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Valentine's Day (Female Muscle Growth!)
Valentine's Day Story
by MagnusMagneto
Blake felt a vibration in his pocket, an alert that he received a new text.  He tapped the phone a few times, finding that the message was from his girlfriend, wondering when they were going to meet up for the evening.  It quickly dawned on him – it was Valentine's day!  
Blake had completely forgotten, and had neglected to pick up a gift or make real plans with her.  They had been together for well over a year, leading him to take their relationship for granted.  In fact, Valentine's as a whole seemed like a pain.  It's not like he was going to really get anything out of it that he wouldn't normally.  Still, as bothersome as it was, Blake knew that Marissa would be quite irate if he didn't at least go through the basic motions.
He sent a reply, informing her that he would swing by her place in a couple hours for a comfy night in.  Marissa quickly responded, and while she seemed somewhat disappo
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Violet's Birthright - Female Muscle Growth
Violet’s Birthright
By MagnusMagneto
Story 1 of the MagnusMagneto Mashup 1
Today after school I went over to Violet’s house.  My relationship with Violet was easily the most complicated of all my friendships.  I couldn’t tell if she hated me, loved me or merely viewed me as a form of amusement.  We met back in middle school, and remained on and off friends to this day - our junior year of high school.  She was a fairly attractive girl with a naturally slim and curvy build.  Despite attending public school, she hailed from a very well-off family; Her mother and father were both highly lauded research scientists.  As a result, they often neglected to spend much time with their daughter, leading her to seek attention from other sources.  Fortunately for her, Violet had inherited a great deal of her parent’s natural inclination towards intelligence.  She was a very bright girl and despite possessing a nice body found fulfillme
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