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-Manga Blood- brush set by Fylgjur -Manga Blood- brush set :iconfylgjur:Fylgjur 4,980 968
Good Doctor Locklear
There was nothing but groggy swirls of illusionistic euphoria. The drugs they had administered to him were too powerful for anything else. His senses were obstructed, and he was alone with the cackling voices inside his head. They grew louder and louder until he could no longer bear it. He tried desperately to claw at his face, to do anything to hush the dull roar. But it was in vain, as his arms were strapped securely to his chest by the straight jacket that subdued him.
He collapsed onto the doughy floor beneath him. He had been in this miserable cell for who knows how many days now? Perhaps even weeks or months, God forbid, years. He had long since lost track of time, yet he did not care.
Those damn fools. Who the hell did they think they were? Locking him up. HIM. A man of science. A bringer of societal advances, and hero to mankind. They would regret this. All of them. If they would not have him as their savior, they would have him as their end maker.
His brow twitched for a momen
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Spider Web Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes Spider Web Brushes Set 1 :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 1,285 182 TRICK OR TREAT?! by Culpeo-Fox TRICK OR TREAT?! :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 6,570 363
Pokemon Dead Channel
These creepypastas were made years ago when I was very young! Because of that, they are old, terribly cliché and outdated. I keep them posted because some people still enjoy reading these. Whether you're reading these for laughs, or because you legitimately like them, I hope you enjoy!
I was introduced to the video game realm a tad late than most other people. For most, if not all, of my early childhood, I was isolated from other kids and I had next to no social interactions. My days were spent in a prison-like school and my nights rotted away with mind numbing TV. Life was dull and boring, all I had were my stuffed animals and cheap plastic toys to talk to. That's when I got a GameCube.
It was the Christmas of 2003, I believe. I was overjoyed at having my own video game station. It came with the games Super Mario Sunshine, Pac Man World 2, and Pokémon Channel. Each of those games still hold a special place in my heart today. As soon as the GameCube was set up and read
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Anxiety by DrawKill Anxiety :icondrawkill:DrawKill 2,292 93 Peanut butter Jelly with a baseball bat by Sheharzad-Arshad Peanut butter Jelly with a baseball bat :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 1,545 95 The Hunt by EranFowler The Hunt :iconeranfowler:EranFowler 883 30 Offering by DrawKill Offering :icondrawkill:DrawKill 2,776 125 The Tooth Fairy by scaryjesus The Tooth Fairy :iconscaryjesus:scaryjesus 1,197 673 Photoshop Color Actions 2 by AliceInUnderland Photoshop Color Actions 2 :iconaliceinunderland:AliceInUnderland 2,283 609 Bred-n-bu-er by Sheharzad-Arshad Bred-n-bu-er :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 11,042 1,033 Stormy Atmosphere of Merphlyn by Starkiteckt Stormy Atmosphere of Merphlyn :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 407 23 Headless Bliss update! by chlove-art Headless Bliss update! :iconchlove-art:chlove-art 332 77 The Wing Collector by ThisYearsGirl The Wing Collector :iconthisyearsgirl:ThisYearsGirl 3,724 286 Skull Wallpaper V2 by iRoot Skull Wallpaper V2 :iconiroot:iRoot 868 104 World of Warcraft Undead EYE by iluvjono4eva World of Warcraft Undead EYE :iconiluvjono4eva:iluvjono4eva 565 78
Zelda - The Winged Ones - ch1
UPDATED Feb 1st 2011
I really added a lot of depth to this.
How dry this chapter was before shames me...
Edit: Small changes done Feb 15th 2011
Things to know
-This story directly follows Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. In part two (chapters 16-30) the fanfic goes into how OoT/MM would tie into Twilight Princess. Knowledge of these stories is recommended with OoT being the most important to know.
-Rated PG-13 for violence, intense moments, and minor swearing (*contains no guts-n-gore, and no torture. Also has no yaoi or sexual content.)
The light hearted/humor vs dark/angst balance and level of violence/intensity is comparable to the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
-This starts off as a "slice of life" story for the first two chapters, but trust me plenty of action and intense moments lie ahead.
-I worked very hard to make all this fit into the games and to create a sense of history for aspects that were left unexplained. I have played these three
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Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz Insanity Inside Me :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 838 50 Halloween by AtrociousFairyTale Halloween :iconatrociousfairytale:AtrociousFairyTale 444 26 Fiend's Pass by jflaxman Fiend's Pass :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 436 69 The Bone Church - Chandelier by PorcelainPoet The Bone Church - Chandelier :iconporcelainpoet:PorcelainPoet 252 36 The Corpse Grinder by 000Fesbra000 The Corpse Grinder :icon000fesbra000:000Fesbra000 813 21 4-5-2014-speedpaint by Starkiteckt 4-5-2014-speedpaint :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 240 16 Fields of Utopia by Starkiteckt Fields of Utopia :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 245 15 Skeletal Arm Bones + Hand by FantasyStock Skeletal Arm Bones + Hand :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 275 31 The Hollow One - Sculpture by Escaron The Hollow One - Sculpture :iconescaron:Escaron 484 111 Crime Scene - Suicide by larafairie Crime Scene - Suicide :iconlarafairie:larafairie 2,399 468 If the Plague was their Child by Liger-Inuzuka If the Plague was their Child :iconliger-inuzuka:Liger-Inuzuka 1,718 120 Skulls and Roses by SerenityNme Skulls and Roses :iconserenitynme:SerenityNme 705 92 Death Metal Holocaust by infernosilver Death Metal Holocaust :iconinfernosilver:infernosilver 539 348 Juice box break ups by Sheharzad-Arshad Juice box break ups :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 3,019 167 Death with a Kite by liiga Death with a Kite :iconliiga:liiga 2,996 325 Pikachu by WEREsandrock Pikachu :iconweresandrock:WEREsandrock 439 140 Skull Snail by TmoeGee Skull Snail :icontmoegee:TmoeGee 216 30 Kiss by Miyukiko Kiss :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 2,104 70 Apple Banana by Sheharzad-Arshad Apple Banana :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 1,587 141 Necroblargh by TD-Vice Necroblargh :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 1,402 174
PMD: Explorers Of Death
These creepypastas were made years ago when I was very young, and they are old, terribly cliché and outdated. I keep them posted only because some people still enjoy reading these, and they remain a fond memory for many. Whether you're reading these for laughs, or because you legitimately like them, I hope you enjoy!
It was a fairly standard Friday evening at GameStop. I had somehow convinced my dad to buy me a video game, so with a regretful glance at his wallet and a sigh he lead me into the store. I ran from one game to the next indecisive over which one I should get. Most of the new games seemed tasteless and dull to me, so I went to check out some of the less recent games. Still none pleased me. That's when my eye caught the games that were on sale.
I ran over to the on sale bin and found Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky sitting atop all of the others. I gasped, I had been wanting this game for so long! Light reflected off the cover and it shone lik
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Hollow Beast -Sculpture by Escaron Hollow Beast -Sculpture :iconescaron:Escaron 1,499 251 Mustafarian Sunrise by Starkiteckt Mustafarian Sunrise :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 207 10 glossalia by IzzyMedrano glossalia :iconizzymedrano:IzzyMedrano 2,388 181 ReBorn Stock III by KahinaSpirit ReBorn Stock III :iconkahinaspirit:KahinaSpirit 316 55 Skully Demon Abomination sleeve by ShawnCoss Skully Demon Abomination sleeve :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 310 7 Dinosaur Sensation by Light-Schizophrenia Dinosaur Sensation :iconlight-schizophrenia:Light-Schizophrenia 462 142 Lenore and Ragamuffin by zerrrrrobi Lenore and Ragamuffin :iconzerrrrrobi:zerrrrrobi 746 110 Mashmallow life cycle by Sheharzad-Arshad Mashmallow life cycle :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 2,536 173 Abyss Claws Wearing by Necrosarium Abyss Claws Wearing :iconnecrosarium:Necrosarium 2,283 83
Zelda - The Winged Ones - ch3
Updated slightly June 14th
The Legend of Zelda
The Winged Ones
Chapter 3: The Owl
 Link barged into the castle throwing the heavy doors aside as he stormed in, Zelda was surprised to see that Chirin was not with him. At first she thought Link was having another one of his grumpy fits which he was known to fall into after a long days work...but When Zelda saw the stormy look on his face she knew something was very wrong and fear gripped her chest.
     Link called in a deep bellowing voice to the guards to have Epona ready for departure shocking them with his strong tone, they had never heard such a voice from their King before and it sent them into a serious and hastened state.
     He stormed into the bedroom removing the king's cape he had over his tunic letting it fall to the floor as he approached the tall dresser in the corner. Link pulled open the doors and armed himself with his bow and quiver of arrows, Long-shot, bombs, Le
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