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Lord of the Mountain by tamiart Lord of the Mountain :icontamiart:tamiart 235 11 Messengers of the Mountain God by AndrewRyanArt Messengers of the Mountain God :iconandrewryanart:AndrewRyanArt 591 25 Merry Christmas Leo by Cyangmou Merry Christmas Leo :iconcyangmou:Cyangmou 296 20 The Star-Spawn by calebcleveland The Star-Spawn :iconcalebcleveland:calebcleveland 220 28 rescue of the world by nightwish87 rescue of the world :iconnightwish87:nightwish87 112 66 Kuebiko, Straw Prince of Knowledge by AtmaFlare Kuebiko, Straw Prince of Knowledge :iconatmaflare:AtmaFlare 121 54 Mountain god by Owlyjules Mountain god :iconowlyjules:Owlyjules 88 0 poseidon by thebrokenhorse poseidon :iconthebrokenhorse:thebrokenhorse 69 20 Big for BNN by 2depaus Big for BNN :icon2depaus:2depaus 46 9
The Mountain - Ch 119 - On the Trail
"Haru, can you pass me that wrench?" Yuisu said, pointing toward the tool she needed to finish attaching a wooden beam to a short fence post. It was leaned against the previous post in the line and within a wing's reach of where Haru stood.
Haru didn't respond. She was too focused on something in the distance. Her eyes were glued on a small white object in the underbrush to the north of the hot spring construction site.
"Hello? Haru!" Yuisu called. She was really trying to not get too snippy, but this was far from the first time Haru had been distracted by the local wildlife. "I need you here with me, Haru. We've got a lot of work to do."
Haru and Yuisu were the only ones working on the inn expansion project that afternoon. Mara had lost interest in the project after she finished the brick path, and since a bored Mara was worse than nothing, Yuisu had thanked her and sent her inside. Aluru was still willing to help, but she'd met a new girl the night before and Yuisu hadn't seen root n
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Mountain-King by valkenburg Mountain-King :iconvalkenburg:valkenburg 9 5 A Promise Kept by narniamushroom02 A Promise Kept :iconnarniamushroom02:narniamushroom02 9 3 The moment before fear by Shedara The moment before fear :iconshedara:Shedara 14 5
The Mountain - Ch 122 - What's in a Name?
Yuisu yawned and rubbed her eyes several times while she assigned the maid work for the day. She sat at the inn's front desk, sipping coffee and trying to stay awake. It was only 7am and she was a bit hungover from the night of partying before.
On the other side of the conversation, Sya was alert and cheerful, or at least as cheerful as her uptight nature allowed, and Rem was bright-eyed and bushy-eared. She'd been on call through the night, but she didn't need much sleep; a sugary breakfast was all Rem ever needed to wake up.
After going over which cabins were occupied that day, Yuisu leaned on the desk for support and said, "Sya, I'd like you to make a deep-scrub pass on all the bathrooms today, and Rem, can you review the ledger and make sure we've got all the month's stays recorded properly?"
"Uh…" Rem and Sya said simultaneously, both looking a bit confused and concerned. Their cat-like ears flicked in unison, which the sleepy Yuisu thought was the cutest thing.
Rem looked u
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St. Anton by scarzone St. Anton :iconscarzone:scarzone 8 3
Like Family - Ch 127 - Little Things That Matter
Hakuto had been quiet all afternoon, to the point that her friends were a little worried. She assured them she was fine, but she didn't have the words to describe how she really felt. The closest words she could find were 'ecstatic', 'thrilled', and 'dumbstruck'.
Now that shrine guest hours were over, she could finally take action. It had taken all her willpower to wait as long as she already had.
She carefully cradled the cause of her overwhelming happiness in her large furry paws. It was a small black rock, its surface rough from bubbles that had been trapped inside cooling magma. There was also a single cherry blossom petal attached to it by supernatural means.
The stone had been forged deep inside the volcanic chambers of Mt Fuji and the petal came from a cherry tree on its surface, but Hakuto could sense that both originated from the same source: Konohanasakuya-hime, the blossom princess, protector of Mt Fuji and goddess of all volcanoes.
Hakuto still couldn't quite belie
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The Mountain - Ch 124 - Drastic Measures
"Excuse me, Miss Yuisu?" Sya said. Her black and white striped tail flicked through the air as she stepped up to the inn's front desk. She was wearing one of her several similar looking maid outfits, which simultaneously managed to look subservient and noble at the same time.
Yuisu looked up from her paperwork and said, "What's up, Sya?" She could tell Sya was trying to hide how nervous she was, which was unusual for her.
"Uh, I was hoping to talk to you about something. I wasn't sure whether to bring it up, given your relationship, but…" Sya trailed off, pawing at the floor with a wide, furry foot.
"If it's bothering you this much, please just say what's on your mind. I won't hold it against you, whatever it is," Yuisu answered. She still wasn't totally confident in her leadership abilities, but she felt she was doing a decent job of being a friendly and approachable boss.
Sya swallowed, pushed her glasses up her nose, then said, "It's about Haru and Hakuto. More specifically, i
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ireland-killarney 3 by fialine ireland-killarney 3 :iconfialine:fialine 9 2
Ski Lodge Kobold - Ch 139 - Frostbitten
A muscular kobold and a slender frost elemental were seated across from each other at the small kitchen table in Rosty's brand-new home. The interior decor was a unique blend of modern minimalism and traditional Shinto style: plain white surfaces peppered with religious amulets and red braided cords. Korbin sipped hot tea from a thermos while Rosty enjoyed a slice of frozen chocolate cream pie, both delivered from the resort kitchens.
Korbin smiled a wide and welcoming smile and said, "As you may have realized, I built Ski Lodge Kobold to be a vacation destination for all people, human and liminal alike. Liminals have only been living among humankind for a handful of years, and this will be the first resort of its kind in the world."
Rosty nodded, watching Korbin with curious intensity. Then she said, "And how do I figure into all of that?"
"Well, you were here on this mountain first, so I feel like I owe you a great deal. Legally, I own the whole area, but human laws mean ver
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The Mountain - Ch 125 - The Shrine
Hakuto sat in the Mountain Lily Inn's living room in a comfy armchair, but she didn't look the least bit comfortable. One rabbit-like paw clumsily held a newfangled 'telephone' against her head.
"Mister Will? Can you hear me?" Hakuto said, trying to position the phone as best she could between her mouth and her ear, which was higher on her head than a human's.
"Call me Agent Will, please," replied the voice on the phone. "And I can't hear you very well. Can you check if that phone has a button labeled 'speaker-phone'? That should work better for you."
"Okay, one second, Agent Will," Hakuto answered, but Agent Will barely heard her because she'd already moved the phone. She scanned the overwhelmingly complex cordless phone, looking for anything that said 'speaker-phone'.
Just as she was about to give up, she found the rubber button and pressed it. "Got it!" Hakuto cheered. "Now what?"
"Now just set the phone on a table or your lap or whatever," Agent Will said calmly. It wasn't the firs
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Ski Lodge Kobold - Ch 138 - Ready and Waiting
Hideki's pilgrimage was coming full circle. A few months before, here in Okayado, the Shinto priest had his worldview shattered when he met a genuine mountain god. Specifically, he realized that the Shinto priesthood had failed mountain spirits in the modern age. Shinto gods walked the earth, yet they were receiving more support from the government than from Shintoism.
The very day that Hideki met Hakuto, the rabbit-like god of Yuriyama, the young kannushi set out on a spiritual journey. He hoped to meet other mountain gods, find out what the priesthood could do in service to them, and learn from their ancient wisdom.
Hideki burned through most of his meager life savings on travel costs, but he successfully made contact with over a dozen mountain spirits throughout Japan. As he journeyed, his deeds became known both to the spirits and to other Shinto practitioners. The Order of the Petal, a secretive Shinto sect devoted to the goddess of Mount Fuji, even reached out to him and invited
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Ski Lodge Kobold - Ch 142 - Incoming
"Korbin, sir?" A young human woman waved to get her boss's attention. She had smooth black hair pinned back over her ears with pink clips. Like most of the resort's employees, she was dressed in comfortable but professional attire. "There's something I think you should see."
Korbin jogged over to the woman's desk. His shorts and tank top stood out next to her blouse and skirt; he had just finished his 6am run and hadn't had a chance to change into a slightly more professional outfit. The woman had some sort of spreadsheet or database up on her monitor, but he couldn't make any sense of the wall of text. He asked, "What is it, Suzuya?"
She pointed at a specific line on the screen. "We got an international booking, a group of liminals, and I think they might be… special."
"How special?" Korbin asked, but he wasn't worried. He'd dealt with ultra-wealthy liminals, interspecies ambassadors, and even species that were dangerous to humans. He was confident that his team could handle it
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Latobius by Valtsu Latobius :iconvaltsu:Valtsu 6 16 Mountain of God by AMDG-graphics Mountain of God :iconamdg-graphics:AMDG-graphics 13 6