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Happy birthday by AnastasiaMantihora Happy birthday :iconanastasiamantihora:AnastasiaMantihora 1,076 122 Charlie Weasley: Breakfast Cat by The-Starhorse Charlie Weasley: Breakfast Cat :iconthe-starhorse:The-Starhorse 768 89 Molly by upthehillart Molly :iconupthehillart:upthehillart 163 11 Harry Potter Zodiac by GeorgeWiseman Harry Potter Zodiac :icongeorgewiseman:GeorgeWiseman 410 198 Ooo, Cookies by laerry Ooo, Cookies :iconlaerry:laerry 544 75 HP Tarot - Queen of Wands by Ellygator HP Tarot - Queen of Wands :iconellygator:Ellygator 200 116 DH-Bellatrix LeBitch goes Boom by Buuya DH-Bellatrix LeBitch goes Boom :iconbuuya:Buuya 583 161 Order of the Phoenix - Molly and Arthur Weasleys by aidinera Order of the Phoenix - Molly and Arthur Weasleys :iconaidinera:aidinera 219 11 'Harry Potter' Sketches by kyla79 'Harry Potter' Sketches :iconkyla79:kyla79 2,499 221 HP: SIRIUS BLAAACK by Loleia HP: SIRIUS BLAAACK :iconloleia:Loleia 457 77 Tonks at the burrow by roby-boh Tonks at the burrow :iconroby-boh:roby-boh 262 26 Patronus Tutorial by Pen-umbra Patronus Tutorial :iconpen-umbra:Pen-umbra 83 16
Our child. Severus Snape x reader. Chapter 3.
Our child.
Severus Snape x reader.
Chapter 3.
Severus took a quick turn around a corner, sprinting down the hall as fast as he could while students looked after him with questioning faces. He almost yelled the password to Dumbledore office and flew up the stairs before rushing into the room. There he found Dumbledore turn and smile at him, waving Severus to come in. “Where is she? Where is (y/n)?” He felt panic rush through him, until the teacher saw you sit in the principal chair, both hands on your stomach and hissed in pain a few times. “(Y/n), is the baby coming?” Severus bend down to touch you cheek, drawing his fingers gently over it.
“I do believe so, love. It hurts, which is a sign. However, as we are not entirely sure, we’re waiting for Poppy to arrive. She just had to take care of a student first.” Severus growled annoyed, finding his wife’s labor far more important than some stupid kids’ cold. “Relax love, she
:iconleeusopp:LeeUsopp 141 22
The Weasleys by scribblerian The Weasleys :iconscribblerian:scribblerian 389 44 The Potter Family by DefyGravity18 The Potter Family :icondefygravity18:DefyGravity18 312 137 HP NextGen - Family Portrait by rylla HP NextGen - Family Portrait :iconrylla:rylla 336 40 Mollywobbles by sullen-skrewt Mollywobbles :iconsullen-skrewt:sullen-skrewt 406 83 Not my daughter you, bitch! by RaRo81 Not my daughter you, bitch! :iconraro81:RaRo81 362 48 Molly Weasley by LMRourke Molly Weasley :iconlmrourke:LMRourke 188 69 aaaaah mrs weasley by HILLYMINNE aaaaah mrs weasley :iconhillyminne:HILLYMINNE 453 64 Molly Weasley preparing Christmas by Celiarts Molly Weasley preparing Christmas :iconceliarts:Celiarts 236 17