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Florida Blocking - America x Reader
You stared up at the ceiling of your tent with an unamused expression. 
"Of all the people to share a tent with, it HAD to be Alfred."
You threw your pillow over your head and held it tightly against your ears, hoping to drown the hero's snores. 
Yup, you and the rest of the FACE gang were on your annual camping trip. Actually, you never intended to go but they always had to bring someone outside their group to make sure that one of them doesn't kill each other.
Good thing you came prepared!
Febreeze to get rid of Alfred's hamburger smell? Check.
Tweezers for Arthur's eyebrows? Check.
Pepper spray to keep Francis - er...mosquitoes! Pepper spray to keep French mosquitoes away? Checkity check!
Baby wipes to keep Matthew's maple syrup from making everything sticky? Check.
But sharing your tent with Alfred F. Jones was one thing you were not prepared for.
Once again, Alfred managed to forget his tent. He always bunked with a different person each year and everyone would pl
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Little Moose - Sam x Reader
"Hey there, little moose," Sam whispers, rubbing the swollen stomach of his heavily pregnant girlfriend - who was also taking a short nap on the couch to rest her swollen feet. "It's your daddy here. Again," He feels a kick against the palm of his hand. He can't help but smile. "You know that me and your mommy are so excited to see you. Mommy's been a little stressed out lately but she is a very nice lady and has managed to carry you around for eight and a half months while still taking care of me,"
(Y/N) fidgets in her sleep. She moves her upper body a little, stretching her back before laying her hands above her head before stopping completely. Sam smiles to himself. He reaches up and fixes a strand of her hair that had fallen onto her face.
"Your mommy is gonna take good care of you, I know it. And I'll take care of you as well don't worry," He is met with a few more kicks. "I love you and your mom so so much. I'll make sure that nothing happens to you, my little moose."
Sam leaves
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