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Embrace me darkness by LuneBleu Embrace me darkness :iconlunebleu:LuneBleu 2,061 293 Blood Roses by Super-Chi Blood Roses :iconsuper-chi:Super-Chi 1,479 99 mermaid base 3 by darkdraik mermaid base 3 :icondarkdraik:darkdraik 1,725 265 NARU+SASU+SAI crossdressing by Tales-of-sharingan NARU+SASU+SAI crossdressing :icontales-of-sharingan:Tales-of-sharingan 1,372 620 The Wind Waker by leadpoint The Wind Waker :iconleadpoint:leadpoint 649 218 Swimming Boys by Daniimon Swimming Boys :icondaniimon:Daniimon 658 138
This is Halloween!
This is Halloween:
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with me and you will see
The friends I've hung down from this tree...
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Corpses scream in the dead of night!
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright.
It's our town, everybody scream!
In this town of Halloween...
I am the one hiding under your bed;
Licking your hand with a tongue so red and -
I am the one crawling up your stairs,
Thump-thump-drag, when no one's there...
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song.
In this town, don't we love it now?
Everybody's waiting for the next surprise!
Round that corner man, Jockey in the trash can;
Hunters waiting now to pounce, and how you'll...
Scream! This is Halloween
Sadako is on the screen!
Aren't you scared?
Well, that's just fine!

:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 618 214
Pit Griffin by arvalis Pit Griffin :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,666 157 Haruka: Underwater Love by Aenea-Jones Haruka: Underwater Love :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 686 26 SCP 096 by Kanoro-Studio SCP 096 :iconkanoro-studio:Kanoro-Studio 568 90 Paint yourself the colors YOU want by Yuuza Paint yourself the colors YOU want :iconyuuza:Yuuza 15,440 1,556 Strip Poker by KINOKO19 Strip Poker :iconkinoko19:KINOKO19 1,750 133 Forest friend by Moonshen Forest friend :iconmoonshen:Moonshen 814 69
Streaking- Levi x Reader
It had started with a nightmare. One with dark creatures lurking in shadows, blood, and you screaming. It was ominous, and the first inkling this would not be a good day.
You’d awoken that morning to find the floor around your bed covered in puddles, and your clothes and covers drenched in water. You slept next to the window, which Ymir had opened in the middle of the hot humid summer night, only for the rain to belt in later.
The other girls in your dorm were unsympathetic, unable to understand why you had not woken when the rain started. Truthfully it was because you were knackered- sleep just hadn’t been coming easily to you recently.
Hence you spent the rest of the day shivering with a cold, making it difficult to manoeuvre well in training. Your constant sneezing made you twitch, the movement enough to trigger the wires in your 3DMG, sending you wildly and ungracefully off course, in one case taking out three other cadets. Being a laughingstock was never enjoyable, eve
:iconthatguywhosketches:thatguywhosketches 1,035 203
APH Iggy's Makeover by yuumei APH Iggy's Makeover :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,754 2,181 Woops Wrong Place by VEGETApsycho Woops Wrong Place :iconvegetapsycho:VEGETApsycho 1,848 276 LA Devotee by Ionro LA Devotee :iconionro:Ionro 167 18 Men Dressed Up by Hubedihubbe Men Dressed Up :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 5,186 947 Teen Wolf - Jackson by humon Teen Wolf - Jackson :iconhumon:humon 3,010 376 Venom/Spiderman by TheRoachSalad Venom/Spiderman :icontheroachsalad:TheRoachSalad 547 46 Parvati by Rocktuete Parvati :iconrocktuete:Rocktuete 565 29