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Mu-Young and Ignatio by Animefanka Mu-Young and Ignatio :iconanimefanka:Animefanka 22 4 Meeting of Minis by forestchick501 Meeting of Minis :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 4 0 My Love Immortal by forestchick501 My Love Immortal :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 4 2 Wizard Mu Young by kpearlescent88 Wizard Mu Young :iconkpearlescent88:kpearlescent88 4 1 Dozing - MuRu by forestchick501 Dozing - MuRu :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 4 10
TAL: Shadow Bite
Warning: This is a work of fiction based off a korean webcomic called TAL(manhwa) and is not meant to be taken as anything more than creative writing. I do not own Kang Im's characters, only my own.
Read and enjoy~
When the school called, Mu Young told them Kang Maru was busy running a few errands for him, even though he wasn't. When Kang Maru failed to answer his call, Mu Young reconsidered giving his subordinate help that day.
When he teleported into the room and found Kang Maru laying sprawled out on the floor, breathing heavily with a temperature high enough the older Chachaoong realized Maru likely needed the hospital, he regretted getting angry and then panicked. Angrily.
"Oi, Maru! Kang Maru!" He yelled, shaking the blond until amber eyes fluttered open and he was given a glassy eyed stare.
"Boss...? Ugh, what time is- ULP!"
Maru's eyes dilated and Mu Young barely grabbed the trashcan in time for the younger Chachaoong to empty his stomach into
:iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0
Clingy Touching - TAL by forestchick501 Clingy Touching - TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2 HandHold MYxKM by forestchick501 HandHold MYxKM :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0 New Year Together MuRu by forestchick501 New Year Together MuRu :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2 TAL Garden - Side B by forestchick501 TAL Garden - Side B :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 2 Early Nights by forestchick501 Early Nights :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 2 0 YangYoung - Reading by forestchick501 YangYoung - Reading :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 5 Stand By MuRu by forestchick501 Stand By MuRu :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 2 Trauma Syndrome (MuRu) by forestchick501 Trauma Syndrome (MuRu) :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 2 Miraculous Tal by forestchick501 Miraculous Tal :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0 Collar Tale Part 1 by forestchick501 Collar Tale Part 1 :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0 Happy Birthday Twins by forestchick501 Happy Birthday Twins :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 0 The Seductive Squirrel - MuRu by forestchick501 The Seductive Squirrel - MuRu :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 1 3 AGoodSmol by forestchick501 AGoodSmol :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 Mooyoung by Cham-san Mooyoung :iconcham-san:Cham-san 0 0 Fake Translation 12 by forestchick501 Fake Translation 12 :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 1 Fake Translation 3 - TAL by forestchick501 Fake Translation 3 - TAL :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 Doll AU - Master and Puppet by forestchick501 Doll AU - Master and Puppet :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0 Hanging Out - MuRu by forestchick501 Hanging Out - MuRu :iconforestchick501:forestchick501 0 0