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The guardian by Piscisvolantis The guardian :iconpiscisvolantis:Piscisvolantis 128 36 Q U I E T . G I R L by 8168055 Q U I E T . G I R L :icon8168055:8168055 21 3 butterfly smile by KKL butterfly smile :iconkkl:KKL 21 4 DISCONTINUED - Moph Reference Sheet by ForeverFrosty DISCONTINUED - Moph Reference Sheet :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 26 24 Moph Redesign Concept by ForeverFrosty Moph Redesign Concept :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 40 12 St. Patrick's Day Auctions CLOSED by ForeverFrosty St. Patrick's Day Auctions CLOSED :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 33 18 Moph OTA (Closed) by ForeverFrosty Moph OTA (Closed) :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 17 5 Moth by RedRiot-Reincarnated Moth :iconredriot-reincarnated:RedRiot-Reincarnated 6 8 Mew Toffee :3 by bubble-gummybears Mew Toffee :3 :iconbubble-gummybears:bubble-gummybears 4 6 Blinded Stone by 8168055 Blinded Stone :icon8168055:8168055 3 0 DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK. by Pwn4g3--P13 DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK. :iconpwn4g3--p13:Pwn4g3--P13 2 2 Almost like a movie by Terrormokes Almost like a movie :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 2 12
Cruvatto: Chapter 22
Chapter 22: Rivalry
[The Tero-Squad is traversing in the middle of a road leading towards mountains]
Tero: Walking...walking... hate walking...
Nero: Stop whining...
Tero: Or what?
Nero: Do I have to answer that for you? [cracks knuckles]
Tero: Come on...we both no you can't beat me... you remember what happened back in the desert and I was only playing around...
Nero: [Vein appears on forehead]
Tero: Unless ofcourse you want me to beat you again?
Nero: Thats it!! You been asking for an ass kicking for a long time!!
Tero: Round Tw-
[Nero punches Tero right in the jaw sending him skidding atleast 100 feet]
Tera: Nero...
Nero: How's that for playing around?
Tero: Ow... you punched me you A-hole! (says "A" and not the real word)
Nero: I've got more of that if you keep on bothering me!
Tero: Oh yeah? [Gets up]
Nero: Yeah!
Tero: Then take this! [Is about to charge at Nero but is hit in the head by a peppermint] What the?
[Tero looks and sees a man dressed fancy]
Dulce: Well look what we hav
:iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0
Cruvatto: Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Rivals
[Sunshiny Day near a windmill]
Bird: Chirp chirp chirp.......chirp........chirp..........AWK! *explodes*
Tero: Aw... I missed you my used to be cut off hand...yes I did...
Tera: >.> have issues....
Tero: ...Atleast I've got chicken... *picks up the now dead bird*
Tera: Ew!
Nero: Thats sick!...and it makes her scared...I like it! *pokes it with a stick*
Tera: I think I'm going to be sick.
Tero: Heh... *makes the dead bird dance around infront of her*
Tera: STOP IT!
[Tero is hit with by giant peppermint]
Dulce: Listen to the Mademoiselle!
Tero: Hey! Who's there?
Dulce: It seems I have forgotten to introduce myself... I am Dulce Goloso... *teeth shine*
Tero: =.= ...Thats a stupid sounding name...
Dulce: I beg your pardon monsieur...but I fail to see-
Tero: YOUR NAME SOUNDS STUPID! *finger point*
Dulce: *face red* Are you trying to make me red like a cherry?
Tero: No...
Sice: Dulce! Quiet down!
[A man with long hair and a black trench coat with belts on the should
:iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0
Cruvatto: Chapter 29
Chapter 29: From a point and view
[On the top of a building Since is sitting with his eyes closed and dulce is sitting leaning over the side]
Dulce: Oi... Sice... Where'd monsieur verre tête (Glass Head) go off to?
Sice: Off exercising or something...
Dulce: Egh.. [He forms a peppermint in his hand and starts to eat it]
Sice: Maybe its something you should try doing once in a while...
Dulce: Hmph.. and monsieur like myself doesn't need to do things like that.
Sice: Which is probably why out of all of us your the weakest...
Dulce: ...Says you monsieur négatif. [He eats another peppermint]
Sice: ...
[A couple of tree in the forest collapse]
Dulce: Exposition au loin...
Sice: +Ugh...Why doesn't he ever just talk normally?...+
[Moph jumps out from the forest to ontop of the building causing a shockwave in the process]
Dulce: Bonjour là...
Moph: ...
Dulce: Looks like someones still grumpy...
[Moph just sits down]
Dulce: ...With you two life is depressing. [He bites off a piec
:iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0
Purple Moph by ForeverFrosty Purple Moph :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 20 9 Mopheus Tiad      normal by clivebonham Mopheus Tiad normal :iconclivebonham:clivebonham 0 0 Movies usually come in color by Terrormokes Movies usually come in color :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 2 8 Random Moph Sketch by Terrormokes Random Moph Sketch :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 18 Moph Doodle by Terrormokes Moph Doodle :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 9 A better Moph Sketch by Terrormokes A better Moph Sketch :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 Moph Design Auction (CLOSED) by ForeverFrosty Moph Design Auction (CLOSED) :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 14 18 MOPHS by Auddits MOPHS :iconauddits:Auddits 0 1 static moph by xxfrozenflamesxx static moph :iconxxfrozenflamesxx:xxfrozenflamesxx 0 0 Them Again by Terrormokes Them Again :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 Night moph by InsainElvenMaiden Night moph :iconinsainelvenmaiden:InsainElvenMaiden 1 0 Moph by LOShea Moph :iconloshea:LOShea 0 0 Maeve by AmbiantNight Maeve :iconambiantnight:AmbiantNight 1 2 Night Moph2 by InsainElvenMaiden Night Moph2 :iconinsainelvenmaiden:InsainElvenMaiden 0 0 Moph Sketch by Terrormokes Moph Sketch :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 Fire by MrLlamaMan Fire :iconmrllamaman:MrLlamaMan 1 3 centerpiece by therezai centerpiece :icontherezai:therezai 0 2 Book Scraps 13 by Terrormokes Book Scraps 13 :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 new building by therezai new building :icontherezai:therezai 0 2 moph - :lineart: by lasarousi moph - :lineart: :iconlasarousi:lasarousi 1 0 Dark Samus PIXELS by ZeroA97marzo Dark Samus PIXELS :iconzeroa97marzo:ZeroA97marzo 0 0 the lobby by therezai the lobby :icontherezai:therezai 1 0 Next Generation by AnGraphics92 Next Generation :iconangraphics92:AnGraphics92 7 3 Sketches 4 by Terrormokes Sketches 4 :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 Cocoon by David-The-Beast Cocoon :icondavid-the-beast:David-The-Beast 2 0 Moph Private Club by Mutulix Moph Private Club :iconmutulix:Mutulix 1 3 Moff by ForeverFrosty Moff :iconforeverfrosty:ForeverFrosty 25 15 Jennifer Dean by lasarousi Jennifer Dean :iconlasarousi:lasarousi 3 13 Gorgo light by Moph by Efflamine Gorgo light by Moph :iconefflamine:Efflamine 1 0 The rest in sort of that style by Terrormokes The rest in sort of that style :iconterrormokes:Terrormokes 0 0 Morph Part 2 - Charkole by fritzcaterwall Morph Part 2 - Charkole :iconfritzcaterwall:fritzcaterwall 0 0