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Knife 10 by smaragdistock Knife 10 :iconsmaragdistock:smaragdistock 144 24 UPDATE: Therapist concept WIP by TD-Vice UPDATE: Therapist concept WIP :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 435 174 Scars by MuseofMemory Scars :iconmuseofmemory:MuseofMemory 426 74 dead series 10 by suzi9mm dead series 10 :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 728 560 Keith Thompson tribute creatur by Rodrigo-Vega Keith Thompson tribute creatur :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 869 89 Self-Mutilation by FRAN-TiC Self-Mutilation :iconfran-tic:FRAN-TiC 157 21 Feminism is Screwed by ProcrastinatingStill Feminism is Screwed :iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 235 211 self harm by Brunni87 self harm :iconbrunni87:Brunni87 569 119
CreepyPasta: The Doll Maker
The Doll Maker
There once was a man who made beautiful dolls of all shapes and sizes. He even made life sized dolls. Many requested these expensive and exquisite dolls and though these dolls brought the humble man a lot of money he lived modestly with his young son Vine.
The young boy was fascinated by his father’s work. The doll parts and finished dolls filled the home. Each was unique and had their own beautiful personality. Vine would watch in fascination as his father would paint the delicate lips upon their pale faces. He wanted to be just like his father someday and create gorgeous works of art.
One day a rich business man requested an ornate life sized doll from the humble doll maker, he went by the name Gier. However the doll maker refused to make the doll upon discovering Gier was crooked and wanted the doll for perverted means. Gier grew enraged at the makers refusal, so enraged that he sent hired arms to get rid of the doll maker.
The doll makers home was set ab
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the juniper tree. by ghost the juniper tree. :iconghost:ghost 433 35 Zippersuit concept by TD-Vice Zippersuit concept :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 480 98 Dead Space necromorph kills x3 by turboweevel Dead Space necromorph kills x3 :iconturboweevel:turboweevel 406 49
Self Harm
I have an addiction.
It is called Self-Harm.
Self-harmers enjoy cutting, burning, and mutilating themselves. The term is widely misunderstood.
We dont do it for the attention, we don't do it because we want to die.
We do it for the high. For the rush and the initial "Woah" of the first cut or burn.
We do it because it makes us feel better. Scientifically, the release of blood pumps adrenaline and endorphins through us. Which makes us happy.
But for me, drawing a razor across my skin and seeing the blood flow, is an ecstacy. I love it, and I hate it. So much.
At the same time.
Seeing myself bleed is a way for my emotions to be let out. It's an escape. For those of you who don't understand self-harm, you could just say, "Oh, just stop it. Just stop. I'll take away all your razors and lighters and knives and cigarettes, Just quit. It isnt that hard."
You're dumb.
Self Harm is an ADDICTION.
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