what were you doing on my ve
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I Dub Thee...
On the psychology and choosing of names
Brought to you by Super Editor
Many authors struggle with names. After coming up with a character who perfectly fits his or her intended role, planning personality traits, clothing, hobbies, and physical descriptions, now you have to sum all of that character's being up in a name!
There is an incredible number of ways to choose a name. Often authors are baffled by the vast array of first names and surnames that could be given to a character, and it's almost impossible to start. Whether you're hoping for a name that could belong to any girl on a street or a fantasy warrior from planet Xyla, there are infinite ways of choosing a name.
Ordinary Names
The best way to find ordinary names is a list. Sometimes one might choose a name that actually means something, while other times one might hope for an ordinary name with little more meaning than "her mom liked it."
Seventh Sanctum<
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Clan Cat Name Styles
Clan Cat Name Styles
In Erin Hunter's Warriors series, every Clan cat has a name with a prefix and a suffix… and that's about the only thing the fans can agree on (if even that, but retention of out-of-Clan, one-part names is a whole different subject).  The question is simple: how do you name a (Clanborn) warrior?  Two prominent styles have arisen to answer this question.  However, even a civil discussion of which style is best can be difficult because of the varying perceptions of and definitions of each style.  
Creative Style
Its proponents see it as the most descriptive and liberating, with far more words to choose from; its opponents see it as silly at best.  That's because, with Creative style, almost anything goes.  Some define it as having some loose limits – "nothing stupid", but then, there are very different opinions on what is stupid.  The type of names most often referred
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