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-Cyborg- Noodle Dress-Up by Gasara -Cyborg- Noodle Dress-Up :icongasara:Gasara 13,002 3,388 Gorillaz - Murdoc Is Good by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - Murdoc Is Good :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 6,941 998 Gorilalala!! by A-KAchen Gorilalala!! :icona-kachen:A-KAchen 1,238 74 Murdoc's daddy complex color by lily-fox Murdoc's daddy complex color :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 5,700 577 #264 Gorillaz by Picolo-kun #264 Gorillaz :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,239 182 Gorillaz by daekazu Gorillaz :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,114 949 Gorillaz - 'Slashing' 2 by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - 'Slashing' 2 :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 2,404 381 Gorillaz: Wrong Idea III by reynaruina Gorillaz: Wrong Idea III :iconreynaruina:reynaruina 1,111 228 Gorillaz by BlasticHeart Gorillaz :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 2,222 95 Gorillaz in 'The Times' by GoRiLlAz6666 Gorillaz in 'The Times' :icongorillaz6666:GoRiLlAz6666 3,518 158 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 2D Ident by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 2D Ident :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 955 306 Gorillaz: Demon Days by SugarBunnyCosplay Gorillaz: Demon Days :iconsugarbunnycosplay:SugarBunnyCosplay 1,500 182 Gorillaz Stamp by SeizureDemon Gorillaz Stamp :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 2,304 113 Clockwork Monkeys 2 by rockysprings Clockwork Monkeys 2 :iconrockysprings:rockysprings 1,745 227 Stripes by Cioccolatodorima Stripes :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,090 53 commission - GORILLAZ RULZ by Go-Devil-Dante commission - GORILLAZ RULZ :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 3,801 510 Gorillaz - Starshine by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - Starshine :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 1,939 346 Gorillaz -  'Slashing' 1 by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - 'Slashing' 1 :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 2,769 398 Gorillaz by straybullet-91 Gorillaz :iconstraybullet-91:straybullet-91 1,503 501 Gorillaz by iricolor Gorillaz :iconiricolor:iricolor 1,101 65 GoRILLaZ-Murdoc 2D Cosplay- by Kaorulein GoRILLaZ-Murdoc 2D Cosplay- :iconkaorulein:Kaorulein 584 200 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 189 2D by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 189 2D :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 689 102 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 2D Demon Days by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 2D Demon Days :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 489 153 I will never let you by WiseKumagoro I will never let you :iconwisekumagoro:WiseKumagoro 3,356 79 Gorillaz - Behind the scenes by iricolor Gorillaz - Behind the scenes :iconiricolor:iricolor 714 87 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay Submarine by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay Submarine :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 765 287 Rock The House by Leerer-Raum Rock The House :iconleerer-raum:Leerer-Raum 1,320 31 Hosannas by SirMonkeyMcCoool Hosannas :iconsirmonkeymccoool:SirMonkeyMcCoool 3,311 291 Gorillaz - Nightmare Noodle by uzikowa Gorillaz - Nightmare Noodle :iconuzikowa:uzikowa 2,114 198 gorillaz - 2D and Murdoc by kreugan gorillaz - 2D and Murdoc :iconkreugan:kreugan 2,986 417 Gorillaz by RavenBlakh Gorillaz :iconravenblakh:RavenBlakh 1,302 168 Gorillaz - remembrance photo by iricolor Gorillaz - remembrance photo :iconiricolor:iricolor 967 51 Gorillaz PhotoHunt 1 - 1 by iricolor Gorillaz PhotoHunt 1 - 1 :iconiricolor:iricolor 722 42 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 152 Murdoc 2D by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay 152 Murdoc 2D :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 185 42 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay For Crackcat by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay For Crackcat :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 673 270 Gorillaz - El Manana by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - El Manana :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 1,343 236 We started nothing by SirMonkeyMcCoool We started nothing :iconsirmonkeymccoool:SirMonkeyMcCoool 728 66 New Year's Gorillaz by iricolor New Year's Gorillaz :iconiricolor:iricolor 1,677 124 Gorillaz: Broken by SugarBunnyCosplay Gorillaz: Broken :iconsugarbunnycosplay:SugarBunnyCosplay 610 200 Gorillaz: Wrong Idea I by reynaruina Gorillaz: Wrong Idea I :iconreynaruina:reynaruina 480 24 GoRiLLaZ Cosplay Noodle Murdoc by Murdoc-lein GoRiLLaZ Cosplay Noodle Murdoc :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 483 148 2001 Live tour by A-KAchen 2001 Live tour :icona-kachen:A-KAchen 879 51 Some kind of nature by Nadiezda Some kind of nature :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,178 289
Would you hit a gurl?
September 23
New scenario!
Because the other one SUCKED.
It goes like this...
(Edit, September 25... IT STILL SUCKS! Alas, it is doomed. V_V Let us all have a
moment of silence for this poor, poor story... ... ... OKAY! MOMENT'S UP!)
(Edit, September 27... Sorry about the random rants in the story. I tend to go on
tangents a lot. Bear with me.)
2D sat at the edge of his bed, lighting up a cigarette. Seventh one in a row. His poor
lungs. He stared at the wall, sighing, his eyelids halfway closed.
Then... There was a harsh knock at the door.
His eyes opened wide. He dropped his cig on the floor, quickly reaching down to
pick it up.
"Oi! dent-head! Are ya awake?!"
He stumbled, falling off the bed with a WHUMP. He dropped the cig again. He
picked it up again. "Yeh..." he clumsily got back on the bed, "I'm up!" his voice
"Awright..." A medium sized man with green skin slinked in, looking around. "Ya got
any cigs?"
"I got ah..." he picked up the pack he'd been r
:iconmurdocmanson:MurdocManson 46 10
Gorillaz Cosplay 92 Murdoc 2D by Murdoc-lein Gorillaz Cosplay 92 Murdoc 2D :iconmurdoc-lein:Murdoc-lein 255 57
Gorillaz - The pocky game
Noodle: HURRY UP 2D-KUN!
Noodle yelled out the words high as she dragged 2D after her. 2D and Noodle had been out for shopping during the afternoon. 2D had been looking for a new zombie movie but he almost already had everyone and he thought that the new one's sucked. Noodle had been looking for clothes that would fit her taste but she hadn't found anything either. After awhile they still hadn't found anything at all. 2D suggested that they should go back to the jeep and go back home. Noodle agreed and followed him. When they were halfway back to the car they passed an Asian shop.  Noodle's eyes widen and she quickly grabbed 2D's hand and dragged him towards the store. She told him to hurry up so they could get in faster. 2D flinched in shock as Noodle dragged him into the shop and ran through the shelves in high speed. He didn't even have the chance to ask her what she would buy before she let go of his hand. He yelped as he accidently flew into a shelf nearby. He shook his
:iconchinchillaplum:Chinchillaplum 76 53
Gorillaz - Busted pg. 1 by KinpatsuYasha Gorillaz - Busted pg. 1 :iconkinpatsuyasha:KinpatsuYasha 828 97