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Mr. Negative corrupts THE FUNK!!!

Mr. Negative

Alias: Martin Li
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 82 KG
Age: Unknown
Destructive Capability: Likely scales to Spider-Man so possibly town

- One of three survivors (the other two being cloak and dagger) of the synthetic designer drug called D-Lite which gave him his powers
-- This led him to want to become Chinatown's Kingpin and whip out the Maggia who had forced him to take the drugs
- Considered one of the most powerful Kingpin's in New York
- Spent years building up his reputation of Martin Li
- Took control of the White Dragons and erased the Snakeheads off the face of the map saving Yana Li's wife in the process
- As Martin Li built Up F.E.A.S.T. helping countless as well as secretly helping people with his powers
- Nearly wiped out all existing members of the Karnelli and Maggia crime families
- Gave Hammerhead a new robotic adamantiu
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