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Stronger, Better, Faster
Stronger, Better, Faster
An EpikalStorms story.
It was suppose to be a regular meeting. On a regular day. With normal occasions. With the usual countries antics. England and America would fight about their regular problems, Russia would stay his quiet self, Germany would try to keep order, France would observe and make fun while occasionally hitting on everyone, China would try to over stuff them all with food, Japan would... do whatever Japan did, and America would try to be everyones hero, while still holding that amazingly blinding grin on his face.
But that's not what happened. That's not what happened at all.
"Dudes! Seriously, Global. Warming. I'm telling you!"
They were holding a World Conference, per usual, in the break room of the Sears Tower, in Chicago. They were suppose to be having it on the hundredth floor of the North Tower of the World Trading Center, but America had rescheduled at the last minute. He'd said something about "bad juju" and had gone about everyth
:iconepikalstorms:EpikalStorms 76 115
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