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Good Doctor Locklear
There was nothing but groggy swirls of illusionistic euphoria. The drugs they had administered to him were too powerful for anything else. His senses were obstructed, and he was alone with the cackling voices inside his head. They grew louder and louder until he could no longer bear it. He tried desperately to claw at his face, to do anything to hush the dull roar. But it was in vain, as his arms were strapped securely to his chest by the straight jacket that subdued him.
He collapsed onto the doughy floor beneath him. He had been in this miserable cell for who knows how many days now? Perhaps even weeks or months, God forbid, years. He had long since lost track of time, yet he did not care.
Those damn fools. Who the hell did they think they were? Locking him up. HIM. A man of science. A bringer of societal advances, and hero to mankind. They would regret this. All of them. If they would not have him as their savior, they would have him as their end maker.
His brow twitched for a momen
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Spider Web Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes Spider Web Brushes Set 1 :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 1,289 182 Skully Demon Abomination sleeve by ShawnCoss Skully Demon Abomination sleeve :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 326 9 TRICK OR TREAT?! by Culpeo-Fox TRICK OR TREAT?! :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 6,574 363 Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz Insanity Inside Me :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 854 51 Gummy by Pyramiddhead Gummy :iconpyramiddhead:Pyramiddhead 130 23 Royal Garden by Starkiteckt Royal Garden :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 136 6 Stormy Atmosphere of Merphlyn by Starkiteckt Stormy Atmosphere of Merphlyn :iconstarkiteckt:Starkiteckt 412 23 Stitches Brushes by Falln-Brushes Stitches Brushes :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 510 63 Spider Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes Spider Brushes Set 1 :iconfalln-brushes:Falln-Brushes 512 102
Pokemon Dead Channel
These creepypastas were made years ago when I was very young! Because of that, they are old, terribly cliché and outdated. I keep them posted because some people still enjoy reading these. Whether you're reading these for laughs, or because you legitimately like them, I hope you enjoy!
I was introduced to the video game realm a tad late than most other people. For most, if not all, of my early childhood, I was isolated from other kids and I had next to no social interactions. My days were spent in a prison-like school and my nights rotted away with mind numbing TV. Life was dull and boring, all I had were my stuffed animals and cheap plastic toys to talk to. That's when I got a GameCube.
It was the Christmas of 2003, I believe. I was overjoyed at having my own video game station. It came with the games Super Mario Sunshine, Pac Man World 2, and Pokémon Channel. Each of those games still hold a special place in my heart today. As soon as the GameCube was set up and read
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